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    Samsonvale, Queensland
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    Horses, books, horses ummm Would love to ride over the Snowy Mountains.... Love the bush especially on horseback. Learning
  1. Hi all, just in wanting some opinions, I'm in the market for a horse again. Have seen a young warmblood for sale, we'll 6 years old. What have people's experiences been with having an older horse started? I haven't been out to see him, and I would certainly be asking questions as to why he hasn't been started. has anyone had an old horse started, any pitfalls or good points? Cheers Margot
  2. If only I had a horse, I would to taking advantage indeed y do.
  3. Come on Bindy, you gotta have a look, eh Tracey. I hope he finds a good home too, cheeky little bugger.
  4. Oh OK, lets try again, trying to convert the file to PDF has been a pain And the file is a bit larger this time Here is a short video of him cheers Petey For Sale.pdf
  5. Hi all please see the attached poster featuring my sister-in-laws Bay Overo Colt, he is under 12 months and is a blank canvas. Very pretty lots of white, and 1 blue eye. He is a spunky little thing, brave and curious, he has squeesed himself under the roller door into the shed at feeding times, much to my dismay. He is currently at my place, near Dayboro, whilst my sister-in-law gets herself organised, she having recently changed jobs and found she has too many horses and not enough time. Her contact number is on the attached poster. I can provide additional photos and video if needed. cheers Margs Petey - For Sale.pdf
  6. Such a hard decision Del, my thoughts are with you.
  7. Oh Karen. I am almost tearing up as I remember how forward and braced your Tigger was. Congratulations on working through everything. WooHoo.
  8. Fantastic Rachel, congratulations on all your hard work.
  9. Well done Neville for facing your fears. By the end of the camp you won't have any worries. cheers
  10. Am going to have a serious discussion with hubby, there should be no more Uni commitments next year. Hears hoping I can join you guys.
  11. Hi there, Sounds like its going well. The idea of passenger lessons is for them to learn responsiblities of staying in gait, so yes some of your more impulsive horses will start out trotting fast (at least she isn't breaking into canter) and then once they get the idea and feel confident and calm they will slow down within the gait. So let her be while she is staying in the gait you have asked. Once she breaks the gait though go through your phases to correct it, let her make the mistake, and then correct. The more passenger lessons that you do the more stable her gait will come. Keep going she should sort herself out soon. cheers
  12. Ah I wondered where Dr McIntosh had moved to. She is very good with feet too.
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