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    family,home,garden,reading every thing horsey.Am a Level 1 graduate having got 3 through level1

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  1. del

    Carmeline's starting L1!

    Fantastic Deb. Carmeline has had the best of starts. Look forward to watching her progress
  2. del

    Congratulations Deb & Ruby!

    Fantastic Deb. Ruby has come a long way. Congratulations
  3. del

    Drum roll for Simone and Bindi

    Fantastic Simone and Bindi. Have a blast in Level 2
  4. del

    Liv has done it again!

    Congratulations Liv and Ben. Enjoy the next chapter
  5. del

    I see BLUE!!! for Georgia and Perl.

    Huge congratulations Georgia and Perl. You have worked really hard
  6. Congratulations Caitlin and Briggie
  7. del

    Still there after after all these years........

    Fantastic to read this Jill.
  8. del

    going out for a ride TahDah

    Fantastic to rad this Judy. It's lovely when you face your worries and all is terrific. Hope you have plenty more relaxed rides
  9. del

    Dressage Test

    Just read this Amanda. Congratulations to Sonia and you. You are doing a wonderful job with her, she's so soft and willing. Look forward to watching her in time to come
  10. del

    WBPD 2018 in Victoria

    The weekend was great fun. Thanks to evryone for making it to Horsham.
  11. del

    The World's Biggest Play Day

    The flyers are terrific. I'm looking forward to hosting Victoria's fun day
  12. del

    Jen & Tilly SRY's

    Very nice Jen
  13. Jen you and Rors have come soooo far. I remember when she arrived...a scared, shut down Brumby with a halter and long rope attached as she was hard to catch. You took to this program like a duck to water and you both blossomed. I enjoy watching you and Rors working together
  14. del

    retired pony and a new one

    Fantastic Claire. Glad you are continuing your horsemanship journey with Quince. She looks lovely.
  15. del

    Yay Nancy and Summer

    Congratulations Nancy and Summer