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  1. Congratulations - Great article Jen! Should get a lot of people thinking
  2. Thanks Meredith, will do! Think life is going to be a bit topsy turvy for the next 2-3 months but am SOOOO looking forward to it! Just hope my 3 beautiful boys travel OK cos it is a very long way and a very big change for them. They leave here in just 2 weeks time and will be having a little holiday in Victoria before coming over to Tassie. I won't see them for 6 weeks :(
  3. Thanks Tracey, yes I am on Facebook. I will see if I can find her or else she is welcome to send me a friend request. Once we are a bit settled I will look into possibility of organising some clinics down there. I have organised lots of them up here so know whats involved....Be great to have Mel or even Shane and Meredith coming over every once in a while.
  4. No, not kidding Trace. We are really going! Am sure there will be lots (well, some) things I will miss about the NT but the sauna weather for 9 months of the year is not on that list. And doubt my horses will miss that either. Hopefully their manes and tails will grow back and they will stop itching ( and me too - just hate prickly heat). Will miss my friends especially Ruth. Would absolutely love some visitors - especially some QS visitors!
  5. Looks like we may be moving to Tassie shortly!! Any other QS students down there??? If so, would be great if you could get in touch with me
  6. Hi Rach, I listed a western saddle for sale last week in this section. Generous 15.5inch seat, made by John Allington in 2011. Very nice saddle. Only selling as I am quite a small person and I should have asked him to make me a 13.5 or 14 inch seat. It is just too big for me. Mel Peacock has ridden in the saddle quite a few times so if she knows your horse maybe she would have an idea whether it is likely to fit him? cheers Judy
  7. JudeE

    Saddle for Sale

    Western saddle for sale. Posted by JudeE. Aug 2013
  8. Please see attached flier. With much regret I have made the decision to sell my beautiful western saddle made in 2011 by master craftsman, John Allington. I had this saddle made shortly prior to the QS saddle becoming available - and by coincidence it is very very similar to the QS saddle! Cos I just wanted a no-fuss short skirted western saddle that wasn't too heavy. Main difference is that this saddle has a proper roping horn which is extremely strong whereas the QS saddle horn is more for lightweight work. And the price tag is a lot less! Saddle is in great condition, just normal usage marks. Mel Peacock has ridden in it several times to do some foundation training. ONLY reason I am selling it is that it is just too big for me. I have purchased a smaller saddle and am quite amazed how much difference it makes to have the correct size for ones bottom! Saddle is in Darwin. Will post anywhere in Australia at purchasers expense (c.$60) Any questions, please ask or PM me. Thanks JudeE
  9. Oh Wow Alison! Thats just great! (And wonderful authorship too!) What a brave little Pockets. Good on you for sticking with it and they only get better...
  10. Totally agree Tracey -how lucky are we?Mel coming up to Darwin 2 times in one year! But even better than that - Mel is coming back again in August for some horse starting and foundation training!! Guess we all need a lot more work up here than elsewhere? Reckon Mel will be an honorary Territorian by the time she goes home again.
  11. Hi Meredith, there are several horsey facebook pages up here in the NT and I would like to put your Perfect Ponies book Ad on all of them. Do you have a web-flyer without the book launch details? ie. a flyer with just details and info about the book etc, and cost and ordering details? Thanks Judy
  12. We held both a standard workshop and an advanced workshop up here in Darwin at the beginning of March. Both were EXCELLENT! Andrew is a great teacher and a really nice bloke with so much knowledge. Would thoroughly recommend his workshops to anyone who has a horse!
  13. And apparently not only "no bit, no brakes" but also "no bit, no height"! A friend was going to get her horse officially measured for height but because she had only a halter on him at the time she was unable to have her horse measured. Was deemed officially "unsafe" to measure a horse unless it was bridled. Or maybe its cos many horses 'grow taller' when they are bridled and every last 1/8th of an inch counts in the dressage world?!!
  14. Us mob up here in Darwin have been very privileged to have Mel Peacock visit us for the first time! And we all hope it will be the first time of many more to come! We held a 3-day L1/L2 Advancement Clinic which was huge fun and everyone learnt so much. Just wonderful to see the changes in both horse and human over the course of the 3 days. The clinic gave participants the opportunity not only to have coaching from Mel but also to have live assessments of assignments. Haven't done a head count of exactly how many blue ticks were achieved but there were quite a lot. And especially good to see some brand new members getting their very first blue ticks. Today was a private lesson day, as is tomorrow. Come back soon Mel!
  15. Thank you for the link Verena.Loved it! Wunderbar!!
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