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  1. I cant access assignments for coaching. I’ll put my video here. Hope that’s ok. Sorry there are two the same - couldn’t manage to delete one FullSizeRender.mov FullSizeRender.mov
  2. Thanks for this opportunity Put my name on the list. I’ll be working with Rusty.
  3. I’m still pinching myself. I’m off to camp this year. Thank you QS
  4. Congratulations Carmen and Smarty. I hope you both thoroughly enjoy level 2
  5. Matey

    A good horse

    Congratulations Maxine. Very exciting
  6. I've used a variety of different brands and styles of boots and I found scoot boots didn't have any adjustment so even though they were were the correct size there was a couple of mm play and I would hear a hoof land and then I would hear it slip just that little bit in the boot. I also avoid Cavello's now because the back is too high and when I used them on the back feet of my thoroughbred they inhibited his strides when we sped up - the top of the boot hit the back pastern as he reached under. I use Renegades now because they are almost infinitely adjustable. Good luck with finding a boot that's perfect for your hiorse
  7. I'm in awe of your achievements. Diesel had me feeling sad, I thought he would end up turned out in a big paddock and left to do nothing. We can never blame the horse when things aren't as we would like - and they don't get the credit when things go well. We all know why he is trying for you - because that's how you've set it up, persistently. It makes me want to shout to the world and shake people and say 'LOOK AT THIS' Congratulations Meredith on a very inspiring job well done.
  8. Will do Maxine. To make it faster for me to find it on the website - what is this item described as?
  9. Hi Jill, No, there is no wholesale from Cafe Press. I will be purchasing some stock for the QSPort shop at the championships towards the end of the year and thought that it could save a considerable amount on postage for students who only want one or two items if we bundled the orders together.
  10. Hi Everyone, I'll be setting up the shop at QSport again this year. The merchandise with the striking black and white logo is available from the café press website for anyone to purchase. I intend to do a bulk order to minimize the significant postage charge of $30 - whether you purchase one or ten items. The items can be mailed out within Australia but it should still be a more economical way to do it. I'm going to do an order in two weeks time so that you can have your merchandise to wear through the year. I'll do another in September and items can be picked up at the big event or mailed out. Have a look at what's available and let me know. The womens sizes are VERY small - I'm usually a size 10 and Cafepress 'Large' is comfortable on me so make sure you order a size or two larger. Also, check out the mens shirts, there are some inexpensive T's in this range and the sizes might be more generous Click on the link and let me know. http://www.cafepress.com.au/qsportshorsemanship
  11. Better late than never, I have only just realised I should use this to the max. More attempts coming in from me - I'm headed for level 3 asap, just got to motor through level 2 first.
  12. Great achievement, congratulations Josh. :clap:
  13. The Summer Dreams Lessons with Meredith were perfect for me - the idea of engaging your core so your horse doesn't push through your leg has really lodged in my head and found a place to stay this time. I've put another layer on me with a variety of tasks - very very pleased. THE BIGGIE - I've found a way to permit myself to ask more of Calypso. There are a dozen people have told me I should but it took the Summer Dreams lessons to get comfortable and take it on board and start doing it (I may be slow but I got there) THE SECOND BIGGIE - I've filmed three assignments, and feel motivated to film the whole of level 2. I have plans to film another on Tuesday. Thank you Meredith, the weekends were fantastic. I was able to leave my fuzzy head behind and see a clear path to L2 with Calypso
  14. I've learned to expect more, this has been a long term project for me. I've tried to 'do' this many many times, just genuinely expect more but somehow I covertly convert it to demanding more and Calypso of course offers less and less. I think the penny may at last be dropping. I've had some lovely willingness while I've been practicing.
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