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    family,home,garden,reading every thing horsey.Am a Level 1 graduate having got 3 through level1

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  1. Thank Mel for the support for Holly and myself. She's certainly hasn't been an easy horse but you've been there all the way She will soon be back to you for the next stage
  2. Hi Mel Originally I put my name down but now I have to work so wont be able to be part of it. I'm so disappointed. I'd love to hear how it goes Have a wonderful weekend
  3. Congratulations Deb. She is having a great start with QS
  4. Yes Mel,I'm really looking forward to keep helping and riding Holly. Your doing a marvelous job with her
  5. WOW. Well what to do when you are house bound...........acquire yet another pony. Meet Fonzie......he's a well bred 4yr old Quarter horse. He's very small and immature looking, only measuring between 13-14 hands. His owner just wanted to get rid of him and I offered to take him. He has been ridden but only at a walk as the person felt he was too small to go faster!!! So far he is quite chilled (and hasn't bitten like Holly has}. Mel has Holly at the moment and she'll be home when all this has passed. I'll start him through the program.
  6. Looking terrific ladies. Here are our efforts. I don't think the video will work. It was a bit hard to get a photo of us when we are the only ones here IMG_3434.MOV IMG_3434.MOV IMG_3434.MOV
  7. Our photo will be there(I hope)
  8. Woohoo Meredith and Dolly. You have an amazing relationship and are kicking boxes keep up the fantastic work
  9. Very impressive Meredith. Loved watching it
  10. Congratulations Deb and Woody. Well done
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