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  1. Jillian Prince

    Liv has done it again!

    Amazing! Well Done Liv! And in lightning speed! I really look forward to meeting you soon! Lets celebrate then!
  2. Jillian Prince

    Natural Worming

    Wow! Thank you for all the wonderful insight! Cool stuff!
  3. Jillian Prince

    Another little girl and another fabulous pony

    Congratulations Rhiannon! What a wonderful achievement. It has been so much fun watching you and Tilly grow together! Woohooo! Party time!
  4. Jillian Prince

    I see BLUE!!! for Georgia and Perl.

    Congratulations Georgia and Pearl! What a wonderful achievement! Kick butt in Level 3!
  5. Jillian Prince

    Big congratulations for a little girl and her pony.

    Woohooo Caitlin! Congratulations to you both!
  6. Jillian Prince

    Red String Trail Riding Weekend Woolooga Oct 2018

    Well it looks like the weekend was incredibly successful! So nice to see so many happy smiley faces! Well done all you Red Stringers!
  7. Jillian Prince

    Natural Worming

    DE Tracey, how much and how often. I just purchased some for me! I didn't realise id be taking care of parasites too!
  8. Jillian Prince

    Hé did IT!!!

    So happy to hear your news! Great achievement!
  9. Jillian Prince


    Oooohhh Yes, that could defiantly have been it... and causing all the issues discussed, poll out, stress, and because you've done so much with him to help him emotionally he is yawning to release the stress no days rather than do these ones ... The further you go through the program, and esp where he is at he will be wanting to pick himself up through his core. If his teeth are out of alignment then they would be blocking him and causing discomfort. Hopefully you found the root of the problem!
  10. This sounds like so much Fun!
  11. Jillian Prince

    Noosa Hinterland Practice Group

    Sounds like an Awesome Day!
  12. Jillian Prince

    Not wanting to be caught

    Ohhh good one Dr Deb...... Spot on! How is she going now Clare?
  13. Jillian Prince

    2 Purple Ticks for Luna and Darcy

    What an awesome achievement Luna! Wonderful wonderful work..... I know exactly what goes into getting these ticks and it's no easy feat! A big pat on the back!
  14. Jillian Prince

    And the Red String goes to....Judy and Zoe

    Congratulations Judy and Zoe! What a journey and an achievement!
  15. Many years ago Shane took my horse King for some foundation training. As it turned out he really needed restarting! Shane did his best and handed him over to a "secretly shitting herself owner"! I did a ride a day for a week with Shane supporting me, and we headed home... I couldn't wait to unload him in the paddock and not go near him until I was ready. About 6 months later Shane did a couple more days work with him. After this I got a couple of phone calls from people that were there and witnessed what he was like the last day of training. They were doing canter depart turns, (like roll backs)!!!!!! So light and forward! Wow! Amazing for a horse that had about 5 hours in the saddle. But he was still so green and I was so scared and had so much to learn and so much to experience! Fast forward many years down the track and about 12 months of being injured and out of shape he is well and truly on the mend. His physio is well and truly working. So for his first saddled ride in a while last week we were working on some rebounds and transitions.... focusing of course on him using his HQ properly and low and behold whats in there.... A trot rebound with a direct rein turn and canter depart! Holy smokes! I was feeling pretty bloody chuffed! And amazed! My horse, that has been sore and had limited range of movement for 12 months gave me that! I think I might have learnt a bit teacher! What do you reckon! So if your at home and feel like you may not be getting anywhere, or you just can't seem to get it as nice or like what your coach is doing, if its a bit tricky, or making you frustrated, please don't stop, please look forward and one day you'll get that "direct rein canter departure"!