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    Horses ( breeding, training and competing with Australian stock horses ), dogs & other animals, art

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  1. Ron Hill fender made in 2014. 15 inch semi quarter horse/stockhorse tree. Quality saddle in good condition. $2,800 Located in Wilcannia, can get to dubbo/orange area or Broken Hill. Happy to post
  2. lily

    Hooray for Clancy and Fish

    Good job clanc!
  3. lily

    Way to go Lily and Bobby Sox

    Thank you so much everyone and especially Merideth and Mel! Can't wait to get stuck into L2!
  4. lily

    Flex and Forward

    Haha! ( cwute little Moggy ( or Megan... Mwahaha)
  5. Hehe, funny! Nice horse ( Bobby's breeding, mwahaha) )
  6. Really enjoying working with Bobby.....

    1. Meredith


      good on ya Lil.

  7. lily

    Flex and Forward

    Great job mum! He's going very well!
  8. Starting level one with Bobby Sox FUN!!!!!

    1. mog


      enjoy Level One because you wont be there long...level 2 isnt far away...look out Clancy & Della!!!

    2. mel


      Go Lilly!

    3. Carmen


      Is that your new horse Lily?

  9. lily

    Wentworth Show 2011

    ...... Oh yes Dubbo show might be fun too!
  10. lily

    Wentworth Show 2011

    It was AWSOME , Nimbus did good to,very pleased with her!!!!!!! Even our chooks got places! Hope too go next year too !
  11. Got back from Wentworth Show yesterday, now I'll stik myself into L2!!!!

    1. lizarch


      That's the way Lily. Soon you will be passing mum! :)

    2. belindaq


      You are THE BEST Lily! Lucky horses and ponies who have you with them:)

  12. lily

    A New Filly For Peppercorn Hollow

    Hehe, she's SO ,SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! Colors changed since I last saw her!!!!!!
  13. lily

    Introducing Diago

    WOW!! He looks HANDSOME
  14. We mustered some sheep today, Nimbus was a bit exitelbal!

    1. Alexia


      I would have been too - sounds like fun!!

    2. frostydude


      Lily I can just picture him getting a thrill out of chasing them


    3. boongala


      What fun Lily!

  15. lily

    Hi Mum ,how's th school?!