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  1. The SItuation: After an exceptionally rain-filled season here in the Central west (NSW) I have grass filled paddocks - and of course weeds growing up. I have been locking up my horses at night in my training yard and have noticed that Jet is eating the CAPEWEED. Today hes just finished breakfast of hardfeed and is mowing down flowers at top end of training yard. AAAGH!! (i have pulled capeweed, Pattersons Curse and marshmellow out with hoe and by hand in centre of training yard and there's short clover and some grass across the centre of yard) I will cordon off the weedy parts of yard today and electrify as i cant leave horses out full time in paddocks with so much grass. I have already mowed some of paddocks and have 65 sheep - yes they are eating the capeweed so thats good - in one paddock and 18 cattle in another. Yes an EXCEPTIONAL season!!! WHAT to DO?? My question is; What to do with the CAPEWEED - to poison it with a broad leaf spray OR, as more environmentally and organic folk are saying to treat the land which is acidic and needs lime and or Dolomite???? Thanking you in advance and I will phone the Local Land Council for their advice as well Ruby
  2. my progress with "Betty"

    Thanks Shane - im onto it :-)) I have a couple of videos from Module five still to watch though!! Im finding that Betty's pretty much similar in her ridden work as she is on line. When i ask her to step forward - she goes. Even if its out in the paddock and im asking her away from the other horses, she just walks where i ask her. Im loving it. with Jet , well ... we walk quite slowly at first until he's away from the herd, and then he finds a more positive rhythm!!
  3. my progress with "Betty"

    Thanks Carola for your comments, great to hear from you across the world in the Netherlands. And great to share my progress with Betty with you. I think it is a TRUST that has built between us over about the last two years - from a horse that was way skeptical of humans when i first worked with her. (she would turn her head away to either side when i first aproached her). Pretty offputting, but we have gradually progressed from there. I could feel that she was frightened; of the rope, of me standing near the girth, near the hind Quarters, frightened of the rope over her back, etc etc. Massive yawns, licking, chewing, downloading, panting heaps, but gradually accepting more and more. It has been a thrilling journey with her, to see her confidence building. I am aware that she is a big strong girl so i check her out online before every ride - with safety foremost in mind. ps you have a great website Carola!! And if you want to see more of her she is on the PASSED assignments on QS Video section - And on my youtube at "AceofRubies" (Ace is my now retired level three horse) cheers, R
  4. my progress with "Betty"

    BTW you have an excellent website Carola!!!!
  5. my progress with "Betty"

    Another positive ride with Betty today, running her through the Impulsion groundwork and some of the ridden. Yes it was wonderful to be able to see the effort put in by you all at Cert I in Cobar!! We have been doing the Impulsion rein positions, SR circles, changes of direction, rebounds and spirals for quite a while now at W trot and canter (only cantering on line) - so just getting the SR sideways softer is an aim and concentrating on the release / RELEASE in all the movements. I will do this as a program on the southern cross pattern until it feels smooth and fluid and hopefully with her offering soft feel
  6. my progress with "Betty"

    and yes that would be interesting to be there for your L1 lessons Jill. maybe i could find some students for you here in Dubbz Although i only know ex Parelli folk around here and they are on that more psychological (for the human) journey, it seems to me
  7. my progress with "Betty"

    Thanks for the great feedback Shane and Jill, and yes i of course aim to take her through the Program! I have been, as you can see, riding her in the water as a safety for me method! at first desensitising at halt in deep water, (lots of splashing, sliding on and off in all directions) then at walk and establishing the HQ, FQ and lateral flexion all at walk. I have worked lots with her on the Rein Positions as i knew that it was paramount that she follow a feel and yield her big butt to a RELEASE. So she has done a good deal of the level one already, in fact we have passed all the Level one groundwork Shane, with Mel as my trusty and precise instructor. Thanks heaps Mel! in talks with Mog she advised that bucking could occur in Walk to trot transitions - so we sorted them in the water and she was all fine. We then moved to working on the circle in nearby arena, moving on to the cone to cone as Mog did with Jet. i will return and check trot to canter in water in next little while. Shes already giving soft Canter and smooth transitions on line. And i hear you both loud and clear re safety Jill and Shane and i will keep building the trust and softness and keep the softness and curve at all times. Great to share this journey with the trusty QS team! I will check out the Shoulder too Shane and YES the Impulsion program - love to do this with her I am now a GOLD member so have access to the Modules Shane - have been checking them out!!
  8. my progress with "Betty"

