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    My horses, my family and friends. Bringing universal change to our relationship with horses.

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  1. Big welcome to Bee and Gary to QS

    Welcome Bee & Gary. You are in for an exciting horsemanship journey.
  2. Harmony in Motion camp Crystal Creek ta-dahs

    Georgia, your post sums up beautifully the changes in both you and Pearl throughout the HIM camp. I can't tell you how delightful it was to see you both in action. Gave me goosebumps when Pearl gave you a right lead canter off an offer. It was no less a delight to see the positive changes in Miss Chief & Lorraine and Allan & Zena. It was a truly inspirational camp. Like you I am still downloading everything we learnt from the camp and I am continuing to rediscover the things we learnt each time I get out and practise with my horse. My thoughts about HIM is that in its essence it is simple and so elegant. Don't get me wrong, whilst it is simple it is not always easy!! It requires skill which only practise will give me. Each of us made discoveries about our horses, ourselves and our relationship with our horses. For me, it highlighted how my indecisiveness and not being clear about my personal space was really effecting my relationship with Dusty and how she carries herself. Dusty knows my gaps and reasonably exploits them because I let her. I learnt that Dusty does not appreciate me not being clear and tells me in no certain terms by travelling around with her ears back and with brace in her. The amazing thing I learnt from this camp is that if I am clearer, protect my personal space, am generally more decisive and give release, Dusty travels beautifully and is so much happier I know without a doubt that HIM is an integral component of everything we do with our horses. I am determined to work through all the HIM assignments, because I know it will make me a better horseman and it is imperative I do this for Dusty if she is going to have a long and healthy life because she is using self carriage. I also want to give my young QH Nevada the best gift I can by encouraging him to have good self carriage . Finally, I want to thank Meredith for all her wisdom, skill, patience and humour. I am totally in awe of you.
  3. Another Red String!

    An exciting achievement Tania. Congratulations to you and Leo
  4. All welcome to campover at this gorgeous location, enjoy the campfire and friendly company. When: Saturday 22nd April 12pm onwards - Sunday 23rd April. Feel free to come at your leisure over the weekend. Where: 301 Upper Crystal Creek Rd, Upper Crystal Creek Cost: $5/day insurance cover Shower, toilet and kitchen facilities available. Bring something to share for the BBQ Saturday night BYO chair and camp gear Limited horse yards availale or BYO horse yard Water available for horses Contact Group Organiser Vicki: 0407294860 or Northern Rivers Agent Elise: 0401798584
  5. Welcome June Larkin and Siski Martin

    Welcome June & Siski. Looking forward to hearing about your progress. See you both soon.
  6. Purple tick for Di and Bonza

    Wonderful achievement Di, you must feel very proud of you & Bonza. Well done👏
  7. Congratulations Carmen and Smarty!

    Awesome job Carmen and Smarty
  8. Loving some Liberty

    You and Rain are doing great with the liberty. Rain is really trying for you and staying connected. Its going to be a pleasure to watch you both in action at QSports.
  9. yippie !

    Nice one Sarah. Sounds like a really positive session for you and Beau.
  10. GO chat November 1st 7pm (daylight saving states) 8pm Qld & 10am UK time. Topic: How can we best support new students to use the whole QS program

    1. brumbygirls


      So that is 3am Boston time Dani eek! :)

    2. VickiK


      Thanks Jen, I thought about our US students, but wasn't sure where they were. Set the alarm Dani lol


  11. Madly encouraging my students to grab that spot.
  12. Hi all, transcript of tonight's student chat can be found in the general chat area on the forum.

  13. Calling for topics for our next student chat on September 15th 8pm Eastern Aust Time.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. VickiK


      Good subject Elise, l have been thinking about this too.


    3. toby


      and how in the process we show our horses we are good leaders?

    4. VickiK


      Important too Liz. I thought we might discuss a theme that has been significant here at horse training & relates to ego. Encouraging a positive attitude in our horse.