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  1. Jillian Prince

    Hé did IT!!!

    So happy to hear your news! Great achievement!
  2. Jillian Prince


    Oooohhh Yes, that could defiantly have been it... and causing all the issues discussed, poll out, stress, and because you've done so much with him to help him emotionally he is yawning to release the stress no days rather than do these ones ... The further you go through the program, and esp where he is at he will be wanting to pick himself up through his core. If his teeth are out of alignment then they would be blocking him and causing discomfort. Hopefully you found the root of the problem!
  3. This sounds like so much Fun!
  4. Jillian Prince

    Noosa Hinterland Practice Group

    Sounds like an Awesome Day!
  5. Jillian Prince

    Not wanting to be caught

    Ohhh good one Dr Deb...... Spot on! How is she going now Clare?
  6. Jillian Prince

    2 Purple Ticks for Luna and Darcy

    What an awesome achievement Luna! Wonderful wonderful work..... I know exactly what goes into getting these ticks and it's no easy feat! A big pat on the back!
  7. Jillian Prince

    And the Red String goes to....Judy and Zoe

    Congratulations Judy and Zoe! What a journey and an achievement!
  8. Many years ago Shane took my horse King for some foundation training. As it turned out he really needed restarting! Shane did his best and handed him over to a "secretly shitting herself owner"! I did a ride a day for a week with Shane supporting me, and we headed home... I couldn't wait to unload him in the paddock and not go near him until I was ready. About 6 months later Shane did a couple more days work with him. After this I got a couple of phone calls from people that were there and witnessed what he was like the last day of training. They were doing canter depart turns, (like roll backs)!!!!!! So light and forward! Wow! Amazing for a horse that had about 5 hours in the saddle. But he was still so green and I was so scared and had so much to learn and so much to experience! Fast forward many years down the track and about 12 months of being injured and out of shape he is well and truly on the mend. His physio is well and truly working. So for his first saddled ride in a while last week we were working on some rebounds and transitions.... focusing of course on him using his HQ properly and low and behold whats in there.... A trot rebound with a direct rein turn and canter depart! Holy smokes! I was feeling pretty bloody chuffed! And amazed! My horse, that has been sore and had limited range of movement for 12 months gave me that! I think I might have learnt a bit teacher! What do you reckon! So if your at home and feel like you may not be getting anywhere, or you just can't seem to get it as nice or like what your coach is doing, if its a bit tricky, or making you frustrated, please don't stop, please look forward and one day you'll get that "direct rein canter departure"!
  9. Jillian Prince

    QS events Germany and Holland 2018

    HI Judy, Wow! What a beautiful post! Congratulations Carola! I absolutely love every event that I do. I come away a different person! Im very excited to hear that you are arranging and planning to come to Australia! My daughter Sarah and I are planning on being at camp next year, it would be so lovely to share the experience with you. Once a year defiantly isn't enough... You'll have to organise more on your side of the world! sending lots of hugs Jill
  10. Jillian Prince

    Boredom Busting

    Hi Luna, WOW a purple tick for you HiM liberty, Holy smokes. Well done! What an achievement. Im so with Meredith. Its about the simple things, and while it can feel frustrating not being able to move forward with your riding try not to see it as a lack of success or progress. Maybe there is something her for you to learn, the little thing that you might need to unlock in yourself will help Darcy unlock or release what ever it is that is making him sore. Go easy on yourself, Im always amazed each time I re look at level 1, theres always something to learn about a horse, and myself.. Cheers Jill.
  11. Jillian Prince

    Way to go Liv and Matilda

    How did I miss this! Congratulations Liv, and well done Matilda. What an achievement!
  12. Jillian Prince

    Question to all QS profs

    Hi Judy, How exciting, Level 2 is so much fun! I have both, however, Im thinking the girls in the UK might have some and will be able to get it to you quicker and cheaper...Send me a message if they can't help you out and I can get something in the mail! Cheers Jill.
  13. Jillian Prince


    Hi Sophie, It could be that he is releasing...if he is stretching out, big open mouth, moving his neck around id say thats what it is...
  14. Jillian Prince

    Challenges at every corner

    Hey Jack! Sometimes it feels like shit doesn't it! I have literally thrown myself to the ground on days, blubbering so hard I couldn't breath... somedays from trying so hard, somedays from frustration of not trying hard enough, somedays from anger, some from the exhaustion caused from the release of all of the above and some days from experiencing so much joy and love. Ive done it on my own and in company of others. I wouldn't take a single one of them back. Its exactly what i needed, when i needed to be who I am today. Frankly I hope I have more, I know there is more to me and I say bring it on! How lucky are your beautiful family, the change and release of generation and generations of our ancestors beliefs and patterns doesn't happen overnight, but were all on our way through it. You will learn more about yourself through horsemanship Jack than you ever thought possible.
  15. Jillian Prince

    Uneven Shoulders

    Hi Luna, What a great thing to notice... I say great because now you can work on it. Your spot on, it will be because he not been using his body properly, but sometimes it can be a case of which cam first, the chicken or the egg?? Im guessing that the opposite hind will have some issues too. Lack of development in muscle and that he isn't able to use it properly. Yep get Tork, or even better, you could learn to fix it yourself... I have just completed the Sore Horse Muscle Course and can't begin to list the benefits that I have had with my guys. Even myself! I highly recommend just like learning about horsemanship that they get in touch with Tracy Leivers and working out a way for you to start learning how to help your horse! Its an integral part of becoming a horseman/woman... Good luck with it Luna... Massage away.