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  1. shell

    retired pony and a new one

    Hi Claire, She looks beautiful. I have always had a soft spot for Welsh "D". Look forward to seeing your journey on her.
  2. shell

    New member

    Welcome and have fun on the journey Natas18!
  3. shell

    New to QS

    Welcome Danni and Jack.
  4. shell

    Pulling hooves away whilst trimming

    Hi Sandra, When I first started trimming Blue's feet myself, I found that he would try and pull his hind legs away from me quite a lot. Naturally getting frustrated was not the answer. In the end I decided to ask for his hoof and hold it just long enough and then put it down just before he decided to pull it away. I gave him lots of praise and reward by rubbing on his hind leg. Each time the amount I could hold his leg grew. He is very good now and was never a problem for his farrier in the first place or when i would be picking out his hooves. Obviously he was testing my leadership. I would also just do his two front hooves one day and then his hinds another day so that I had more time to deal with this issue. It also gave my back and shoulders more time to relax. How are things going with the trimming now Sandra?
  5. shell

    Clare and Codee did it!! L1

    Congratulations Claire and Codee! Welcome to level 2.
  6. shell

    Welcome to QS Julie & Whiskey

    Welcome Julie and Whiskey. Looking forward to meeting you at some stage soon.
  7. shell

    Instant Stop

    That's brilliant!
  8. shell

    Tania Does it Again!

    Congratulations Tania and Rusty.
  9. shell

    Another Red String!

    Well done Tania and Leo. Congratulations and welcome to level 2
  10. Hi Everyone, I am putting this question out there as a friend had asked me this the other day. Should he teach his ponies to self load into the straight loading float. He has always taught his horses to self load but with the smaller ones he has lead them on due to the fact that they sniff the floor on the way in and hence keep walking under the chest bar which could result in them lifting their heads and hitting them on the chest bar. My thoughts are that for his safety first they should be self loading at all times. Eventually aiming with feel on the rope that once the pony is in far enough asking them to halt before they get to putting their head under the chest bar. What do others do? His ponies range from 11h shetland, to 12.2?ish Welshies. Look forward to sharing your thoughts with him.
  11. shell

    We are seeing GREEN!!

    Congratulations Fiona! How wonderful for you and Coolie
  12. shell

    Congratulations Elisha!

    Congratulations Elisha
  13. shell

    Level 1 Grad for Murwillumbah!

    Congratulations Tye and Spirit!