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  1. Congratulations Jill and Leroy, great achievement well done!
  2. :clapping:CONGRATULATIONS!!! :clapping:Luna and Darcy. Welcome to L2.
  3. We are seeing GREEN!!

    Congratulations Fiona.
  4. Congratulations Carmen and Smarty!

    Yay! Congratulations Carmen and Smarty. Well Done! :clapping:
  5. A Blue String for Elise!!

    Congratulations Elise and Diva. :clapping:
  6. Thank you to Danielle.

    To those who are new to QS I am currently doing L2. I have not been on the forum for a year due to lots of bad luck with my health. Hopefully I will be back to finishing L2 soon. Today I called on a friend Danielle who is currently doing L1. to help me with my pony. How wonderful to watch Danielle put her QS skills into practice starting with a pony who didn't want to be caught, not wanting to stand to start with while his feet were being picked up and putting a new fly veil on. Using her new learnt skills every thing went perfect. Putting his halter on. Having him stand still. Showing him his brightly coloured fly mask and asking permission to put it on. Great job Danielle.
  7. Great seeing girls at Bealiba today special thanks to Meredith for making hubby coffee to get him to stay longer!!!

    1. mel


      Was fantastic you could drop in Chris!

    2. 2legsue


      great to meet you Chris - clever girl Meredith!


    3. del


      Great to see you Chris. Hope you had a great trip home

  8. No Strings Attached Camp 2014

    Just beautiful to watch. Well Done!!! I had an added bonus as I imagined it was my pony as they look so much a like. How i would love to be able to do this with him. Well done.
  9. my new pony :)

    He looks beautiful Liz. I love his white socks. I'm sure you are going to have lots of fun together. what a lucky horse he is to find you and your QS home.
  10. Out for a trail ride

    Oh Liz how fanstastic well done! So happy for you as you have come such a long way. Well Done! Lots of hugs for Eadie too. What a wonderful journey you are having together.
  11. Sourcing Hay

    Sorry I cant help you out with finding the the hay you mentioned. I'm interested to know why you think you are having problems caused by feeding your horses rye hay. I havn't heard of some of the grasses you mentioned. Since moving from England where the hay is sweet smelling meadow hay, I always find it interesting to read anything on hay in Australia. I'm feeding Oaten hay as I cant get good quality rye at the moment. Chris.
  12. 3 cheers for Vicki and Gypsy

    "CONGRATULATIONS" Vicki & Gypsy well Done!
  13. Happy New Year Liz!!

    CONGRATULATIONS LIZ wonderful news.
  14. new to all things qs

    Hi Casey Welcome to QS. If you need help and support with anything a great way is to put your questions on student support. I also had lots of trouble loading my horse. I am happy to say that I can now load him on the end of a 22 ft rope. I found and still do find the student support a great help. There are lots of ways to prepare your horse for the float. I'm sure other students will only be to happy to help.