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  1. Members Practise Day Update*** Due to the wet conditions, members are invited to a QS video morning to be held at: 76 Byangum Rd, Murwillumbah Time: 10am - 2pm. Bring along a plate to share for lunch.
  2. Very honest and inspiring. Thanks for sharing Jill. The highs of making achievements like you and King have made, make the lows totally worthwhile.
  3. CRYSTAL CREEK PRACTISE GROUP MEMBERS DAY WHEN: SUNDAY 14TH OCTOBER TIME: 9am - 2pm (NSW daylight saving time) WHERE: 301 Upper Crystal Creek Rd, Crystal Creek NSW GO Contact: Vicki Kilborn (0407294860) or Elise Linkins BYO lunch Bring your homework cards and join us for some fun homework and catch up on everything QS. Assignment filming in the afternoon.
  4. Oldies but goodies. Just as impressive today.
  5. Congratulations Judy and Zoe. A huge achievement
  6. WOOHOO!! Congratulations Donna and Betty! It is a wonderful achievement
  7. That is wonderful to hear Helen. Your work with Tetley is really paying off and its only the beginning. Really looking forward to you and Tetley joining us at a practise day and a stroll on the beach. I have no doubt that you will get there given your commitment to your homework.
  8. Quantum Savvy Members Only Practice Day Crystal Creek NSW Calling all members far and wide. Pack your homework cards and join the Crystal Creek group for a day of practising homework, filming assignments and participating in a fun activity at the end of the day. When: Sunday 8th April 9am - 4pm Where: 301 Upper Crystal Creek Rd, Crystal Creek BYO lunch. Coffee & tea provided. For further information contact Vicki on ph:0407294860
  9. We had an lovely day with our horses at Fingal beach yesterday. The calmness & maturity of our older QS horses were a great support to Eli & Nevada who are at the beginning of their QS journey. Having developed our connection & leadership with our horses also gave them confidence. We had to walk along a footpath & cross a road. It was Nevada’s first time at the beach & the surf was pounding. Nevertheless, using offer & release & the calmness of the other horses, Nevada quickly gained confidence & happily walked out into the surf even with waves crashing into his side. We encountered families, dogs, planes & more and yet our guys walked on relaxed. When people ask why I do the QS program, this is why!
  10. We had so much fun today for our WBPD. There will be more to come, but here is just a sample,
  11. Great question Jen, and I am looking forward to responses. I am working on this one too. I have to change my muscle memory and ride lightly and maintain lightness in my reins. Whilst my reins need to be short enough to have contact I keep the same feel and ask Dusty to soften laterally if she is heavy on one or both of the reins. My thoughts are that Clancy will give you soft feel and lift through his back without any tension and with a loop in the reins and wow doesn't it look lovely when you see it! I know Meredith has said and has demonstrated a horse in collection bb and bridle less. I think it would be a progression as Clancy build his emotional and physical fitness. Congratulations on your progress.
  12. Thanks Shane. Most helpful.
  13. Hi Luna, sounds like you are on the right track and Darcy is giving you some good tries. I think Jen's suggestion is a good one, keep rewarding the tries and maybe hold the flex until you see him lower his head even a little and then release. Sounds like your timing is good. One tip is that whilst you keep asking, the ask doesn't need to get bigger or louder, just keep your ask the same and time the release when Darcy gives you a try. I would be looking for a little progress with each session. Its not unusual that some horses can brace up emotionally and physically when we ask them to go faster. I think you are one the right track and if you ask him to laterally soften before he transitions up to trot and eventually canter, Darcy will start to travel with a lower head carriage. Sounds like with your help he is learning to carry himself in a more balanced way
  14. World's Biggest Play Day Crystal Creek & Tweed Coast Practise Groups It's happening this Saturday! Crystal Creek and Tweed Coast are joining together for the 2018 Quantum Games Start warming up, get your horse ready! We have exciting events coming up! Polocrosse, Relay Races, Tennis, Soft ball, Jumping and Track & Field Sausage sizzle lunch provided to refuel the athletes. It will be a fun day! Time: 8:30 -4pm Please bring a plate of morning tea or afternoon tea to share and a chair to kick back in $10
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