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  1. Wow! That article is so sweet Well done, it's so great that you are showing kids how to do it right from the start
  2. )))) Thanks!!!!! yay passed my first two assignments and now I'm putting a post in the level 1 section cause it's time for a little help...
  3. Congratulations Adele! what a brilliant way to start the year Well Done!
  4. yep I expect to go nowhere lots more yet! Also last time through I took forever and hated/feared uploading assignments but there's no excuses allowed about those anymore either! I don't mind how long it takes us to pass each assignment, as long as I am working through homework cards every practice and filming every week, and my new rule is if I've filmed one three times and I'm not happy with it then that means I NEED to get feedback! I have a feeling I'll be re-doing lots and that's ok with me
  5. Congratulations Tracey!!!!! You and Pocco looked so beautiful together when I saw you at QSports, truly inspiring.
  6. Hi everyone, I am so so happy! I have finally started doing qs again and have made great progress just in the first week Some things I thought would be hard have been easy, and some things I thought would be easy have been hard, but I have a feeling that the big thing holding me back from even getting started was the knowledge that not too far away I would have to actually get on... Well a few days after I filmed our first assignment, my daughter said she wanted to go do something with the horses (she hasn't said that in at least 3 years!) but what she wanted was to ride - could she? I said if she just wanted to hop on and not go anywhere that would be fine. So that's what she did and then after she hopped off I did too!!! It sounds like nothing but it's pretty much everything I needed so I could move forward, and it happened right after I decided to stop listening to my own excuses... so there's my first lesson I'm heading out to film our skills check for the fourth time this afternoon - I had planned to upload the third even if it was awful but the camera card was too full and I missed half, so I get an extra try today. Loving the new modules format too, I think they will help a lot to keep me focussed and there's so much more in there to think about! x Cath
  7. Congratulations! and what a beautiful name
  8. hmm where is the green with envy smilie face???!!! Have a fun weekend all, hope it is nice weather for you. I will be stuck here working on assignments but hope to fit in a ride sometime
  9. Hi Tracey, I can come down to help Saturday afternoon, what time are you going to be there? I can bring along an exercise ball too.
  10. Hi Mel, I remember you were having trouble getting Red to hold his weight after you moved, how is he going now? I have read of horse dentists who don't sedate but wondered how they would ever get them to stand still for the grinding When we had the vet to do them about 18 months ago they were rather 'trapped' and sedated, not much in the way of options there so I have been thinking I should have their teeth done again but putting it off - do you think she would travel to Brisbane? Can I get her details please Mel I didn't even get Starlight looked at as I felt she wouldn't cope with the manner of their approach, not that they were in any way nasty but she does need her options open that one Avril they recommend having them looked at each year, but one of the signs of poor teeth is if they don't hold their weight very well (can also be food or worm related ) and the other I have heard of is 'quidding' where they drop chunks of food as they are eating. Starlight hasn't ever had hers done and she's almost 7 now, I'm not worried about it much as she doesn't have either of these issues (also a bit on the chubby side if I don't watch her diet ) and it was more important to have someone who wouldn't stress her than get them done. I think she might be up to it now and if this lady will travel she might have her first visit from the dentist Cath
  11. Well done Chell, two horses to do L2 with now!!
  12. Hi Leah, Here's another link for you: http://www.forloveofthehorse.com/articles.php I have a horse who shows pink in her hooves every trim, and like you I overthink a bit so read a lot of stuff, I stumbled across this on one of my searches. It's a site that sells a chinese herbal remedy, I haven't tried it but there are a heap of articles about what laminitis is and what causes it, (insulin resistance and a weak immune system). I found it really interesting, though hard to understand sometimes, a bit technical. Glad your little pony is so much better, he's lucky to have you Cath
  13. Go Trace & Pocco! What a star
  14. OOOoooo Trace!!! Goosebumps!!! I can just imagine you skipping up the road Can't wait to see it And do it
  15. OOooooh, what a lovely finish before a break. That just sounds like so much fun!! You are lighting the way for us all
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