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  1. So much excitement! Congratulations on getting The Frogman his Red String! I think he will look so handsome with it!
  2. Congratulations Deb and Woody, what a great achievement getting him fit again and his Level 1! He’s luck you have such a wonderful horsewoman!
  3. Nice Mel! So nice for you guys to find a connection and move forward together... he will be a happy pony!
  4. Yayyyyy! Wonderful news to hear! Congratulations to you both!
  5. Thats nice to hear Sarah...
  6. Yayyy, that all sounds like a great idea!
  7. Dear Jack, Thank you for sharing that with us. I don't know how to say thank you enough. Your words encompass so much, they mean so much to me because I am on the same road as you. We are all going the same direction through the same invisible, but so real and tangible emotions and physical changes. All be it, in our own way and time frame. When we catch a glimpse of whats on the other side its just so amazing, its like that awareness is a blast of clarity that is palpable. For me, I can touch it, i can feel it. Then I find more and it blows me away again. What you are doing takes an amazing about of commitment and strength, and softness. Commendable.
  8. Hi everyone, I must take this opportunity to apologise for being MIA for, oh, I think its been a couple of months. Although still spending lots of time with my ponies I had taken a bit of a step back from many things in life. Over a two month period I lost two very important figures in my life and immediate family member moved interstate. Put that on top of this debilitating drought and it took a bit of shine out of life for a while. Through these difficult times those glimmers of hope and joy are so important and it's those that shone through the dark clouds and really showed what a wonderful supporting family and friends that Dom, the girls and I have. Re connecting with lost or distant family during times of loss is such a joy. The dust clouded horizons throw the most beautiful sunsets, and working together as a team to plan and change is so empowering and enables such personal growth. The ability to see these beauties though, I don't think, would have been possible weren't for the amazing lessons I've learnt, through 'my story' with my friends The Horses. Any way, thats where I have been. I have been preparing the float for the last few days for the trip north and looking forward to learning some new lessons for 'my story' through life. See you on the forum. xxxxx Jill xxxxx
  9. Hi Brandon, Nice to welcome you from all the QS Outback crew in Western New South Wales in Ausy land! Im sure you and Annie will have a blast!
  10. Hi Sarah, Id love to be able to share Red further for you. Such a lovely boy. Do you have anything i can share for you? Kind Regards Jill.
  11. Way to go Deb! What an achievement! I hope you and Ruby really enjoy level 2!
  12. HI Luna, Great and very powerful observations. Like Kerry said, it is awesome that you got in the float with him, understanding exactly what he is doing and where he puts himself to find comfort has told you a lot. Im wondering about floating with Kamair at this stage though, if Kamari pushes his him around and pushes some buttons it could make him more emotional, but at the end of the day, you know them both the best. It sounds like your making great progress helping him out.Great work
  13. Hi Judy, Im sorry to hear that she is still seeing spooky things in the bushes. It sounds like she has come along way if she was doing it all the time. For reasons that we can never be sure sometimes something can cause these types of behaviours. What is so good is that you knew what to do and did it to help her out. When things like this happen i think its really important to remember that they are animals that were preyed upon and eaten and that they were caught by things that jumped out of the bushes at them. Some horses may trigger more often than others but the fact that she is doing it less is a good sign. Im guessing that there may have been some things that you missed before she went to "crazy town" on you. Were you trying something new? How was she in your short range warm up? Was she respecting your personal space, was she yielding her hind properly and unlocking her shoulders? Was she willing to flex lateraly for you? Check all these things out as you gradually let her get her out on the end of the 22 next time. Keeping her mind active is also really important. Short and sweet will help her mind active. Keep us up to date with how she is going next time Cheers Jill.
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