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lisa roberts

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    Corndale NSW
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    my horses, wildlife, rainforest, oceans, my family, my farm.

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  1. lisa roberts

    Congratulations Lisa!!

    Hey thanks everyone. Little Rupet has come such along way in 12months. When I took him to the building rapport clinic at Bell last year he was just the kids bratty pony and most of the time well he just sort of annoyed me We came away from that clinic with a whole new perspective and have spent the time since then building a whole new partnership. Love him to bits now.. and the kids can't have him back
  2. lisa roberts

    QS Bridle Regular size For Sale

    It's sold Tye.
  3. I am selling my regular size QS bridle as I am retiring Wakita. It has only been used a couple of times as he was never well enough to do his level 2 ridden work. It's in as new condition. $250.00 PM me if your interested or txt 0427 805910 cheers Lisa
  4. lisa roberts

    Practise Group changes

    Would bronze membership cover the "old" members ?
  5. lisa roberts

    Looking for 2 ponies

    Vicki, is Al still looking for a pony ? there was a lady down our way check out the post from Mandi (Wylie on the forum) I dont think Fran has found a home for her shetland yet she was in no hurry it had to be the best of homes and Al's place at Crystal Creek would be my idea of horsey heaven
  6. just reading Shane's post and looks like the roast is off love .. so bringng a few frozen meals and will lash out with dinner at the pub one night.. or two.. or meal with the Bell Bunya Community Group . Just finished my last minute packing and ready to roll tomorrow.. Bell via Cedar Grove here we come..
  7. hi Jill, no worries for the hay I have mine all packed up in the float ready to roll.. Now I found the food menu on the previous page but nothing about how to order ? dont want to miss out on that roast
  8. hi Meredith.. did I miss something as I can't see the menu attached ? do we need to order in advance ? and if so who do we order with ? And Trace Hope to see you on change over day. I am bringing Mr Rupert he was only lame with his abscess for two days.. Wakita still not 100% he had a fall a few months back slipped down the hill in the mud and now keeps rotating the pelvis every time we do a bit of circle work.. then gets stressed and ulcerates so he is in rehab once again .. a shame as he was actually going so well but that is the way of it with Wakita, he never has been a well horse. gosh only 4 more sleeps and I am on the road.. overnight at Nancys on Wed night and then onto Bell Will be packing tomorrow as I have to work Monday and Tuesday!
  9. pub sounds good Tracey.. and put me down for the roast dinner.. .. do we need to pre-order ? so thats food .. tick now just have to buy a new mattress for my car.. the dog decided to mark his territory on my old one and I am all set to go..although still not sure what horse I will bring .. seems everyone is broken at the moment .. Wakita having ulcer issues again .. sigh.. so think the travel would be too much for him.. and poor Mr Rupert just popped out an abscess .. but its looking pretty good so he may be okay by then.. can't believe its only just over 3 weeks and we are off !!
  10. lisa roberts

    Another L2 Grad for QLD!!

    Well done Jen and Music. What a great achievement. Looking forward to watching your continued journey through level 3. cheers Lisa
  11. I got my pack the other day for Building Rapport camp. Love the demo video Meredith it was lovely to see Geoff when he was a younger horse :-) I am looking forward to the camp and might even take advantage of those caters too.. Does anyone know if you can stop and rest horses at Toowoomba or any other showgrounds btw Dalby and the Goldcoast ?
  12. Elise ask Allan he had a old one that he lent me to get going with. cheers Lisa
  13. I am going come hell or high water . . have paid my deposit booked it in with work and home building rapport here I come my horses sure will be happy with me after this
  14. lisa roberts


    So sad I am going to miss this hubbie has done the dirty on me and gone off to Gladstone to play in the mud .. and he calls it work!! so I am grounded get those dates sorted for next year ASAP Meredith so I can book it out for sure. Goes without saying but you are all going to have a fantastic time. Looking forward to the photos and stories to come. cheers Lisa
  15. lisa roberts

    Our new adventure on the trail

    Sounds like you guys had another great ride today Lucky ducks ;-)