    I am so thrilled with the progress that Betty and I have been making this year. Love to share my elation and joy with you all at QS and to ask for feedback and advice Here's a recent video shot a week ago. And a little recap; I bought Betty way back in july 2013 from a near neighbour after falling in love with her while she shared a paddock with my level three ACE. Betty was very skeptical of humans. Couldnt be caught in paddock. Turned her head/nose when i asked to pat her head. Over time lots of groundwork level one asking her to accept me just standing beside her - confidence and calmness building with NO YIeld. Then ticking HW cards and gradually passing all the level one groundwork with lots of advice from Mel! in december 2014 and into Jan 2015 i started actually getting on her back for the first time - up till this time she was reacting badly to the girth and bucking. With a program of saddling, desensitising and building trust this is pretty much in the past now. These early "rides" were all in the Macquarie river with Parelli Horsewoman Simone Sweeting and a group of other women and aquatic horses. at first Betty and I are just standing almost submerged, me splashing on and off and sliding down her rump - generally "chilling" in the water. Gradually riding in shallower water with HQ FQ and lateral flexion. Then walk to trot transitions knee deep in water as an aquatic beast!!!! There were a few times at this stage when the others walked out of the river mounted on their horses to ride on land and my heart sank, feeling marooned as if we're some equine mermaid, wondering if it would ever be possible without the security of the river An issue with an old injury just behind her near side elbow was pointed out by Chiropracter Gary Christo which may account for her being fine with saddle on neck, back, rump - but nervous with buckling actual girth. a month or so of massaging, stretching, flank roping and shes no longer touchie here (or in the flank!). with my forays onto land for the first time (right next to the river at first then gradually into Simone's arena, walking at first, drum (comfort) to drum, i have been guided by how Betty feels. Does she feel anxious/stiff or is she calm and willing. Chewing, Licking, ears positive? how soft is that rein in the hQ yield. Does she follow the offer? Is that BUTT moving? and what Curve are we on? It was supremely important in getting her to find the COMFORT in all these rein positions as in the QS Program Rode her today, accompanied by Simone on her level three horse in the wooded paddock next to Sim's arena. Very Exciting for me. When i stepped onto the log to mount Betty scoots her butt across so the BB pad is right next to me. She has been doing this for a while in the arena which seems just divine! i have taken her as you can see slowly and step by step so any suggestions for the future are very welcome. Betty is a mare that i feel a great sense of connection with. More than ive felt with ANY horse. And her to me it seems, from her soft attitude - curving around me when the halter is tied, licking and chewing - sticking with me at liberty in my 80 x 50 training yard. Hope you enjoy the video - Betty has been a delight to work with from the first time i approached her in a round yard and she yawned licked chewed (and did this heavy breathing, stressful panting) almost constantly in those first sessions as she worked her way i think through uncertainty skepticism and fear. Now i feel a trust, a calmness a willingness to go forward, to be directed - to take an offer in any direction even with other horses, dogs and humans in and around the arena. cheers, Ruby Jet and Betty and Ace
  9. Wentworth Show 2014

    very inspiring (marvelous!) Mel!!!!!!
  10. unique 3-Way Learning Program

    i get the gist of what you are writing, however it seems that you have not given the QS learning system much of a go. How far have you come with Parelli's training methods? The three way learning system is perhaps; learning by doing the tasks, learning by watching the tasks (on video) and thirdly learning by reading about the tasks, theories and concepts in the QS booklet. This is also very much like a few other systems including Parrelli. Lots of horsemen and women do clinics as their main and only teaching mode. all the best with it Ruby
  11. passenger lesson with Jet

    a small step but - also a big one !!! my first passenger lesson with new-ish horse Jet. :-)) only walk and trop so far ... I love the PL - for the responsibilities for both horse and human. me to keep in tune/time and balance with him, to ride lightly - and softly forward. The horse to keep the gait untill asked to slow and stop. In the past the passenger lesson has been a game changer for me in that it gives me confidence to really feel how my horse moves underneath me - to really follow them/ stay with them, keep in time with them, to become a real part of the horse. maybe something about letting go, relaxing but keeping the activity of the particular gait. Been a great day here in Dubbo!!!! cheers, Ruby ps Mel i havent forgotten the assignments - just a busy woman at present - they will happen v soon
  12. Flex and Forward

    Im feeling heaps more confident on Jetty now !!! have transferred the two tyres (comfort spots) now to my paddock arena - out in the open and second day there getting soft flowing trot to canter transitions. Hes really getting the pattern AND lovely to have sideways and flex thru the circle going good. And flex generally going great in a straight line, to soften and slow him if needed. i can now feel when hes getting a little stiff - AND use my skills to help him out. Hes coming soflty to the Direct rein and hip/leg on getting flex. :-) It is really still my confidence that im building. in hindsite i feel extremely blessed never to have had a crisis of confidence on a horse before - a few nerves yes - but this has been ... different. The first time i rode him at Mog's recently during her re-start, i was imagining that id feel unsure for a few minutes - and them the confidence would return :-) But it didnt And i sat there on him, at the end of our session, in tears. So to all at QS - this has been a little mountain - and we have passed the summit - seeing the bright, calm, confident future just a little way ahead!!!!!!!!!! It seems that the warm up on line - gettin a good flex, working those Hinds, getting nice transitions - over the barrels. So important to see where were both at. And then its down to QS Skills and seeing the bigger picture, softness, calmness, trust, forward, feeling and thinking. If anyone else has had similar :-( experiences i would greatly welcome your thoughts !!!!!! cheers, Ruby & Jetty
  13. Flex and Forward

    Thanks to you all for your support on this journey, Meredith, Mog, Brumby Jen and Vicki. I now have a stock saddle that fits ME and JET!!!! and have ridden him out in my paddocks at Dubbo three times now as well as in my arena / yard. And yep Jen looking forward to getting into the Impulsion DVD's to get us flowing and forward :-)
  14. Flex and Forward

    now back in Dubbo with Jet after a fabulous two weeks with Mog and the girls ( and pet lambs, goats, dogs etc), terrific for Jet - and me. He now has so much more flex, more softness to the leg and seat, lateral flex is now SOOOOOO soft and giving and Indirect rein pretty good too. His steering and following the focus very much improved as well. I have learnt heaps - thanks so much Mog :-))))))) heres a pic of me and "Jetty"
  15. Flex and Forward

    ... and now!