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  1. Hi everyone Hoping someone with a wide horse like mine can give me some ideas. I have a QUARAB who is very wide in the shoulders and very flat backed. Good for bareback riding. Anyway i had a saddle fitter out as i was having a lot of trouble with saddles and ended up getting a new wintec dressage wide fit with a purple gullet. Only rode in it a couple of times and she started playing up not wanting to go forward very cranky when i was saddling up etc, so i got another fitting done and they said the gullet was 2 sizes too big so readjusted and rode in it twice and still not a happy horse. If i ride bareback she is fine. So today i tried my syd hill half breed stock and we had a forward moving horse but its a big long on her back so after all that i am looking for recommendations on what people have for wide horses cause i am too the point i am just going to ride bareback and give up on saddles. Thanks Denise
  2. Peanut

    Give away 2 Minis

    Hi Just wondering if anyone would know someone who would like to take on 2 minis. Both are about 5 but 1 has had a bad background and not suitable to be around children atm. I have got her to the point where she will let me catch her and have her feet done ok but will need lots of further work. I have too many to be able to give her the amount of attention she requires but she is a sweet girl under all the fear and therefore i want her to go to someone who is experienced and can help her. I rescued her so she didnt end up in the wrong place. They have been in together and get on well so i would love them to stay together. If you can pass this on to anyone you may think will be interested and my mobile is 0419 750 854. Thanks Denise.
  3. Peanut

    Tanya Jacobs

    Beautiful words Meredith, even though some of us didnt get to meet Tanya personally i am sure many of us have followed her inspirational posts on facebook. She did fight hard and put all her feelings in to those posts to let us all know she was fighting with everything she had. She stayed positive right to the end. I am sure you have touched many of our hearts Tanya. RIP to a beautiful lady who inspired a lot of us on her journey.
  4. Peanut

    getting back into my QS assignments!

    Great to see you back Belinda, hope we can catch up soon.
  5. Peanut

    Tracey and Pocco are seeing green!

  6. 2nd August Tamborine Pony Club Grounds Beenleigh-Beaudesert Road Tamborine 9.30 - 12.30 Come Celebrate your horses birthday, bring a treat for your horse, a plate of food to share at morning tea, wear a party hat for you or your horse and join in on some fun games. Day yards for horses, fenced arena and round yard plus plenty of riding area. $10 per person ground hire fee. Call Denise on 0419 750 854 for any further details.
  7. Hi everyone Just thought i would post this as a warning to anyone who wears jewelry around horses. I have worn my braclets for years never take them off and never though much about it until the accident happens. I was letting my horses out of their stables after dinner and we have recently brought my daughters horses home after a break up with her in Emerald and her gelding has become obcessed with my older mare butterfly for some reason. I had let him out and then was letting her out the same door as her stable is opposite his in the stable block, as i reached to let her out two gelding had a bit of a fight over her and she shot foward to escape only problem was my bracelt was hooked on her top buckle of her winter rug so i was pushed in to the doorway and then ripped forward with her as i was attached, this all happened in a split second, i knew i was in serious trouble so i quickly disengaged her hq luckily i had nearly finished level 1 with this mare and she stil remembered what i was asking so she faced up to me which gave me a split second to lift my hand and free myself. This could have been a very horrible accident with another horse who had not been through the training. I came off lightly with a damanged thumb bruised and swollen, a bruise on my chest and a very sore wrist from the bracelt being squashed against my wrist. got off light i reckon. Anyway i thought i was worth warning people this can happen in a split second and it taught me a very valuable lesson but also tested the skills i had learnt with her years ago. QS saved me again. Thank god. So please do not wear anything around your horses and make sure your children dont either. A wake up call for sure. Denise
  8. Canungra Conquerers Practise Group June Come and Try Day Tamborine Pony club 7th June- 9am to 12 Everyone Welcome $10 Ground Hire Fee per person. Bring morning tea, chairs, etc for yourself Day yards for horses. Great grounds to film assigments lots of open areas For further details call Denise on 0419 750 854
  9. Canungra Conquerers Practise Group have their first day this saturday at Tamborine Pony Club Grounds Tamborine. Gates open at 8.30 for a 9am start I am hoping to pair everyone up so that we all have a filming buddy so if you are coming along please let me know on here or the facebook event and also which assignments you may be filming. Everyone welcome we have challenges for anyone who is not a member also. Bring morning tea and drinks and everything for your horses. There are day yards to put your horses in. Great grounds with lots of open space for filming. $10 ground fee hire per person. Any questions please call Denise on 0419 750 854.
  10. Peanut

    Treeless Saddles

    Thanks Meredith will have a read.
  11. Peanut

    Treeless Saddles

    Hi Does anyone know much about treeless saddles, i have a QUARAB who has no wither and very wide in the shoulders and finding it very hard to find a saddle that dosnt block her in the shoulders. Was suggested a treeless but no nothing about them. Would love to hear anyones opionions or experience with them. Thanks Denise
  12. Congratulations Jen & Music, enjoy level 2
  13. Peanut

    3 cheers for Vicki and Gypsy

    Congratulations very well done.
  14. Peanut

    More accolades for Ruth!

    Well Done Ruth.