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    Little River, Victoria
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    Horse riding, catching up with friends, reading, gardening, bush walking.

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  1. Beautiful! What a delight to see!
  2. Exciting news Del, I look forward to meeting him when all this is over and we can get out and about again.
  3. Fantastic news Meredith. well done to you and Dolly
  4. Congratulations Jen and Jett! great news.
  5. Hi Meredith I would like to attend this with Blue. I have the L2 assignment 9 to complete and have started groundwork in L3. What do I need to do this end computer wise to attend? Shell.
  6. Hi Meredith, I have just found this post so apologies for not replying. I ended up having just over 12 months of Physio. My shoulder is great compared to prior the surgery. I will never have 100% range of movement but it doesn’t restrict me and I no longer have any pain. so very happy with the results. Happy New Year to you all, Shell.
  7. Hi Meredith, I have been waiting and waiting for my hard copy in the mail and it hasn’t come. Congratulations to all who have won prizes. Hope it arrives soon! wishing everyone a happy New Year! Shell and Blue
  8. Sorry to miss this event Meredith. I hope you all have fun, I am looking forward to picking up my Blueboy from his holiday!
  9. We certainly had a great day. It was a fantastic place to be together and very well organised by Mel and Danielle! Thanks Ladies!
  10. Hi Everyone, I am pleased to say that I am finally back in the saddle seven months, post shoulder surgery. I was allowed to get back into it on February first. I have had a few gentle rides on my Blueboy (barrel on legs) since and ready to get back to our QS journey, albeit a little slowly. I almost have full range of movement back and my physio is now working on building my strength now so WOOOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!! I look forward to catching up this coming weekend with most of the Vic girls at the WBPD !!!! Happy WBPD to all!!!! Shell and Blue!
  11. Hi Claire, She looks beautiful. I have always had a soft spot for Welsh "D". Look forward to seeing your journey on her.
  12. Welcome and have fun on the journey Natas18!
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