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  1. Fantastic Jane. Its such a great venue. I wont be able to make it with all the Field Day planning, but I am sure you will all have a great day.
  2. What a fantastic photo - you certainly are super brave - that log is huge! Well done Gully and Jen!
  3. Lovely photo of Bindi!
  4. The Mildura grads are rolling on in! Well done Amanda!
  5. Exciting achievement - congrats and well done to you and Froggy! That's the best name i've seen for ages - would love to hear the story behind that name! Great work and enjoy level 2 Cheers Fiona
  6. Wow what an achievement jack - I feel I'm cantering around with you and your joy is evident. I loved the ultimate and I cant wait to hear what you discover over the days! Keep us posted.
  7. Great news Sarah, we will all miss him. I hope the nice man finds QS!
  8. Great story Mel, thanks for sharing. I bet is loved the challenge and also all the attention. I cant wait to hear what he achieved in the last 4 days?
  9. Welcome Brandon! Have fun and please let us all know how your getting on, and if you have any questions. Cheers Fiona
  10. I am very disappointed to be missing out on it this year as I will be overseas. Last year was great fun, and I have no doubt everyone attending will learn lots.
  11. Your QS family are always here when your able to step back in. Friends, family and horses - what a perfect combination to heal the soul. Looking forward to reconnecting with you over the building rapport camp.
  12. Woohoo! post it up in the completed assignment section so we can all see it! Great work, that's such a good assignment.
  13. That must be a very hard decision Sarah. I am sure you will find his a lovely QS home.
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