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  1. haha Charlie! So this is what happens when we leave you alone in there! Have fun x
  2. Welcome to the ride, Riddhima! Enjoy the journey! xx
  3. How sad! I am very sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing - perhaps we should all reflect on our habits.
  4. Fantastic Georgia! Well done to you and Pearl xx
  5. Thanks everyone! We do enjoy the liberty.
  6. Shane, is there a way of sharing the one with the feedback without sharing my whole channel?
  7. Welcome back Brandon! Good luck with Annie! I got a glimpse of her the other day -she's very pretty! I hope to see you soon
  8. Thanks guys! It was a bit unexpected to be honest as I thought we still had a lot of smoothing out to do (well, we do but I thought we'd need it to get the tick). I think we got it on the surprise factor as Shane started my feedback saying - "you're brave!".
  9. That's great news Shell Enjoy the weekend!
  10. Ha! I got my answer on fb! Must have felt it in the air! Safe travels and wishing you a fabulous future together x
  11. A great article Jen - well done! It all seems so simple when you read it! The photos of your brumby family are stunning too. Shane, have you gone down to continue with Tokay yet?
  12. Thanks for the update! Shame about the mischief Good to hear the others are all doing well.
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