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  1. I am so happy for you Riddhima! He is looking at you with such interest and I reckon even a spark of joy that someone has taken the time to actually start communicating with him. I am so excited to watch your journey unfold. He looks very content. Well done. Fiona
  2. Good advice here already Sarah, and good question for the forum. I am sure your unwanted male visitor was quite the surprise, and yes lucky you had your stick (who would leave home without one?) The key is learning to read your horses feedback, listening and being responsive, but not letting them change the focus or challenge your leadership. Keep on task but be aware and consider how you go about things and how you ask. Its early days and your both still getting to know each other, so there will be a period of time where she is testing you out. Stay consistent, clear and fair and things will smooth out, and you wont notice a difference.
  3. Hi Carolyn, It is so awesome to see you really understanding and "unpacking" the QS principles, they are truly awesome and unlike anything else out there. Being aware is the first step and trying is next, so well done. I'm looking forward to hearing how your getting on. cheers Fiona
  4. Yippee! Such a huge congratulations from me. Another one of the "one rein A Team" finishing their level 1. Super happy for you! Herzliche Gluckwunsche!
  5. so exciting to see this snippet - the suspense!
  6. Wow thank you Kerri, I am honoured at how much trust you placed in me to not only help Ozzie out, but also to trust me enough to not hesitate and just go for it! What great results you had, and to see the smile on your face as you were riding him was priceless. Such joy! Ozzie has had to come a long way in his physical recovery, but with such a good improvement in just 5 days, I am sure he will be back to normal in no time at all. He is an absolute delight to have around.
  7. Super proud of you Kerensa and Donk. First we need to acknowledge our anxiety, and say "thank you anxiety for reminding me to be prepared - now go away, I got this!! "
  8. Great Question! Its based on Extreme Cowboy Racing "sport" which is essentially an obstacle course race with challenges designed to "mimic" things you might find on the trail. So overs, unders, scary stuff, bridges, backwards, sideways, dragging and even bareback is included. There is official scoring based on the enter, completion and exit of each obstacle and time based as well and is generally in an arena. There are a few groups popping up around the area that compete etc. For our challenge though, we will see a range of obstacles such as : over a mattress, through a water course, around poles, through tunnels, sideways, under streamers, gates, carrying, off and on, jumps and some surprise ones. I can assure you they will be all fun and even a little tricky for those who love a challenge. You will be competing against yourself for your first and second run. The Fraser Coast group have been planning and designing some great obstacles.
  9. Yes they do love water these babies. I had Coolie and Kingsman in the arena, I forgot they were there and I turned on the arena sprinklers which is 8 big sprinklers pumping out water onto the arena. When I remembered they were there, I found Coolie hiding in the corner and Kingsman at a sprinkler playing with it, he was being squirted full power in the face and body and he didn't care at all. I know how to cool him off now on the hot days.
  10. This year we have another great event planned for all students to attend. The Fraser Coast group is hosting an "Xtreme Cowboy Racing" Obstacle Course Challenge. We have some great obstacles lined up, and will certainly use all our horsemanship skills. Date: 7th December Location: Fiona's Arena, 207 Petersen Rd, Owanyilla Time: 10am - 3pm Bring: Something to share for lunch, $5 per person, swimmers if you wish, RSVP - Fiona 0405 484 232 - All welcome This will be a great day out, celebrating the years achievements.
  11. Love the photo with the cast Rhiannon - I can only imagine what the Doctor thought when he saw how dirty it was! did you explain you had been riding your horse in the rain all weekend!
  12. There is a photo collage video being released any moment! Watch this space!! Great work Georgia on your open freestyle it was great.
  13. Great idea - I am very much looking forward to joining in.
  14. I am looking forward to coming to this event too! I have been practicing my jumping on the ground, as I haven't got into the saddle much lately, but I will definitely be looking at the L2 jumping program. Coolie is happy to jump the upright barrels now online, and even doing just a single one so it will just be a matter of building my confidence again with jumping. I also have been just heading out for a trail ride and tackling some interesting places which I am sure will help build confidence. Jill - Rheba will love the course I am sure if King cant make it!
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