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  1. Congratulation Aileen. Isn't Monty so lucky to have you for his human. I commend you on your courage and commitment to your horse and yourself. You are literally 1 in a million and a super special chick! Have fun in Level 2!
  2. Hi Riddhima and Bill, What a wonderful start to your journey, I look forward to seeing and hearing more about it. Regards Jill.
  3. Jillian Prince

    Facing The Truth

    Nice Trace, being a true horseman means that you will always be willing to dig deep, look at what needs to be changed...and be willing to do and go to where ever it needs to be to do that. Oh and being a nice person helps too!
  4. Ha ha! I was waiting for the blooper! Soooo far so good! Cant wait to see the fulll take!
  5. Congratulations Kerry and Ozzie! Well done Fiona! So many positives and amazing examples of what people need to see and do to achieve their dreams in your story. Physio, the time it takes to heal, seeing when your horse needs help, acknowledging that you need help and its ok, seeing what's in the best interest for you and your horse, seeking help, asking, trusting, keeping in contact, throwing your heart out there and going after it. Trusting in the process. Finding the right people. So many people bauk at any one of these obstacles and stop. My hats off to you Kerry for seeing through it and keeping on keeping on. Reminds me of your coaches attitude to things.... funny how you find your people in life isn't it! Congratulations, how exciting!
  6. looking forward to the installments
  7. Cool now that sounds like fun! Glad to hear what a fabulous success it was. Now where can i get some obstacles like that!
  8. Hi everyone, If you are in a fire danger area and would like to get out, please feel free to come here. I know we are a long way away from the coast and QLD fires but if you can and you'd like to get out to an area not at risk of burning please know that anyone can come here and stay until it's safe to return home. Stay safe. Jill.
  9. Stay safe everyone. I have been thinking of all the QS family that is being affected by fires. If there is any way I can help please reach out.
  10. I've been having lots of fun practicing the L2 impulsion jumping homework to prepare Simone. I've been practicing backing up and down hills and gutters as well as sideways over things, it has really been helping him find comfort out and about. I found that treating the ridden jumps and obstacles just like I would on the ground has been amazing. Hopefully things will fall into place and ill be able to bring him along. Have fun practicing
  11. A massive congratulations Clare! Your doing such an awesome job progressing along. Bring on that Blue String!
  12. Congratulations Hannah! What an achievement! Now for the super fun stuff! Level 3 is getting close!
  13. There is also an electric tool called a Shoof. The head is much smaller than the grider flap disk so you can be more presice with it. I looked at them after Amanda posted on FB that she brought one.... im going to save up for one!
  14. Oh wow! How lovely! The stuff dreams are made of!!!!!
  15. Sending my love and thoughts to you and your friends Sarah. I
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