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  1. Thanks for the replies. Rach if your friend knows of anything that would be great. I am certainly learning very quickly how sort after those perfect little ponies are. There is lots of young horses (green broken) and there are lots that aren't what they sound like in the ads. I am also discovering that lots of people that ride horses don't actually know a lot about them and some don't even recognise problems that are very obvious even to me. I rode one horse that doing circle work felt like driving a bus he was that stiff and when you asked him to transition he would counter flex. Yet the owners had no worries about this lack of education because "you just want something safe for the kids".
  2. Does anyone know of anyone that has a 13-14.3hh beginners pony that they are considering selling. I am after something that Zac and I can both ride. It will be Zac's first off lead pony for interschool, riding lessons, trail riding and learning QS. Down the track he is hoping to try team penning. I do not particularly want a "child's pony" as many of the ponies that we have looked at that have been ridden exclusively by children at pony club have developed really bad behaviours. In fact the horse that we would have bought had they not withdrew her from the market after we had been to look at her, was a 15yo QH that had been a mustering horse all of its life. Generally I am after a pony that has done lots of k's and is happy to do what is asked of it nothing more and nothing less. I am in Queensland, Australia approx. 3 hrs north of Brisbane. Kind regards Nicole
  3. Am so frustrated with pony shopping. Have been looking for a pony for my son. This would be his 2nd pony - first off lead one. The amount of travel I have done to see horses that were obviously not suitable is amazing. The horse we looked at on the week-end clearly wanted to dump my experienced NH friend and bolted on the adult owner but they were surprised when I said no thanks.

    1. Jillian Prince

      Jillian Prince

      Its really hard isnt it Nic... keep looking, one will pop up when you least expect it!


    2. caohmin


      what are you looking for specifically - and where in location?


    3. HarvestMoon


      I have the opposite problem - found a lovely pony that would suit my son BUT it is young at only 5yrs old and a bit too pricey. (but i love it! am doing well at sitting on my hands at the moment though)

  4. As I said in my text. A huge Congratulations. There is no stopping you 2 now. I am so jealous. Nicole
  5. Congratulations Vicki and Dusty. You are an inspiration and your success is well deserved.
  6. nicbrown

    Week 4

    Well so much for my goal of 2 sessions a week and posting once a week. I had a really good 2 hr play session with Sophie this Monday. Margo came and gave me some tips which was great. I think I achieved more in that session then I have in the past year. We worked through almost all of Level 1 ground work and made noticeable progress on almost all of it. Those FQ yields are still my akheeali's heel. We worked really hard on Sophie's no contact back up and it came a long way. I really learnt that I need to be pushing Sophie for more progress each session. She is the kind of horse that will make me work for it but if I show her I am a worthy leader she will very obligingly follow. Which means I have to me more willing to up my phases instead of "nagging" and then the next time I get a nice light response as she knows I am not going to give up. Next week Margo is going to video my skills check, short range yields and maybe even my float loading assignments. One thing that was obvious during the session was that my lead rope does not have enough feel and my stick is too heavy so I can't wait till my new QS equipment arrives. I have been hanging out for the postie each day but nothing yet. I've been told it should be here early next week. Hopefully I will get another session in over the next 3 days before Sophie forgets how well she can back up.
  7. nicbrown

