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  1. retrorods

    Jen & Clancy's blistering speed... not

    Go brumby Go!!
  2. retrorods

    Back in the saddle

    Fantastic news Shell! Blue will be super happy to have you back in full swing - your arm and all! I am sure your QS riding will be great physio for your arm too and will help with your speedy recovery.
  3. retrorods

    Bella and Hannah L2 no contact liberty

    Nice work Hannah!
  4. retrorods

    Noosa Hinterland Practice Group March 10

    Sorry the Cooroy Grounds have double booked us! Check in here for more details on the location, which Jane will confirm!
  5. retrorods

    Slow going but still keen

    Ahhh great reading - horsemanship is a journey not a destination!
  6. retrorods

    GO's Favourite Games!!

    Love the photo of Vicki and carrot fishing!
  7. retrorods

    Carmeline's starting L1!

    Fantastic - it will be such a joy for you working with your baby that has had a QS start in life - what a gift you have given her! Looking forward to seeing your progress together.
  8. retrorods

    The World's Biggest Play Day 2019!

    We have planned some fantastic games for our WBPD - just need to work out the best way to play "spin the bottle"!
  9. retrorods

    Congratulations Deb & Ruby!

    Yippee! congrats on your red string achievement!
  10. retrorods

    The World's Biggest Play Day 2019!

    Fantastic kerri - a combined WBPD at QS headquarters will be so much fun!
  11. retrorods

    Noosa Hinterland practice Group

    Awesome looking forward to it!
  12. retrorods


    Poor Darcy, it amazes us how much they try, and how willing he is to go on the float when he obviously is uncomfy in there! Might need to consider an anti scramble float to help him out. I would be happy to take him for a ride in mine when we are together next to see how he feels in there. Might be an option for the future to help him build confidence. Thanks for sharing the videos, its a good example of whats happening for Darcy while travelling.
  13. retrorods

    Red String events

    Love this beach, such a great place for riding and swimming. Looking forward to it!
  14. retrorods

    Congratulations Tania and Connor!!

    Woohoo! Fantastic work Tania!
  15. retrorods

    Our Camp Brumbies are for sale

    Someone should snap up these little beauties. They are very lovely and had a QS start - winning!