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  1. YEE YEE!! I am SOOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! I can not tell you all how proud I am of you Sandra!! You have had some challenges along the way but all through you have kept plugging along, making the changes needed for both you and Ben. You rock! Looking forward to celebrating! XFi
  2. Thats very exciting! I love my Qs saddle in the western, but like shoes you need one for every occasion and now I want the stock saddle as well! Ive met Peter and seen his work and was very impressed and he is an allround good Bloke!
  3. QSports Nationals Rathdowney Qld Nov 4th 2017

    It will be great to see you Jen - you can enter the level 3 classes with Coolie!
  4. That time of year

    Hi Jane, Did you see I am offering Goal Setting Sessions with my students in October? I would love to meet with you and support your plans and maybe work on some strategies for keeping on task. Let me know if you would like to chat!
  5. Wanting a bareback pad

    Will keep an ear out Sophie, though I do know the new QS bareback pads are not far away. I will let you know the details when the availability is confirmed.
  6. Woohoo! That is excellent news, I have really enjoyed learning from watching you and luna from the horse training series through to your uploaded assignments. She has made such great progress in a short amount of time - what an achievement.
  7. Congratulations Fiona Prescott

    Thank you! What a year I am having. I have learnt so much and really looking forward to being able to help all my students and their horses.
  8. Starting Again.

    Awesome Maxine, Sounds like he is the horse for you, and will help you but also teach you alot. Cant wait to meet him. Keep up the good work, and I will be keeping an eye out for those assignments. Cheers Fiona
  9. Welcome to QS Julie & Whiskey

    Welcome Julie and Whiskey - your in a great group there, surrounded by awesome students!
  10. I would like to say a huge welcome to our 4 new Mary Valley members! Monica and Missy Lynnette and Ladybird Kayla and Dolly Teisha and Frog We are pleased to have you join us, and look forward to celebrating many achievements and milestones with you!
  11. What great stories, thank you for sharing them with us. Clinics with Meredith are a life changing experience and one you will keep reflecting over for many years to come. Well done everyone!
  12. Going down in the float

    Great discovery Luna. I think you have a good strategy for moving forward, and as Darcy's floating confidence grows he will be less likely to need to check behind him. Well done for working through this!
  13. Bodil and her pony's Pardotje and Wonder

    That's great news! It's lovely that she is able to safely go out on a ride with her friends, that is every girls dream! What great skills she has developed. Well done to you all for supporting her!
  14. Behind the scenes progress

    Woohoo Jane - that's great news! you have been consistent in your homework and that is paying off for Gulliver. Looking forward to Sunday!
  15. Talk about aggressive...

    Thanks for sharing with us Sophie, I can feel this would of been quite confronting and I am glad he was just warning you - see he does like you lol! I think when it comes to feeding just making sure that he is respectful when you enter the paddock with his feed, and he stands nicely waiting for you to place down his dinner, and then when your ready, he should approach you and his feed nice and "soft". You might need to have your stick on hand the first few times. If you have this going well, then the rest will come as you move through the program. Your leadership bank will be refilled in no time!