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  1. Great work! Must be fun working with a smaller horse - what does poor Gully think about missing out!
  2. Wow! Such a wonderful connection your building. Your such a good partnership and he’s lucky to have you. Make sure someone snaps a photo next time so we can all see you both.
  3. Yes I do. I will post them to you.
  4. fantastic! Check out the Qsports page for the class lists.
  5. Such a tragic loss - so sad for the family. Yes a good reminder to always be vigilant around our horses and take good habits seriously. Preparation and knowledge is our best tool in our tool kits.
  6. Such an epic day. Loved the demo's, loved meeting new people, and loved being able to show my community how great QS is! Thanks Shane, Meredith and the students that helped at the stall and shared their passion and knowledge for QS.
  7. Fantastic Jane. Its such a great venue. I wont be able to make it with all the Field Day planning, but I am sure you will all have a great day.
  8. What a fantastic photo - you certainly are super brave - that log is huge! Well done Gully and Jen!
  9. Lovely photo of Bindi!
  10. The Mildura grads are rolling on in! Well done Amanda!
  11. Exciting achievement - congrats and well done to you and Froggy! That's the best name i've seen for ages - would love to hear the story behind that name! Great work and enjoy level 2 Cheers Fiona
  12. Wow what an achievement jack - I feel I'm cantering around with you and your joy is evident. I loved the ultimate and I cant wait to hear what you discover over the days! Keep us posted.
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