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  1. Pulling hooves away whilst trimming

    Hey Sandra! Good for you giving it a go and learning about hoofcare. No more having to wait till the trimmer can get to you or not liking how he/she trims. How is Jimbo when you just ask him to pick his feet up? I was going to say make sure you're not holding his hoof too tightly but I guess you have to hold it fairly still to trim / rasp. See if you can find a way to hold it as securely as possible without grabbing onto it. Is that possible? Sorry, I don't trim mine myself - I just know that's when Luna is prone to kick out. Good luck and keep us posted!
  2. Woohoo Bodil! You are amazing!! Congratulations! You are on your way to becoming a fantastic horsewoman and you are still so young. What an inspiration to all the other young QSers! (And adults, of course) Every time I meet you, I am impressed by you - either working with your horse or having the focus and desire to sit and watch Shane train horses.
  3. Positive reflex

    It sounds like you had a great time Wendy and made some great discoveries. I love that: Look at possibilities; not problems! Sounds just like Carola!
  4. Welcome Hazel and Rusty

    What a beautiful picture! Welcome!
  5. Congratulations!!!! Well done!!
  6. why we do what we do at Quantum Savvy

    Good job Allan - and how satisfying for it to be appreciated too! Well done!
  7. How exciting!!! Shane, can you explain a little bit about how the saddle spreads the pressure on the horse's back and how that differs from an English saddle or a Balance saddle, please?
  8. I got it! FINALLY! I remember Shane saying to me (way too long ago) something along the lines of: one day you'll get it and then you'll love it and have fun with it. Talk about BFO!! I have been working on my L2 liberty contact challenge with Luna. I have always found it hard to maintain a feel. On the ground, on board, wherever. And I have always felt that my back up is a bit rubbish. Well yesterday morning I watched Shane's video in the Hints and tips section about the difference between back up with contact / feel and no contact. And guess what - it helped!! SURPRISINGLY!! How many times has Shane said "feed the rope" and how many times have I not really heard him? How many years have I drawn the rope out with the hand that is in the front and not fed it with the hand nearer the end? It makes so much sense now - if you feed with the hand behind, you are pushing towards the horse, whereas if you draw with the hand in front you are taking from behind but it's impossible to maintain a feel as you have to keep letting go. Now, I have a lot of practice to do to get those motor skills under control. It was tricky enough with my right hand! I got great feedback from Luna, by the way!
  9. Harmony in no motion??

    Hi there! Good question, Sam. It's that balance again, I guess. The waiting should get shorter I would think as long as we are attractive to talk to. - I look forward to the responses from others.
  10. Instant Stop

    Isn't that the test of real communication vs repetition training? Can you alter the conversation halfway through? Sounds like you passed with flying colours!
  11. Talk about aggressive...

    Great news!
  12. Very happy!! (Can you tell?) Actually it was a bit more than 10 months - whizzed through most of it and spent about 10 months getting the last one! Thank you for all your help, Shane - goes without saying that I wouldn't have been able to do any of it without the YHCs and the colt start. And thank you, Meredith, for coming all the way over here and sorting me out!
  13. Incorrect Canter Lead

  14. Incorrect Canter Lead

    It's amazing, isn't it? It's like a switch being flipped. At first it seems impossible, then you get it once, and then it becomes the norm!
  15. Congratulations Fiona Prescott

    Woohoo Fiona!! Huge Congratulations!