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  1. A big congratulations Bodil. What a wonderful achievement! Your going to LOVE Level 2!
  2. Engaging the back muscles

    Hi Rebecca, Its amazing watching people who know what they are doing with muscles work with your horse isn't it, you can do the stretches and trigger points yourself and help to strength him or test his range of movement... Its a real eye opener... Yes it is like riding air!!!! Floating along, so light and free.... I have experienced it a hand full of times, it was like nothing else in the word. And ill look for it all the time now. The stronger you can get those back muscles the less strain will be on everything else... Imagine what his ab's will look like when he is lifting like that.... If he were a bloke he would be walking around with his shirt off all day... lol! I use everything you are doing as well, and slowly bring leroy back into work each time he has had a break, making sure that he is carrying himself properly through each transition and turn... not letting him sloth around and be lazy allowing cause more damage... if he is sore I can see and we strengthen before moving forward, Harmony in Motion is so wonderful for this. I hope that Zabel continues on the mend and you can get floating around soon..
  3. QS Horses For Sale

    Hi Cass, Any luck in finding homes??
  4. QS saddles re designed and available for order now.

    Thats really exciting! Wonderful news! Thanks Shane and Pete!
  5. Q.S Shirts, DVD's Sticker

    Hi Maxine, Did you put them on or did you find them on there?? Cheers Jill
  6. Congratulations Alexia and Luna L1 grads!!

    Hey Alexia!!!! Woo hoo! Congratulations, I know what getting this blue tick means for your horse and I'm so happy happy happy for you both!!! You and your beautiful big girl will be unstoppable and i can't wait to watch your journey.
  7. Wanting a bareback pad

    Spot on!
  8. Wanting a bareback pad

    Hi Sophie, Im wondering if someone has answered this question for you today whilst you were here at Woolooga! If not ill ask for you tonight and see where the plans are at. I know that there was a new saddler being "interviewed" !!!! Exciting! Cheers Jill.
  9. We are based at Cobar in Western New South Wales. We meet monthly, at varying locations and you can find out more information about us on our Facebook page on the below link. http://www.facebook.com/QS-Outback-Horsemanship-Club-764450213728893/ Cheers Jill
  10. Visual Art Feedback

    That is indeed a very special piece. I love Simones suggestion too. I love it when you understand what a piece is about and what it represents. It makes it so much more personal doesn't it. Good luck with it, I'm sure you will nail it...
  11. Instant Stop

    I can just see him looking at you and asking "is this what you meant"?
  12. Visual Art Feedback

    Hi Luna, What a great thing to do for art. Is it heavy to wear around your neck? I can just imagine trotting with it, you'd have to have good rhythm to make sure it doesn't whack against your chest, lol! I love the feathers, did you find those or buy them. I think the white leather is also a nice contrast on Darcy's chest and stands out nicely. Horses and feathers seem to go hand in hand don't they, when you think about freedom etc. I have a question for you to help me better understand your piece, What does the shoe represent? Cheers Jill.
  13. Incorrect Canter Lead

    Great work Luna! Mindset is so powerful isn't it! And nothing like a Kangaroo to put the cat amounts the pigeons, so to say! Your definitely on the right track, keep checking your flex to see that he is soft before you ask for things!
  14. Looking for a horse....

    Thanks everyone for you suggestions and best wishes! My friend has had some lovely help and advice.
  15. Incorrect Canter Lead

    Hi Luna, What homework cards are you working on? Do you understand what shane said about working on the the lateral softness?