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  2. Congratulations Amanda and Saint Sonia
  3. The Mildura group are not done yet! Please join me in congratulating Amanda Lowe and her horse Saint Sonia from Mildura Victoria for completing their Level 1 Assignments!!! You have done a fantastic job with Sonia AND! this is your second horse through Level 1. Well done Amanda!
  4. Last week
  5. Love it Jack!!! Wohoo I'm looking forward to hearing more updates!
  6. You can get pretty bitey heads for them Jen (whatever the term is!!!) that should take the sou of pretty quickly. When I used one I still used the rasp on hoof walls to an extent but the key is to trim often so you don't have a huge job to do. Having said that, why not a sander? So much easier and so much quicker. I've used one for maybe 10 years now on all my horses and the kids ponies. Never once had an incident but I used to always be taking skin off with the rasp! I actually feel safer with it as I can use it one handed and don't have to get right under horses who may be a big 'footy' at times. M
  7. It's pretty amazing isn't it Jack. Just what can be done if you really believe in yourself and your horse. So much of success with horses comes down to your attitude and how much you care about and what to help your horse to be right. And you've got all that in spades. M
  8. Hey Jack ,not only will you do your goal you will fly like a bird . I believe in you. Have a great day.
  9. Hey guys I thought I'd share my experience so far with the ultimate. As some of you know I have been the working student here for the last 2 months, and today is day 2 of the ultimate. I am still a level 1 student, have no prior experience with horses except with Nero and QS this last year and a half. Yesterday I galloped Nero on our pattern and today I cantered bareback with 1 rein in the big paddock, just for fun. I've been thinking about it a bit and that's pretty mental really. One of the funny things about QS is that people on the outside think it's too much work or takes too much time. I personally would never have done this if I hadn't practiced for this period of time! In the grand scheme of things 1.5 years is nothing! And look what I've achieved! And that's not 1.5 years of every day practice that's on and off. The thing is you have to invest so much of yourself into this program with your horse. You have to believe in it, you have to believe in yourself. Food for thought I guess, I intend to make a big summary of my experience here this year at the end of this camp.
  10. So much excitement! Congratulations on getting The Frogman his Red String! I think he will look so handsome with it!
  11. Congratulations Deb and Woody, what a great achievement getting him fit again and his Level 1! He’s luck you have such a wonderful horsewoman!
  12. Awesome Job Deb!! I loved meeting you and your boy last year he is such a stunning horse! I'm excited to see you both in L2 and beyond!
  13. Thats great to hear! Thanks for the update Jen.. I often think about my little brumby enya do you no if shes found a new home yet?
  14. Congratulations Dr Deb and Woody. This is really wonderful news. He's such a special fellow and I'm so pleased he is all healed and ready for the rest of his journey now. M
  15. Fantastic Amanda. I'm so pleased for you and for Froggy. And it is so nice to see you on your journey again, with Froggy now. Congratulaitons. M
  16. Thanks for the update Jen. We're all so invested in these little horses that we'll always be keen for updates on their continued journeys. That Boston is a really special little dude. I hope he ends up with a QS home. IN case anyone has forgotten, he is the horse I was lucky to play with so I know how fabulous he is. M
  17. That is good news Sarah. Piece of mind for you. M
  18. This is Nero...and he is huge! The cows may be small but they're fast....and feisty! M
  19. I received some feedback last week from Colleen about a couple of our Brumbies. Calypso's owner loves him! He went to a training camp recently and blew the trainer away about his 'wild' heritage and did really well. (That's my boy ) Arwyn was sold to her sponsor in the end. She has Australian riding ponies and her granddaughter is a keen show jumper. After spending $6000 on training for her and the pony they discovered he has kissing spine so rather than spend another $6000 the granddaughter is going to ride Arwyn. They are amazed at her temperament and how chilled about everything she is. She just has a really lovely nature. Boston is coming home to me for awhile. I'll put some hours into him and see if I can find him a new home so stay tuned.
  20. So I bought a dremel... Its obviously the 'soft' option in regards to hooves and power tools. Its great but so slow I went back to my knife and rasp. Although I can see the benefits for really hard summer soles. Maybe I need to go more hard core on the attachment? Will get back to you on that one
  21. Sounds like a lot of fun! (is that Waratah in the pics??) and you have little cows - I appreciate that haha!
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