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  1. A huge shout out to KERRI GREVELL and her beautiful Quarter Horse Ozzie, for completing their Level 1! Kerri is our fantastic Group Organiser for the Fraser Coast practice group, and has been working so hard this year to get her Red String. Ozzie has had to come back from a big injury, and Kerri needed to rebuild both of their confidence to help them move forward. I am so pleased to have watched Kerri throughout her QS Level 1 journey, and she sure is an inspiration, showing dedication and hard work pays off. Join me in congratulating Kerri on his awesome achievement. Bring on the Red String Rides!
  2. Tah Dah! well done! The pesky straight lines have been a hurdle for many, and it certainly takes some patience, practice and trust to work through this, however what an achievement when you crack it! Sometimes we just need some "frank" talking to ourselves and from others to stop avoiding things that we think are hard and break it down into manageable tasks. The perfect study plan is great for that, and Mel had you on the right path. Great work for putting that all into practice and seeing the results. Woohoo! There is no stopping you now!
  3. until

    Oh how I wish I can attend this clinic!
  4. It was a fantastic day with lots of laughs! I also really enjoyed being able to push ourselves at "blue string" and above level with my fellow blue string grads. Looking forward to this years "all strings" event! Great photos thanks Kerri, though my horse is not very photogenic going over jumps!
  5. All welcome to join the Fraser Coast, Sunshine Coast and Noosa Groups who are all celebrating in a giant combined event at my "Coolie-Bah" arena. See the practice group event post for more details of this fantastic weekend.
  6. All QS Students are welcome to join the Fraser Coast, Noosa Hinterland and Sunshine Coast practice groups celebrate the Worlds Biggest Practice Day in Mexican Style. There will be Taco's, maybe a little Tequila, and a whole lotta laughs when we all come together to celebrate the fantastic work of practice groups around the world! Hosted by QS Prof Fiona Prescott, you will be in for a weekend of laughs and learning, with some seriously fun activities, games and challenges. For further information contact Kerri or Fiona, or post your questions here and we will get back to you.
  7. Sorry Georgia, I missed the deadline. I will bring cash with me if you like.
  8. I am coming Georgia, will get to the link soon. I think Di was hoping to join me. Its going to be great!
  9. Fantastic, he certainly is lovely and your doing such a great job with him.
  10. Yes that's correct. Very excited to be having a few dedicated lessons for myself!
  11. The Fraser Coast practice group is in an exciting place at the moment. We have two students with one assignment to go - the one rein riding. It will be neck and neck to the finish, but both students have had a such a journey to get this far and I am so proud to be working with them both as they achieve their level 1 goal. Kerri and Ozzie are coming back from a huge injury, and after some horse training and lessons, Kerri and Ozzie are back in training and going great. Nicole and Polly just passed their contact assignment and now can focus on building the confidence to canter together, so there will be some exciting milestones ahead. I am super excited and would love for them to share with everyone how they are progressing.
  12. FionaPrescott


    I think if it is what we were chatting about Simone, its the self carriage, collection weekend that I thought you should do the level 2 clinic. That's the first weekend in March.
  13. What a confident young lady. Very brave.
  14. until

    Hi, Is this a camping event at Buderim, or are we just doing a day trip?
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