    Week 1

    To try and keep myself to my goal of 2 play sessions per week I have decided that I will blog my progress each week. Well this week has seen no progress what so ever thanks to the constant rain. I almost got some time on Tuesday but it started raining just as I arrived at Mum's (Sophie is currently there). If I had her at home I could be playing now as the rain has stopped for a little while and both my children are still asleep. So the only progress I have to report this week is that I have ordered a starter pack (halter, rope, stick and string). My NH friend used my gear to show me something last week and made comment about how bad the feel is in my rope and how it gives too big a pop when it makes contact and my stick is too heavy. I have also spent time reading back over the lesson books to refresh my memory about what I need to do. Next Weeks Plan: Work on non-contact yields and flight tests Then film skills check and short range yields assignments
  8. Jenny, If Sonny is doing all the ridden assignments fine then maybe it isn't a matter of going back through all the lessons but just a matter of smaller steps between what you do in the assignments/lessons and trail riding. For example if you guys have got your point to point riding going nicely, then instead of going for a full trail ride why not do point to point where your points start near his stable or paddock and finish just outside the gate. You could probably go back and forth a number of times in the time that it would normally take you to do a trail ride. That way you could make the point just outside the gate the spot where you actually dismount and give him a rest in between. That way release comes when you are away from home not at home. Then once he is no longer rushing in either direction you just extend your track by one more point. Until your whole trail ride just becomes one big long point to point riding assignment. What do other's think? Nic
  9. Hi Jenny, You are much further along in your horsemanship journey then I am so I can not offer any helpful ideas but I am sure that you will get that from Merideth. However I was wondering whether the difference between your ground and ridden work is related to your confidence. From your posts it sounds like you are very confident in your ground work and probably very sure of how to correct any behaviours on the ground. However, when you talk about riding you sound like you are less sure of yourself and have used a number of different strategies. Consequently, Sonny probably does sometimes get some release for this behaviour. Which strengthens his learning of this behaviour and deteriorates your confidence even more. See what the more experienced QS guys think but I wonder whether leading Sonny out on a trail ride and seeing how he goes might help. That way if he resorts to these behaviours you could confidently correct them on the ground. Then once he is happy to do the path with you on the ground you could try it in the saddle and just use the same strategies that you used on the ground but in the saddle. Kind regards Nic
  10. One simple exercise that is really good for your core muscles is called "The Plank". It is simply getting yourself into a good pushup position making sure you are sucking in your abdominals to stop your back from sagging. Then hold it for as long as you can. The aim is to build up to holding it for one minute and repeat 2 or 3 times. Having said that, this is an intensive exercise and since having my baby I have been told to avoid it until my abdominal separation heals and I build my muscles back up. So if you have any "female", abdominal or back issues then it would be too hard and you should see a physiotherapist for a list of appropriate exercises. Cheers Nic
  11. nicbrown

    Rejoining The Qs Family

    It has been 15 months since my QS membership lapsed. In those months I have managed to complete the postgraduate uni course, had a beautiful baby girl and tragically lost my father to a heart attack. Prior to falling pregnant I was having regular riding lessons with an excellent instructor which has taught me a lot of things that I believe will help me on my NH journey. This week was the first time I have been able to get back in the saddle since Tamika's birth in December. This is what has motivated me to renew my membership and get back into the QS lessons. I am looking forward to seeing how far I can get in that journey this year. My goal for 2012: to submit at least one assignment every month and to have at least 2 play sessions with Sophie per week.
  12. back after 15 months away. Just joining and reading the forum has got me motivated to get back into those assignments.

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    2. Fiona


      Hi Nicole, I guess having a baby is a good excuse to have a little break! It will be great to have you join us on our playdays. Looking forward to seeing you! Fiona & Coolie

    3. nicbrown


      Thanks everyone. Tracey E. In my time off I have finished a uni degree, buried my Dad and had a baby. So has been a rather busy year. Yesterday I did my first play session with Sophie since August. Initially she was finding it hard to stand still but after some no yielding and some contact yields she was great. However after 6 months off her breaks have gone squishy again.

    4. nicbrown


      Thanks everyone. Tracey E. In my time off I have finished a uni degree, buried my Dad and had a baby. So has been a rather busy year. Yesterday I did my first play session with Sophie since August. Initially she was finding it hard to stand still but after some no yielding and some contact yields she was great. However after 6 months off her breaks have gone squishy again.

  13. Wow what an achievement. Go girls.
  14. I am looking to buy a second hand saddle for my 6 yo son. Am looking for something between 10" - 13". Would prefer leather but a well made synthetic would be fine. I would prefer not to spend more then a few hundred dollars but may be tempted slightly higher for the right saddle. If anyone knows of anything that may be appropriate please message me. Cheers Nicole
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