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  1. birgitte

    Thank you Monica and good luck!

    Oh Monica! Whatever you do you I know you'll will make it a success ...you have been a real inspiration over the years - thankyou for bringing Logic and QS into my life... It wouldn't have happened had it not been for you! Look forward to the future...who knows what it holds. Xxx
  2. birgitte

    Tired and Happy in Surrey

    Knowing what you've been through with Zabel during the last year - those are HUGE OMG's!!! It's amazing what you've achieved with him and the hurdles you've overcome (...or should I say barrels?) over the last 9 days - you certainly deserve to smile - you did good girl!! I'm in awe of your hard work & determination. See you in the field very soon. Xx
  3. birgitte

    A lesson in 'No Yield'

    I could feel your frustration at times but well done - you're patience paid off !! ...could make a good no yield demonstration as part of your imagination challenge?? x
  4. birgitte

    Big eye opener during liberty lesson

    I'm so so so pleased for you & know exactly how you feel ... I've been there let me tell you & I too had the same revelation ....also with Monica's help!!! Talk about feeling stupid because I didn't work it out for myself - its amazing how focused we get & try too hard - I'm now learning that less is more if you get my drift. Logic has been trying to tell me that for a long time !!! X
  5. birgitte

    The Byfleet Bunch go to the Beach

    Great photos! Well worth the 4am start - can't wait to do it again .... Logic was an absolute star!! X
  6. birgitte

    WBPD in Surrey

    What a laugh! Monica did an brillaint job thinking up all the games....certainly livened up our usual Sunday afternoon. Can't imagine what the passing public must have thought.... Great photos Rebecca.
  7. birgitte

    Hooray Carola and Kaylib

    I'm so pleased for you and Kaylib - well done Carola ...you did it !! And I just know your relationship with Kaylib will continue to get better & better - you should feel very proud. See you Sunday X
  8. birgitte


    finally managed to film something yesterday .. so thats one more for Team blighty! - come on girls we've got some catching up to do. x
  9. birgitte

    Nektar's Barefoot Journey

    Hi Zoe! Really good to hear from you & look! ....you got me posting on the forum (i'm usually useless!!) I am so pleased for you and Nektar - a difficult journey but so worth it....and sounds like the onward journey will be just as rewarding for you - be it horse therapy or QS, (or both!) ...keep believing & just do what feels right keep us posted ! big hug to you & Nektar lots of love x Gitte
  10. you've done a great job Monica ....thanks for making me student of the month - i think Logic appreciated it - all that camomile to munch on during our little photo shoot....i've never known him so chilled out! looking forward to reading other QSer's stories. x
  11. birgitte

    The Ultimate Horse Course 2011

    Wow Monica....its not like you to be lost for words!! & I can sense from that, just what an amazing time you've had - can't wait to hear all about it once you've downloaded! - it'll be good to have you back in the field again.....we missed you! see you soon. x
  12. birgitte

    I Can't Believe It Is Happening!

    after you told me yesterday...i HAD to watch this one - i know what a huge deal this is ...its amazing to see the difference in Trooper...you've stuck with him & its been really inspiring to watch you both... I'm taking note!!! I long for the day i can do that with Logic. see you sunday x
  13. birgitte

    Rebecca And Monica Do A Le Trec Competion....

    i just watched your video Rebecca...you did good girl!!! ..and as for you Monica - i wouldn't have expected anything less than first! what a star! xxx
  14. birgitte

    The Byfleet Bunch Start Spreading The News!

    well done girls - just sorry I had to drop out last minute....that must have felt good to have the horses be able to spread the "QS word" in such a well behaved way! - just goes to show how worthwhile this all is when you see everyone else struggling! x
  15. birgitte

    Byfleet Bunch Wbpd

    thanks Rebecca & Monica...it was a really fun afternoon - i'm not surprised the ridden games went on slightly longer than planned.....toooo much fun just to do it once!! maybe we should make the games a weekly event - it would certainly keep all the horses entertained...on second thoughts maybe not - i think they thought we'd finally gone mad! (although i must say... Logic did look good in purple satin!) x gitte