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  1. Older horses and QS

    It is now, Judy! Buster's transformation since you have been working with him has been fabulous. He has thrived and is doing so well. The programme has helped him in many ways and he looks so much younger. As you say, some if it has been tough for him and I know how relieved you are to not have to push him over the barrels anymore. What a wonderful way to complete level 1 though - with him giving you the best he can so willingly. "Apollo is one of Greek mythology's most important gods, a beardless, youthful, and athletic figure. He is the god of the sun, light, knowledge, music, art, poetry, oracles, medicine, archery, and prophecy. Apollo is the son of Zeusand Leto. His twin sister Artemis is the goddess of the hunt." (pinched from the net) So, you've got lots to work with there! Good luck on your new adventure!
  2. Trimming

    Ah, yes, I know Mark. Good news!
  3. Congratulations Tracy and Buster!

    I am so happy for you!! Well done!! Perfect timing!
  4. Dressage Test

    That's fantastic, Amanda! Well done for getting out there, let alone for doing so well!
  5. A New Way to Fail

    Hi Helen Good for you for sharing and getting some frustration off your chest. That's one of the reasons we are all here to support each other so we can move on before we go back to our horses. Also good to see you have maintained a sense of humour First of all, I think we have all been there worrying that our horse is sore / sick etc and that is because we care and because we want to listen to our horses. That is a good trait to have. However, it can have knock-on effects. Essentially, it can create doubt as to what we are asking for and that diminishes our leadership. It is no coincidence that Leadership is the title of the first module in the programme. Without it, we can have little positive influence on our horses as they are either completely indifferent to us or, worse, nervous and unsafe with us. So what to do if we get a sense that something is not right? Like you say - when was the last time you saw a chiro? Do you throw tantrums when somebody asks something of you? Do you scream and shout and throw yourself on the floor? Presumably not.(Perhaps you do! They say our horses mirror us!) The point I'm making is that even if he is sore, wouldn't it be good if he had the emotional fitness to try anyway, just a little; to think his way through the situation an not just react? If you keep that in mind next time there is a modicum of doubt, it might just help you to maintain that leadership. To be fair, it sounds as if you know all that but when his first card didn't win the trick, he played the joker and got you! If he tries to roll on the end of the rope again, stop him! Or get him up as quickly as you can and give him something to do. Rolling is absolutely not an option. Imagine if you were riding him! So, what to do next? Well luckily, every day is a new day and we get to start again Every day we have to work with the horse we have today. So move on.. don't go out there worrying if it's going to happen again. If you think it's behavioural and not physical, keep him busy. Make sure you are being interesting (these wonderful creatures are way quicker than we are and can get bored very easily - this is a constant challenge for me with my mare). Film something to submit for feedback - it may be that your coach will see something and can help you - perhaps you are giving your horse mixed messages with your position. If you get stuck, consider getting live help from a QS professional (Instructor or Horse Trainer) sooner rather than later. Tell your friend that the good news is that the programme is designed to help us through all this and the further you progress the less likely this behaviour becomes. So, he/she should keep at it and get through level 1 asap.
  6. Happy Easter everyone

    It's to free the spirit. When a person dies, you smash a plate to free the spirit before removing the body. So, I'm guessing the pot smashing is along the same lines - it takes place on Eater Saturday, so after the crucifixion and before the rising. It's a Corfiot thing.
  7. Trimming

    She was frightened but she was able to think her way through it enough to try -
  8. Congratulations Donna & Betty!

    Congratulations Donna and Betty! That's awesome! And only 3 years old! Fantastic!
  9. Trimming

    That's great news, Sarah! Well done, Bea! Well done, you! Well done trimmer (Bon?)! And, as you say, thank you QS! As her confidence grows and she starts to trust more people, her whole life will change. This is just the beginning!
  10. Happy Easter everyone

    Happy Easter! Celebrations in Corfu, Greece! (We celebrate Orthodox Easter, a week later!) QS easter pot.pdf And this is what the locals do: https://www.facebook.com/corfupage/videos/10155207681086857/?hc_ref=ARTHwnRnN2oDj9LRR-BXMovvKwp29fLAYRCdePGbAHUzD8kHWp2W4mFtcL6Yz8EXNtc
  11. Bea and me

    Well done, Sarah! It's even better when you can bring them back from a tricky situation so well done! (Not just on a sunny day!) One day the sun will come back to us though
  12. New payment option for members.

    Thanks Shane. I've never used Stripe but it seems one of my friends in Greece has already found this helpful!
  13. Mindset Video series released

    These are great, thanks! Lots of food for thought!
  14. Hi Lisa Welcome to QS and the Horsley Hoofers! I'm really looking forward to meeting you at Shane's talk on the 17th. He's on his way over from Australia to train horses so there's a great opportunity to have some work done with Lady or come and watch and soak up as much information as possible. Get in touch asap if you'd like to get involved either way or if you'd like to come and visit the new QS UK Centre in Thursley (Godalming area). See you soon! Alexia