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  1. Thanks Jill, we stayed at Moree, Millmerran and Pilliga this trip. All good places. Great thread and very helpful for those travellers.
  2. Sarah_C - this has your name all over it!
  3. Great reminder for everyone, its one of those areas that is so overlooked. Feeding and letting your horse go in the paddock, all things that we can tend to just "do" without understanding the importance of what it means to your horse.
  4. FionaP


    Great question Lisa, and welcome to QS! You have some great students in the Buderim area which is fantastic for practicing together. It is so nice to hear you are looking for ways to help your new pony, and certainly finding QS is a great start for really being able to understand the importance on naturally building their top line through good physical movement and lateral softness. Some great advice and examples from Shane there, and as you move along in the program you will build great rapport and develop the softness your fella is going to need into the future to keep him sound and fit. How lucky is he that he found you!! Look forward to meeting you soon!
  5. FionaP


    Lovely story and thank you for sharing with us your progress. Monty must be enjoying the interesting sessions you have been having, can you imagine what a change liberty would be for him, to actually have the option to leave and then make the choice to stay - so lovely to give the gift of options. Your relationship will continue to build and grow, looking forward to seeing those liberty assignments!
  6. WOW - those vege's look amazing and certainly yummy! I think perfect for Shanes camp fire stew. Simone, what a lovely big carpet snake, I do love to see them cruising about. The sunsets were amazing on the weekend, all fire and warmth, without the actual warmth as it certainly was cold in Qld!
  7. Cool - all welcome, just let Kerri know you will be joining us.
  8. Event Title: May GO Chat - Hosting a virtual event Event Author: FionaPrescott Calendar: QS GO Seminar Calendar Event Date: 05/01/2020 07:00 PM Join QS professional Fiona Prescott at 7PM Qld time, to discuss all the tips and tricks for making the most out of your virtual event, be it a practice day, clinic or just a catch up with your students. Follow the below Zoom link to access the GO Chat. https://us04web.zoom.us/j/72476434535 Copy the invitation May GO Chat - Hosting a virtual event
  9. I will be participating thanks Kerri, Looking forward to practicing some patterns and programs and catching up with the group.
  10. FionaP


    I am still thinking about this, maybe something about, " what gear would I need?" or "will this work for my horse?" . I think people in the normal world are expecting they need to have all the latest gear, or gadgets, and that their loved pony isn't flashy enough. I think reassuring them that its for "everyone" is helpful.
  11. FionaP


    oh I will have to give it some thought. Lets see, What happens at a practice day? How do I get help with getting started with my homework cards? Maybe something from existing students or profs- like "our favourite three tips, or things we wished we had known when first getting started" this might help bridge the barrier, between student and prof? A simple guide to 1.watch module, 2 print and read book 3. print off homework cards, 4 go outside and practice! 5. film an assignment. Maybe an online list of places to visit - such as practice group fb pages, prof pages, qsports etc I will keep thinking.....
  12. A huge shout out to KERRI GREVELL and her beautiful Quarter Horse Ozzie, for completing their Level 1! Kerri is our fantastic Group Organiser for the Fraser Coast practice group, and has been working so hard this year to get her Red String. Ozzie has had to come back from a big injury, and Kerri needed to rebuild both of their confidence to help them move forward. I am so pleased to have watched Kerri throughout her QS Level 1 journey, and she sure is an inspiration, showing dedication and hard work pays off. Join me in congratulating Kerri on his awesome achievement. Bring on the Red String Rides!
  13. Tah Dah! well done! The pesky straight lines have been a hurdle for many, and it certainly takes some patience, practice and trust to work through this, however what an achievement when you crack it! Sometimes we just need some "frank" talking to ourselves and from others to stop avoiding things that we think are hard and break it down into manageable tasks. The perfect study plan is great for that, and Mel had you on the right path. Great work for putting that all into practice and seeing the results. Woohoo! There is no stopping you now!
  14. until

    Oh how I wish I can attend this clinic!
  15. It was a fantastic day with lots of laughs! I also really enjoyed being able to push ourselves at "blue string" and above level with my fellow blue string grads. Looking forward to this years "all strings" event! Great photos thanks Kerri, though my horse is not very photogenic going over jumps!
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