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    Learing,QS,Animals,reading,sport, playing, working with my horse

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAY BRYDIE !!!!!!! Big 13!!!

  2. Cobar Show was great even though it was 2 weeks ago. So proud of Snip for his first show we got 5 firsts and four seconds. It was great to watch and be there and now back to working on my level 2.

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    2. belindaq


      WOW! That's brilliant!!!


    3. vickimarr


      Fantastic Brydie . . . ditto Belinda . . . photos?

    4. mog


      yay Brydie, you & Snip were awesome...did QS PROUD!!!!!

  3. All here is good we filmed an assignment today !!!!!!!

  4. Hi Brydie !!!! How was gala day at yanco??????????

  5. Hi Brydie ,how's things?

  6. Hi bryd can't wait to see u on the Myrtle!!

  7. Congratulations Brydie & Snip

    Thanks and yeah will be good ")
  8. Hey Clancy No not yet i am just going to take it easy and do some homework cards and little fun things! But I have been practiseing my skills check and a bit of other assignments.

  9. Hi Brydie, you practiced any L2 assignments yet?????

  10. Congratulations Brydie & Snip

    Thanks so much Mel and thanks for making my assignments and helping me out!!! I would also like to thank Mog for helping me out lot's to!!!
  11. I have passed two of my Level 1 assignments and two to go before I pass my level 1!!!!! YAHOOOOO I am planing maybe to flim them today!!!

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    2. lily


      Well you've now passed!!!!!!!!

    3. Clancy


      Year!!!!!!! What L2 assignments are you going to film next????????

    4. Brydie


      skills check and plastic bag maybe

  12. Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Is very very very happy flimed 3 assignments today!!!!

    1. mog


      YAY Brydie thats awesome!!!!

  14. Can't wait for feedback on assignments!!!!!