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    QS, Hockey, Swimming, Talking.
  1. Hey everyone, Just wanted to tell you that i have just bought my new baby home! (Four legs, not two!) She has just turned 4 years old, she is a 15.2hh leopard spot appaloosa x dutch warmblood, called Beauty (perfect Harmony). Together we are going to do qs and i have my homework cards and dvd's ready! Heres to the start of something very special! Just wanted to share my news... im so happy! *hugs* Ellie & her spotted princess xx
  2. That is really cool! GO YOU! I was going to send you a 'hug smiley', but there aint one! Have a smile instead.....
  3. [quote : As Dan says, plenty going on just over that small stretch of water, you are more than welcome to come and stay in not-so sunny Aberdeen for a get together!! Actually, that goes for any of you ] I'll be over on Friday. lol. Can we have chips and beans for tea? :wink:
  4. I have a torsion treeless saddle for sale if your interested. SADDLE FOR SALE! Torsion Saddle - For sale (Devon, UK) Brown DELUXE Torsion treeless saddle for sale 17" In very good condition. Bought, NEW, in December 05 for £1,095 (inc girth and pad.) For sale through absaloutley no fault of its own, its in fab condition! Comes with girth and thick sympa nova pad worth (£85) only two weeks old! Have hunted, hacked, jumped in it. Its a complete BUTT HUGGER! PRICE NEGOTIABLE. for more info - e-mail me: ELLIEWASSELL@AOL.COM
  5. Ha! Ha! It says that to me too! LOL! I think its just the computor, i mean.... who would want to avoid us!?? :?
  6. ugh! thinking of spiders, there was a HUUUGGEEEE mr. spider on my saddle yesterday :shock:
  7. sometimes i think fear can be a good thing.
  8. lol, i was only joking. I wish i had no fear!
  9. want to come and ride my horsie? :wink:
  10. hey verena! Im ellie, nice to meet you. Im from the uk. There are lots of lovely peeps here on quantum savvy all willing to help and full of fab ideas! (just dont ask me, LOL! im rubbish! :? ha! ha!) I know how difficult it is to do things when you feel alone. Dont wory, these guys just LOVE questions..... and they always have brill solutions! Best of luck and welcome! x
  11. I have just watched '100 things to do with your hose' which is FAB! I saw a clip on leading from the nose and it is now much clearer to me!
  12. HEY. Yeah dave is quite happy with both of my hands on his nose (he just thinks im a bit wierd) you know when they stare at you like......... :?
  13. HEYA EVERYONE! Leading by the nose :?: quote: Teaches us to have good hands and to ask politley and not to rely on the lead rope to just drag them around. I have a question, :? 1)Place both hands on your horses nose and rub to make sure they accept it. 2)Apply your phases (hair, skin, muscle bone).... Im a little stuck on this one. The nose is in zone 1. The drive line is where 2 and 3 meet, anything infront of the drive line (nose, zone 1) will cause them to go backwards. How do i lead by the nose and stop him going backwards? he! he! Im in a muddle allready! many thankyou's guys! x
  14. hi, Do any of you guys know of a good site where i can see a good template of the barefoot trim? My horses are barefoot and sometimes get stones in the walls. Do you know of anything i can use to 'fill in' these holes once the stones are removed. Any other peeps keep their horses barefoot out there? many thankyou's! ellie xx
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