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  1. She's had quite a grump on this last week! Not sure if its physical, hormonal or just not seeing the good deal or a bit of all 3. So any tips with putting more release in whilst improving my leadership very welcome
  2. Alexia

    Brumby Connection Camp 2018

    Thanks for the update! Shame about the mischief Good to hear the others are all doing well.
  3. Alexia

    Drum roll for Simone and Bindi

    Well done, Simone!
  4. Hooray! Well done Rhiannon!
  5. Alexia

    Natural Worming

    And yes - Chiara's head carriage has been noticeably different since she was wormed.
  6. Alexia

    Natural Worming

    I use FECs too as I believe the chemicals in regular wormers can do as much damage as good. There are some drawbacks to this system as not all types of worms show up in the FECs. Verm-X is a herbal product that is supposed to make their insides and unfavourable place for worms to inhabit so I use that. My horses do very well on it.
  7. Absolutely fantastic Caitlin
  8. Alexia

    I see BLUE!!! for Georgia and Perl.

    Woohoo!! Congratlations Georgia!
  9. Alexia

    Liv has done it again!

    Well done, Liv! As Shane says, it sounds like Ben is the complete opposite of Tilda so you must have learnt a whole heap of new stuff. I’m sure all your new tools will help you with Rafiki too when you come back. Great stuff!
  10. Alexia

    Still there after after all these years........

    That's great, Jill! Well done! Sounds like your partnership is coming along nicely!
  11. Alexia

    Hé did IT!!!

    Fantastic! Well done!
  12. Alexia

    And the Red String goes to....Judy and Zoe

    Well done Judy - fantastic - and what a beautiful photograph!
  13. Alexia

    Inspiration and motivation!!

    hmm - I can't seem to watch these - keeps telling me the video(s) is unavailable Anyone else having the same problem?
  14. Well done Hannah!! Welcome to Level 2 - lots of fun ahead!
  15. Alexia

    Way to go Liv and Matilda

    Well done Liv - you have worked hard to help Tilda relax through her Mind and body and change her habits.Congratulations! Level 2 will change things even more!