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  1. I like your hat :)


  2. Christmas Challenge Day!

    Yesterday the Surrey and Sussex gang got the tinsel out big style and played the afternoon away. After dressing up ourselves, the obstacles and even the horses, we set to...... There was a total of 9 challenges - and we went every which way but loose - under the tinsel(and scarey ballons), over the Christmas tarp!, across the Yule log, over the barrel like Santa's, round the chairs,.... you get the idea... we were kept busy! At one point I looked around and couldn't believe how far we have come: The horse were calm and engaged - including some newbies! We were leading and smiling and the whole atmosphere was fun and a credit to our horses. I got all warm inside - and not from the mulled wine! honest! All rounded up with some hot soup, dodgety christmas tunes and mince-pies .... yummy! What a great start to the festive season! ... and I even got a chance to try a Yule Tide Imagination Challenge...... Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it and how great everyone was who took part. Some of you were better prepared than I was and brought cameras, if so, please can you load up the pictures?! Cheers, and Merry Christmas when it comes! Jane and Ladina
  3. Rft Clinic in Surrey, England

    Hi there everyone, I am a wee bit of a forum virgin - but as one of my "actions" from the RFT was to share and not compare - here goes!! I and Ladina were lucky enough to take part in both clinics and I can honestly say that as a result - she is a different horse. And all because I am learning to be a different sort of horseperson. I won't go into all the BYOB's - but the main one is just that I finally "got" how powerful the release is. By focussing on giving this it was as if she came alive - looking interested and we really started to have some FUN!!! It has truly an eye opener - and I have to admit a tad emotional.... To think that in all my time working with her there has been this cheeky and curious horse waiting to come out. It took me to be a better leader and to literally lighten up. we have a long way to go - and I can't wait... As someone who has bee a bit stuck on level one - it all now seems to make more sense.. For me the clinics have been invaluable - the chance to watch and share - and if I'm honest to spend some real time with my horse. So watch this space!!
  4. Wey hey!

    Saw your approach video!

    good on you..... the uploading is the hardest part....

    Probaly coz we're not that logical... Excuse the pun! J ;)

  5. Just read your news about Mounting assignment.... WOW ... how fantastic for you both!

    Big cheer for you from Hastings...

    Jane x

  6. Hi Laura,

    is this Laura and Max?

    If so can you let me know - so we can become "friensds"


    Jane or JaneReid x

  7. Socialising our friends

    Thanks - will do! Cheers for the advice. Esecially the focus point... Jx
  8. Socialising our friends

    Hi there, I was wondering what advise people may have for us. Yesterday, we had a brilliant play session and finished off with a Passenger Lesson. There were three of us and also Monica and trooper (being just that!) in the paddock. It all started well. However once we went up into trot things hotted up. Rioko, an assertive horse, started chasing the other two and trying to bite/nip them. In particular he focussed on Logic and started to get right up behind him and trying to bite him. For background, a few months ago Rioko attacked and literally pinned Logic down in the field. They are no longer in the same field and this is one of the few times they would socialise. Gitte (Logic's passenger) tried shooing us away with the rope - this seems to work for the other horse there - but this seemed to have more effect on making Logic go faster. Logic was definetly Rioko's favourite target! As we became worried about safety - we kept slowing down and then kept to a walk - I also indirectly asked Rioko to avoid the other horses - while keeping the pace. However is this the right thing to do - or should we let them sort it out - ? Ideas and advice would be gratefully received.... cheers Jane
  9. Hi Antonia,

    Apologies for delay in saying Thank-you for your kind coments. It has taken me a wee while to work out the site and how to do what.

    Anyhoo - Thank-you for your encouragement.

    Hope to meet you some day!

    Rioko got his hug!