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  1. Join us at the QSOutback Study Centre for a weekend of Lesson and Auditing. Each day following your 2 hour lesson you will audit other lessons to condense your learning experience. The 4 day lesson weekend format is a great way to cover so much, learning hands on, auditing, group chats and a video night. Full lovely accomodation and facilities are available, byo food. For full details follow the below link..... QSOutback Lesson Weekend with Jillian Prince
  2. Jillian Prince

    Clare and willow QS lv 1 approach

    HIya Clare, Gee you have had some rain... So nice to see Willow...... Really looking forward to watching your journey together xxxxx Looking forward to your feedback!
  3. Jillian Prince

    New idea for filming

    Ha! Ive never seen the posts with the clips on them.... Ill keep my eye out! How cool is that remote! I love it! Will save the editing process! does the remote talk directly to the phone to start recording?Fabulous!
  4. Jillian Prince

    Rapid Change

    Hey Jack, Thankyou for sharing your story and thoughts with us. This is such a special community, can't wait to watch and share in your journey! Alice was the same age as your daughter when I first started learning about horsemanship and myself! Gosh, its been fun! See you around! Cheers Jill.
  5. Jillian Prince

    Luna and Darcy L2 Spirals - Blue Tick

    What an amazing job Darcy did working through this Luna. You kept asking all the questions and worked out all the answers. great work.
  6. Jillian Prince

    Dressage Test

    Yayyyy! Well done Amanda and Sonia. What a wonderful thing to be able to do together. You are so right to be proud! Congratulations Champ!
  7. Jillian Prince

    Tying a horse up

    I have seen my horses test things out a heap of times. "Is that loose enough?? "Can just get my nose to that bit of grass?", or maybe "Can I annoy the horse tied up at the float next to me". I like Lorraine's explanation too, their routine helps out immesly. Last year one of mine got a fright, we were away from home out of his natural environment, and because the tie points on my float are too low, he was able to get enough power behind him to break the huge brass snap! Thus the importance of getting the NO Yield really good! Its so important for them to be able to find comfort quickly if they are at all frightened and if they pull back, once they feel the pressure of the halter come forward and release off it rather than brace against it. Practicing no yield while they are just looped around a tie point while you hold the end of the lead is a great way to start helping them out with their emotions! Have fun with it... Im about to embark on a journey with my snap buster... We will be working on his emotions all the way!
  8. Jillian Prince

    Congratulations Donna & Betty!

    Congratulations Donna & Betty. What a wonderful achievement for you both. Look forward to sharing your Level 2 journey.
  9. Jillian Prince

    Totally Brought a New Horse to Do Skills Checks With!

    Ha, thats a ripper! Im like you Luna, I have used bailing twine, rubber bands, blue tack, sticky tape, zip ties and a mix of many at once...
  10. Jillian Prince

    The World's Biggest Play Day

    Students across NSW will join the WBPD celebrations via distance... The thousands of kilometres between us or the drought aren't enough to keep us from celebrating our sense of community spirit and what QS means to us. We are looking forward to sharing photos and stories of our day with each other and the rest of the QS family. There are some great prizes that will be announced on Saturday evening once all the photos are in....
  11. Jillian Prince

    New payment option for members.

    Fantastic. Thank you!
  12. Jillian Prince

    QS horse looking for new Home!

    Blossom is beautiful, I hope she finds a new home soonxxx
  13. Jillian Prince

    Brace when asking for canter

    Hi Luna, How are you? Wonderful to see how you are progressing through Level 2. It can leave us scratching our heads at times when we can't work something out or loose something we once had can't it! If Darcy has some memory of what it was like to transition up to a canter while he was sore he may be anticipating the discomfort in the transition thus bracing. Does he do it if you post up to the canter? Give that a try and see how you go?
  14. Jillian Prince

    Looking to start our herd

    How exciting for Jack!
  15. Jillian Prince

    Never say never...

    Who'da thought! Im so excited for you Sophie! And for Yogi. Isn't it a great journey, so much to learn and enjoy along the way. We stretch ourselves a little bit at a time, and before you know it we look back and see what we have achieved and sometimes get a shock! And all in 7 months... I also forward to seeing what you have achieved in 7 months... have fun along the wayxxx