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  1. Jillian Prince

    Boredom Busting

    Hi Luna, WOW a purple tick for you HiM liberty, Holy smokes. Well done! What an achievement. Im so with Meredith. Its about the simple things, and while it can feel frustrating not being able to move forward with your riding try not to see it as a lack of success or progress. Maybe there is something her for you to learn, the little thing that you might need to unlock in yourself will help Darcy unlock or release what ever it is that is making him sore. Go easy on yourself, Im always amazed each time I re look at level 1, theres always something to learn about a horse, and myself.. Cheers Jill.
  2. Jillian Prince

    Way to go Liv and Matilda

    How did I miss this! Congratulations Liv, and well done Matilda. What an achievement!
  3. Jillian Prince

    Question to all QS profs

    Hi Judy, How exciting, Level 2 is so much fun! I have both, however, Im thinking the girls in the UK might have some and will be able to get it to you quicker and cheaper...Send me a message if they can't help you out and I can get something in the mail! Cheers Jill.
  4. Jillian Prince


    Hi Sophie, It could be that he is releasing...if he is stretching out, big open mouth, moving his neck around id say thats what it is...
  5. Jillian Prince

    Challenges at every corner

    Hey Jack! Sometimes it feels like shit doesn't it! I have literally thrown myself to the ground on days, blubbering so hard I couldn't breath... somedays from trying so hard, somedays from frustration of not trying hard enough, somedays from anger, some from the exhaustion caused from the release of all of the above and some days from experiencing so much joy and love. Ive done it on my own and in company of others. I wouldn't take a single one of them back. Its exactly what i needed, when i needed to be who I am today. Frankly I hope I have more, I know there is more to me and I say bring it on! How lucky are your beautiful family, the change and release of generation and generations of our ancestors beliefs and patterns doesn't happen overnight, but were all on our way through it. You will learn more about yourself through horsemanship Jack than you ever thought possible.
  6. Jillian Prince

    Uneven Shoulders

    Hi Luna, What a great thing to notice... I say great because now you can work on it. Your spot on, it will be because he not been using his body properly, but sometimes it can be a case of which cam first, the chicken or the egg?? Im guessing that the opposite hind will have some issues too. Lack of development in muscle and that he isn't able to use it properly. Yep get Tork, or even better, you could learn to fix it yourself... I have just completed the Sore Horse Muscle Course and can't begin to list the benefits that I have had with my guys. Even myself! I highly recommend just like learning about horsemanship that they get in touch with Tracy Leivers and working out a way for you to start learning how to help your horse! Its an integral part of becoming a horseman/woman... Good luck with it Luna... Massage away.
  7. Jillian Prince

    Not wanting to be caught

    Oohhhhhh great topic! Cant wait to hear the replies.... Bless don't feel bad... at least your now aware. I feel the worst when I have lightbulb moments and realise things like this too.... The beauty is that now you know you can work on it..... You know you guys are partners for a reason! You guys have each other to help each other out! Maybe now that your aware you will look at things a little differently, approach her with a different mind set and view... And, well,l she may take a bit of time to give you the benefit of the doubt, but hey, thats the beauty of being a horsewoman... it doesn't matter, it takes as long as it takes....
  8. Jillian Prince

    what the??

    Bahhha hhhaaaa! i have never thought about it at all... Im always glad they haven't undone their rope and its not he floor when they do pee.. We always have such long distances to travel so it a common thing for me. I have drain holes at the front .. You crack me up Simone... Im sure they know they are going to be going somewhere, after all they are our clever ponies, but I have never had one of mine say, (pull back on the lead)" Im not going forward one more step toward that float, until I have this pea! Not before I go on that float for the next however many hours.... Who knows how bloody long Ill be on there"!
  9. Jillian Prince

    Congratulations Clare!

    I would like to acknowledge the amazing Clare Hull on her recent achievements and successes.... 4 BLUE TICKS with 7 assignment subs in less than 1 month. 1 Level 2, with a couple ever sooo close with Codee, and 3 Level 1 Assignments with Willow. I can only imagine how big a smile Tanya would have watching over you...she would be so happy watching you and Willow.... You see, Clare lives in Western Australia, and practices and studies by herself.... many days drive from her coach. Though distance doesn't daunt Clair she never hesitates to jump online and scan the forum, pick up the phone to call me, and set up video chats so we can discuss topics at length. Well done Clare.. I wish I could be there to celebrate with you.... Give yourself a big pat on the back... Jill.
  10. Jillian Prince

    QSE 2019

    I haven't been able to find any event particulars? Whats on in what order? Opps just found it camp dates etc on booking form......
  11. Jillian Prince

    Congratulations Hannah and Bella, L1 grads.

    Congratulations Hannah! What an achievement! And you beat your Dad! I hope your jumping up and down with uncontrollable joy and excitement, you absolutely deserve it! Yeeeeehaaaa!
  12. Join us at the QSOutback Study Centre for a weekend of Lesson and Auditing. Each day following your 2 hour lesson you will audit other lessons to condense your learning experience. The 4 day lesson weekend format is a great way to cover so much, learning hands on, auditing, group chats and a video night. Full lovely accomodation and facilities are available, byo food. For full details follow the below link..... QSOutback Lesson Weekend with Jillian Prince
  13. Jillian Prince

    New idea for filming

    Ha! Ive never seen the posts with the clips on them.... Ill keep my eye out! How cool is that remote! I love it! Will save the editing process! does the remote talk directly to the phone to start recording?Fabulous!
  14. Jillian Prince

    Rapid Change

    Hey Jack, Thankyou for sharing your story and thoughts with us. This is such a special community, can't wait to watch and share in your journey! Alice was the same age as your daughter when I first started learning about horsemanship and myself! Gosh, its been fun! See you around! Cheers Jill.
  15. Jillian Prince

    Luna and Darcy L2 Spirals - Blue Tick

    What an amazing job Darcy did working through this Luna. You kept asking all the questions and worked out all the answers. great work.