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  1. Hey Congratulations Champ! You guys have learnt so much together. I'm so proud of you... I hope you are too.....
  2. Congratulations Tara and Snoop! How wonderful to acknowledge your achievement! It's only been 6 weeks since you started submitting your assignment with Snoop, keeping your assignment Coach busy! Great work, looking forward to seeing your riding assignments coming in!
  3. I thought Id share this beautiful video Alice made way back in 2018 as a school project while we were in QLD at Woolooga together.
  4. Hi everyone, I wanted to introduce a few new members from the QS Outback tribe.... Welcome to Caroline and Alice Booth, from Booligal in NSW. Alice has a gorgeous pony named Forest. They have submitted and had a blue tick for their first assignment, The Approach. They haven't wasted any time and from reports have filmed the ever tricky Skills Check for feedback... Caroline and her beautiful black horse (I'm a bit partial to beautiful black horses) Pearl have also submitted their first assignment for feedback. Welcome to the QS Outback team guys, its so much fun having
  5. I am! I have been doing my homework too!
  6. Hi everyone, Just thought I'd share a few contact numbers for those of you who are travelling North, South East or West You never know when you need a good contact. So here are mine... Connabarabran: The show society's secretary is 0499581865. I have never used their stalls, instead use the rodeo yards. There is access to water and safe yards. The Pilliga Pottery: between Coonabarabran and Narrabri. This gorgeous place is 11km in off the highway. Its a dirt road that can be corrugated but what is at the other end is awesome. There are timber cattle yards with water. Y
  7. Cool! If you keep it up you'll see it flow into everything... Consistency is the key as Shane said.
  8. PS: Thought id mention that I have a feeding ritual. If I am giving hard feeds, I make sure that my horses come in flexed and sniff my hand before they eat. They need to be soft, calm and not pushy. If they sniff my hand and then shove their nose in the bucket ill send them away and ask again. They need to be soft to everything, including the feed bucket!
  9. Hi Sarah, Great question! Feed time sure does bring out the pecking order. Your mare see's herself as the leader of the pack at feed time. You are doing the right thing by protecting your gelding, you are getting browny points from him for doing it... She must see you at about the same level as the gelding during this time.... If at any time they approach you, other horse around or not, in a dominant move they are expecting us to behave the same way as their herd would, either yeild or stand up for your personal space. By using a no contact yield to move her away you are saying pl
  10. Nice work Deb! Congratulations on your wonderful achievement! Hope your smiling from ear to ear!
  11. HI Jen, Of course I'd love to be involved. I would love to come down and do some more stuff with you and the Brumbies and hopefully help one find a forever home.
  12. Hi all, Last weekend I attended, along with 18 others, the very first Virtual Clinic with Meredith. I don't know what it was that made it so good, was it that I didn't have to travel, the amount of down time, less "doing time" with more time to think, maybe it's the ability to go back and look at all the VOV's of the videos that people subbed when ever I feel I need an better understanding of something or to find an answer, or maybe the way everyone shared their experiences so openly, and that no matter what the discussion I could apply it to my next session and see what happened.
  13. Jen Im sorry I missed this... congratulations on getting his Level 1! I cant wait to see him prancing around in Level 3!
  14. I'd love to join too Meredith. I will do it with Fizz. So pre Level 1... Not sure about the girls yet, Ill check with them....
  15. I couldnt be more happy for you Kerry. You both definitely deserve your string.
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