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  1. How wonderful, Jen! Well done for getting out there and stretching comfort zones - no mean feat getting out there and doing what you did. Proven by the fact you were the only one there! Huge congratulations! Like you say, the programme is fantastic and you could have taken any one of your horses, but it took courage on your part too. Another side of the programme that I'm pretty sure most of us hadn't banked on when we first signed up. Well done!
  2. Lesson Packages with Fiona

    Congratulations to all involved! Well done Kerri - it can be very hard to put aside our fears and negative thoughts and just trust our instructors but, as you have found, it is also the quickest way to find positive change.
  3. We got it :)

    Just watched it, Tracy. Looking much more fluid.
  4. Leading by Nose vs Neck Stretches

    Hi Helen I think this is a lesson in feel and suggestion for us. Leading our horses by the nose really is a bit of an invasion of their personal space and it requires tact on our part and willingness on theirs. If we grip too hard or try and push / pull them around we will probably cause opposition reflex - either they'll pull away/shake us off or they'll just plant. This might be why he responds better to just a hand under his jaw - it's less invasive and also quite hard to grip back there with just one hand and therefore more agreeable. If your hands are light and he doesn't respond when you flex him away / towards you (make sure you are thinking forward and looking up where you want to go), you can try putting some rhythmic pressure behind the driveline so that he understands that you mean forward. Just remember to focus on the release (the suggestion) and not on the pressure, and release (rub and stop) as soon as you feel a try. Good luck and keep us posted Alexia
  5. retired pony and a new one

    Quince looks lovely! Welcome back and have fun! I hope to meet you one day.
  6. Yay Nancy and Summer

    Woohoo! Well done Nancy and Summer!
  7. New member

    Welcome to QS Natas! A little better every day and before you know it you and your horse will have learnt so much and made so much progress. Well done for getting a video up already! I look forward to watching it.

    Thank you! I hope you are all having a fabulous Christmas break. Tracy I think it's time we met up for tea
  9. No feedback or engagement

    Hi Luna This is a tricky situation as you are neither an instructor nor a trainer. It sounds as though the mare is quite shut down and the only way you can really help your friend is to persuade her to follow the programme. There is no quick fix. I understand that her family might be reluctant to pay but surely their daughter's safety and happiness is worth something. If your friend would like to follow the programme, she could at least give it a go for the free month and, if she uses the whole programme she could get some real help in that month that might show her and her family that it is worth the subscription. She could have a go at the homework cards and even get a couple of assignments in for some feedback. She would have access to the forum to ask all her questions..... She could even ask for an extra month's subscription for Christmas if she likes it. It depends how important it is to her. You can't do it for her but you can encourage her to give it a go...
  10. Lesson packages with Alexia

    Oh Tracy, I hope you aren't only recognising a few bad habits. I hope you are also appreciating how much progress you have made and how much Buster tries for you despite his elderly status. The pair of you have done so well and made such huge progress over the last month. That 2 rein riding blue tick is very close now and then you've only got one left! And thank you for looking after us so well during the horrid cold weather.
  11. Pulling hooves away whilst trimming

    Hey Sandra! Good for you giving it a go and learning about hoofcare. No more having to wait till the trimmer can get to you or not liking how he/she trims. How is Jimbo when you just ask him to pick his feet up? I was going to say make sure you're not holding his hoof too tightly but I guess you have to hold it fairly still to trim / rasp. See if you can find a way to hold it as securely as possible without grabbing onto it. Is that possible? Sorry, I don't trim mine myself - I just know that's when Luna is prone to kick out. Good luck and keep us posted!
  12. Woohoo Bodil! You are amazing!! Congratulations! You are on your way to becoming a fantastic horsewoman and you are still so young. What an inspiration to all the other young QSers! (And adults, of course) Every time I meet you, I am impressed by you - either working with your horse or having the focus and desire to sit and watch Shane train horses.
  13. Positive reflex

    It sounds like you had a great time Wendy and made some great discoveries. I love that: Look at possibilities; not problems! Sounds just like Carola!
  14. Welcome Hazel and Rusty

    What a beautiful picture! Welcome!