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  1. Yay Christine!! Congratulations to you and the lovely Gemma. Thats awesome news xxx I will be in town next weekend for a celebrations cuppa
  2. OMG!!!! Congratulation Jen and Music!!!! You have worked very hard and you and Music have just blossomed.
  3. frostydude

    Trapnell Creations

    We offer float serving, Repairs and Refurbishments, Mobile Welding & Fabrication, placement of hoof deflectors (see pick) Also QS photos of you and/or your horse in training. And Horse hair jewellery made from your horses tail.
  4. Well done Fiona and Coolie Congratulations! You both have come a long way.
  5. Congratulations Georgia!! Welcome to Level 2
  6. That is awesome Fiona. I look forward to hearing how it all goes
  7. Well done Jen That is such an amazing thing to say you have done. I can't wait to see the photos and video. How cool are you 2.
  8. Hi Mel Leeroy sounds lovely. Might be a little big for Sharon Fords grand kids but I will mention it to her.
  9. Thanks for sharing Tracey, your journey has been amazing to see. As one of your practice buddies I can say I have seen the changes in you as well as your horsemanship and they are just lovely. The whole day was just WOW!! And Tracey and Pocco win the ribbon for the horse and rider that were just bursting with smiles and having the best fun. I have attached some picks the the 2 of them bursting with impulsion. It was such a pleasure to take photos of everyone on the day. To see everyone out there having a go. However it was so motivating I might have to bring our 2nd photographer (hubby) to fill in for me while I ride my horse at next years QSports. I hope to see more of you there next year. Bindy Here is the link to some photos I took on the day. Here is our album on Facebook... http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.793419204037474.1073742015.181979831848084&type=1&l=0b6854ca61 There are a couple more on our Zenfolio site... http://trapnellcreations.zenfolio.com/p451024214
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