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  1. Sending my love and thoughts to you and your friends Sarah. I
  2. He's a lucky boy Jen! Looking forward to watching and sharing this journey!
  3. Spot on! I guess on a personal development side of things too, if we can read an article that that Jen and we can look at all they have said and claimed without it causing emotion, then we are on the right path as horsemen and humans too.......If we can look at information put before me and sort through it objectively and without judgement Id be pretty happy with that. Im working on it!
  4. Fantastic news Chris, congratulations to you and Eli!!! Have loads and loads of fun in Level 2
  5. Nice work Jen, its nice to see and hear about the crew.
  6. Thankyou for sharing your heart felt thoughts with us. What a growth spirt! It sure takes some courage to step and do what you did, and then share it with us. You must have been ready. What a pleasure it is to share time with you and your horses any time. I hope we cross paths soon. Jill.
  7. Id love to see it Alexia! Did you get it uploaded?
  8. He is a solid lad... he has defiantly lost that look that he first had and looks quite happy and content! I hope that this has really positive outcomes for you and your ventures Jen!
  9. Woohooo! Go like the wind! Whats more, enjoy the hell out of it!!!!!
  10. Yaaaayyyyyy! Congratulations Amanda and St Sonia! What a great story, and a lucky girl she is...
  11. So much excitement! Congratulations on getting The Frogman his Red String! I think he will look so handsome with it!
  12. Congratulations Deb and Woody, what a great achievement getting him fit again and his Level 1! He’s luck you have such a wonderful horsewoman!
  13. Nice Mel! So nice for you guys to find a connection and move forward together... he will be a happy pony!
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