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  1. Yesterday
  2. Alexia

    Back in the saddle

    That's great news Shell Enjoy the weekend!
  3. Last week
  4. Judy

    The Whole Horse Wellness Workshop is BACK!

    Wooooow, I can't wait!! Not long now, I'm counting the days!
  5. Brumbygirls

    L3 Gallop Jen & Rors

    Hi Mel, Not great but we've reached a stalemate on this one. I'm really not sure how to get her off her front end at speed well some speed..., she's just bogging down. But at least we aren't getting emotional.
  6. georgia_perl

    The Whole Horse Wellness Workshop is BACK!

    After the HUGE learnings that everyone took away from last years Whole Horse Wellness Workshops, Shane and Meredith have decided to host an extra special workshop again during QSE 2019. Have you ever wondered if there is something else you should be doing to care for your horse's wellbeing? Have you ever wished you knew how to identify a quality horse practitioner from an inexperienced trimmer/muscle worker/dentist? Are you interested in learning more about your horse's health?Our horses give us so much physically, mentally and emotionally. This workshop is all about learning how to ensure we are giving our horses everything they need from us in return.This extra special event as part of the Quantum Savvy Experience Camps in 2019 will help you answer all of these questions and more.WHOLE HORSE WELLNESS WORKSHOPThis is a totally jam-packed weekend where you will learn from the collaboration of six different industry leading professionals in the area of horse care, health and well-being.The itinerary includes horsemanship demonstrations by Shane and Meredith Ransley (Co-founders of Quantum Savvy Horsemanship) on Friday afternoons. Then over Saturday and Sunday, you will participate in four half-day workshops focusing on horse health.Our list of presenters includes Peter Laidley, internationally renowned hoof trimmer and hoof care educator and Tracy Leivers, experienced horse muscle care practitioner and owner of Sore Horse Muscle Care. Professional presenters on equine dentistry and saddle fit are in the final stages of being confirmed. WHEN: 26th - 28th of April 2019 Friday afternoon on the 26th and full days on Saturday and Sunday. WHERE: QS Study Centre. 1 Jones St Woolooga QLDThe cost for this opportunity is either $50 for one day or $80 for the full weekend (Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon).If you have any questions about this workshop or any of our presenters please don't hesitate to email enquiries@quantumsavvy.comTo book your ticket for either one day or the full weekend simply follow this Eventbrite link below.https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/whole-horse-wellness-workshop-tickets-59157025255The final day to purchase any tickets will be on Friday the 19th of April.Our aim of this weekend is to make quality education on equine wellness accessible to all horse owners. So please help us by sharing these details with any friends who may benefit from learning more.We look forward to seeing you there!
  7. georgia_perl

    Red String events

    NEXT RED STRING EVENT ON THE SUNSHINE COASTWoohooo this is going to be fun! A cow moving ride at QSSC in Woolooga!!We will spend the full day chasing cows around obstacles and moving them - hopefully to where we want them to go!This is a perfect introduction to cow moving for anyone with a QS Red String!WHEN - Saturday 30th of March from 9am to 4pm. Please arrive with time to settle your horse and get them ready - we will ride out at 9am.A BBQ lunch is included.The cost is $20 per rider.You are welcome to camp for FREE at Woolooga on either Friday night 29th or Saturday night 30th. There is very nice pizza and other things too available from the Rusty's Pizza Bar just across the road.Bookings for this ride are essential. Please purchase your rider's ticket here through the eventbrite below https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/red-string-cow-moving-ride-tickets-58766753943 Also if you are planning on camping for either or both nights please let us know.Contact Georgia or Meredith or email enquiries@quantumsavvy.com.au with any questions.The last date to book tickets is Friday the 22nd of March.Get on board and book your ticket! You can be assured this ride will have plenty of laughs and fun!So get that Red String and come join us!!
  8. Shane

    Bella and Hannah L2 no contact liberty

    Hi Hanna You already have a blue tick for this assignment, did you want to share this video or do you have something you need help with?
  9. retrorods

    Jen & Clancy's blistering speed... not

    Go brumby Go!!
  10. Brumbygirls

    Back in the saddle

    Fantastic Shell, its so good to have you back. We've missed you and Bluey. See you on the weekend!
  11. Brumbygirls

    Jen & Clancy's blistering speed... not

    Hey Mel, Just for feedback, excuse the false start.. Dont blink or you'll miss our lightening speed!
  12. retrorods

    Back in the saddle

    Fantastic news Shell! Blue will be super happy to have you back in full swing - your arm and all! I am sure your QS riding will be great physio for your arm too and will help with your speedy recovery.
  13. shell

    Back in the saddle

    Hi Everyone, I am pleased to say that I am finally back in the saddle seven months, post shoulder surgery. I was allowed to get back into it on February first. I have had a few gentle rides on my Blueboy (barrel on legs) since and ready to get back to our QS journey, albeit a little slowly. I almost have full range of movement back and my physio is now working on building my strength now so WOOOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!! I look forward to catching up this coming weekend with most of the Vic girls at the WBPD !!!! Happy WBPD to all!!!! Shell and Blue!
  14. Earlier
  15. retrorods

    Bella and Hannah L2 no contact liberty

    Nice work Hannah!
  16. Brumbygirls

    Hooves & Power tools

    I'm really keen to give the dremel a go, even though the idea of power tools still makes me nervous . Just wondering how hot the hoof gets? Its a fair bit of a cheaper option than the hoof boss at this stage.
  17. mel

    Girthy Horses

    Hi Deb, It sounds like you are doing all you can to help her - your chiro should be able to address if it is to do with birth trauma so maybe just wait till your appointment before you saddle up again. You will then have to show her that she is ok as she will be expecting it to feel the same so be ready to yield her laterally when you do your saddling procedure just like you did with Ruby. I don't think it is about pushing them through pain and telling them to put up with it. If it is physical, you need to address it and for a young horse, the first few times you saddle them, they will of course be nervous so if you teach them to soften and relax rather than stiffen and get scared you will set a habit that will help both of you out. If you miss this and they get scared then they will follow another set of habits, which we can change but the memories will still be there - I have exactly the same with Diago he was really bad for bucking when saddled when I first got him.
  18. Tracy44

    GO's Favourite Games!!

    Thanks for the inspiration for our upcoming WBPD x
  19. Tracy44


    Ha ha Clive & Buster, a great, fun day that was
  20. mel

    Carmeline's starting L1!

    Awesome work Deb!
  21. retrorods

    Noosa Hinterland Practice Group March 10

    Sorry the Cooroy Grounds have double booked us! Check in here for more details on the location, which Jane will confirm!
  22. retrorods

    Slow going but still keen

    Ahhh great reading - horsemanship is a journey not a destination!
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