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    Horse riding, Walking my dogs, Reading, Painting, Drawing and enjoying life

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  1. Happy birthday Nicole

    Happy Birthday Nicole. Gayle and Bob
  2. Paul and Ru are jumping again!

    What a fantastic story. It's true this programme is amazing it works for everyone. I would loved to have seen the looks on the spectators faces when he smacked Ru on the bum . Thanks for sharing your story Gayle
  3. So, so, so disappointed!

    You would not believe it Ellen. They make Red and Yellow hoof oil just paint the off side Yellow...... That won't confuse you . LOL Gayle
  4. Simly Savvy's 1st practise day

    Sorry I could not upload any more pictures will try again Cheers Gayle
  5. Simply Savvy's 1st practise day went very well. It was blowing a gale and a bit of rain 4 people turned up . We had a great time , here are some photos
  6. Euereka Practice Group

    Hi Maree, I could not find an upload button in my emails. I have attached some photos of Bob's saddle here for you to hav a look at .
  7. Wind Sucking

    You know I think someone has to do more research on this one. A friend of mine is training as a vet Nurse and works at the Equine Centre in Werribee . The Vet asked the question does wind sucking have side effects . Leanne said yes and proceeded to tell them what she had research. The answer from the Vet was there is no proof windsucking does any damage to a horse, there is no proof they windsuck or crib from Ulcers or stomach problems. It was just a bad habit. What do you say to a vet?.... If you do your research you may be helping a lot of horses and owners out there. Cheers Gayle
  8. Euereka Practice Group

    It will be nice to meet you too Shell. Yes our little playdays are getting a little bit bigger . We have lots of fun, chat's, cake and coffee/tea. It would be great to all catch up together . I hope you recover quickly . That's ok Maree Lyn will spend all day fixing a problem she is good like that . Very determined lady I wish I had her patience I am still learning that one . Can't wait for the next playday. Gayle
  9. Massive achievment

    Well done for being a good leader
  10. Ta Dah

    Ta Dah I have completed my first video up load . I sat here for 2 nights downloading converters Ariva did not work either did some others . I finally found one called Prism that works . I just hope Mel receives it ok. I can go to bed and actually sleep tonight. Tomorrow I will upload another assignment as my little brain is drained tonight. It was sooooo hard Cheers Gayle
  11. Euereka Practice Group

    Thanks Maree for a great playday. Thank you for video taping my assignment, now I just have to upload it . I am halfway there. I see what you mean by just keep taping it turned out better than I thought. . Lyn says thanks she enjoyed it very much . she has told her friends how good it was they call last night to have a chat about it . It's alway good to get some feed back . Speak to you soon Gayle
  12. Wind Sucking

    Ok now we know he is a cribber. He bites right in there and gets a good old grip and puts all his effort into sucking.; Will do some homework on this one to learn a bit more. Thanks for your help Gayle
  13. New Level 1 Graduate!

    Congratulations Nicole and Dicki we are very proud of you . It was not long ago you had a phobia about being video taped . Lucky you got over that one . You get a gold start Gayle
  14. Wind Sucking

    Thanks guys What is the difference between windsucking and cribbing? He really gets his teeth on the fence and pulls back with his neck and body. This horse has been doing this since Nicky got Archie and he live in a paddock with other horses , he may have been stabled when raced? (not sure) . Its just that he is sore all over his neck and shoulders the massage lady also noticed his stomache was moving at twice the rate of a normal horses. So the question arises has he a stomach problem , Ulcers maybe. He is windsucking because his tummy is sore? He even windsucks between mouth fulls of food. I have looked up ulcers for horses and only one article mentions windsucking as a sign. Any other thoughts would be helpfull or any remedies out there for upset tummies and how to fix them . Or how to ease ulcers in horses? Cheers Gayle