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    family,home,garden,reading every thing horsey.Am a Level 1 graduate having got 3 through level1

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  1. Looking terrific ladies. Here are our efforts. I don't think the video will work. It was a bit hard to get a photo of us when we are the only ones here IMG_3434.MOV IMG_3434.MOV IMG_3434.MOV
  2. Our photo will be there(I hope)
  3. del

    Tah bloody dah

    Woohoo Meredith and Dolly. You have an amazing relationship and are kicking boxes keep up the fantastic work
  4. Very impressive Meredith. Loved watching it
  5. Congratulations Deb and Woody. Well done
  6. Fantastic Deb. Carmeline has had the best of starts. Look forward to watching her progress
  7. Fantastic Deb. Ruby has come a long way. Congratulations
  8. Fantastic Simone and Bindi. Have a blast in Level 2
  9. Congratulations Liv and Ben. Enjoy the next chapter
  10. Huge congratulations Georgia and Perl. You have worked really hard
  11. Fantastic to rad this Judy. It's lovely when you face your worries and all is terrific. Hope you have plenty more relaxed rides
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