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  1. HarvestMoon

    We are back and now vet approved to get going!

    Thank you all, I had a fantastic time meeting some of the other UK QS people last Saturday in Surrey. Some old friends and lots of new faces too. I've put in our level 1 approach assignment already and just waiting for her feet to be checked again Friday before we get properly started again 😀
  2. As some of you know, I had a bad accident which put me out of action for about 6 months. (fell off a muck trailer onto a Harrow and lacerated my liver three times and broke my ribs and injured my shoulder. Then just as I had recovered Lacy, my 15hh gypsy cob had a injury of her own and fractured the wing of her pedal bone in the field. She had 3 months box rest and then a further month complete field rest. She came back into light groundwork a few weeks ago but we had a setback recently on our second ride back where she stumbled and I got off before she lost all her footing. She had another weeks field rest and Vet has checked today and is happy that she just needs to build up muscle and balance and to carry on with groundwork, riding and strengthening in walk and trot to start (vet is checking again in another month). She is very slightly intermidently unlevel in her hindquarters but hoping with work this will cease being noticeable.she is also a bit footsore but it's thought that box rest hasn't helped that and her feet are soft and need to readjust...... So all in all this means I can actually make a start on her QS with her! My aim is to get us through level 1 as quickly as possible while building up her own balance and both of our confidence.
  3. HarvestMoon

    Thank you Monica and good luck!

    Hi Monica! I only just got back here!!, sorry to hear you're hanging up your instructor/agent shoes but pleased you're still going to be ever present as a student. Maybe this summer we could have a chance to meet again!
  4. today was about trying to get lacy to jump, definitely imptoved my focus and send! jumping does not come naturally to little miss heavy cob! she gsve ir her best shot though

  5. Another Assignment submitted! Determined to get through my level 1 quickly to get back to where i was!

  6. HarvestMoon


  7. First assignment with Lacy filmed today :-)

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    2. Alexia


      Lovely to see you x



    3. Meredith


      Yippee! Well done Sarah. Great to see you getting stuck into it again. Good luck with your feedback.

    4. HarvestMoon


      Thank you everyone! :-) Yes it took me a while to come to terms with Harvey's lameness issues. I am now hear to stay again though as I have decided I am now 'allowed' to like/bond with another horse which was a huge issue for me.

  8. My son's first pony Ellie was pts yesterday. Too much pain/health problems for her to keep going. :-(

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    2. monica


      How sad.... so sorry Sarah. Hugs from us all.

    3. del


      So sad to hear Sarah.... hugs to all

    4. karen_ob


      Hi Sarah, I feel for you - we recently had to make the same decision for Samara's first pony Grace.

  9. I'm back again! Haven't been around for a while as have had a new business venture (new tack shop) Harvey is doing great though and is nannying other horses out hacking now! now just to get back into things and put some assignments in as am getting a bit 'stuck' in the programme.

    1. monica


      Welcome back again Sarah! Please give us the name of your tack shop - do you have an online shop? I might be able to send the kiddies your way! Please do call if you would like some support with the programme.

    2. HarvestMoon


      Hi Monica, The tack shop is called Bentley Equestrian. We are at Thorpe Road, Little Clacton, Clacton on sea, essex. We are not online at the moment but will be within the next month and will be on ebay too. we will of course be promoting QS ;-) If anyone has any spare QS posters we would be pleased to put them in the tack shop. I have been given some land to hold events on too so hope to have a practise group up and running again by spring. http://www.facebook.com/#!/bentleyequestrianta...

    3. HarvestMoon


      oh and monica - i think what is getting in the way of my qs journey with harvey is perfection! i need to be happy and just keep moving on...he is so easy now it is very tempting to want perfection before moving on. you might need to give me a virtual slap!


  10. HarvestMoon

    We went on Adult Riding Club Camp and ......

    Thanks all :-) It was Fab, I am still beaming from it all! What was best was everyone was so accepting, I didn't feel out of place at all and even did my flatwork lesson with my mecate rope reins and slobber straps. The only reason I swapped them for 'normal tack' in the jumping is because the mecate rein may have been a bit dangerous xc if it had got caught on something. Any suggestions next time what I could use instead? Can you get rope reins that go on slobber straps that don't have the mecate extra rope bit? oh, and we did everything - even the xc in a sweet iron french link loose ring SNAFFLE. :-D
  11. Really enjoyed ourselves! Those of you who have followed us from the start will know what a journey it has been and today we definitely learnt about heart and desire! The whole camp was a success. 1hr flatwork on the saturday concentrating on using our body to make good turns, us softening and also gaining impulsion..all from a non QS instructor but very much on the same lines now we have done the basics of level 1 it really did make a difference. Sunday was 1hr show jumping lesson, and this is where the level 2 lead change works came in handy! We jumped higher then we normally do and included a spread which would normally worry me but Harvey was excellent - the only time he stopped was the first time we got to one jump and my mind said no, so he didn't. Went straight over the next time when i was committed though. Today was the biggest Ta-dah ever. We went XC schooling. We have never done cross country together before and I have only gone once many years ago, don't think Harvey has ever been. Anyway it was 2hrs of fun! I was petrified to start with but then we really started to enjoy it and flew over most things, including ditches, water, up steps, down steps logs, telegraph poles, tyres. We started off small and ended up enjoying it so much it was not so small. Harvey had a ball and the few times he did get slightly excited it didn't bother me so much and we worked our way through. The first time he saw the water of the water jump he really did panic/not want to go through it and reared a bit but then he realised I wouldn't ask him if he couldn't and I had the opposite problem, keeping him away from the water! oh and as for heart and desire as soon as I wanted to do the jumps at xc we did so much better, had some proper not held back galloping going on too but he was still easy to bring back to a fast canter and stop. (thanks gallop pattern :-) ) Very very good day!
  12. Hi ALL, I am officially well again now...and back! Really took it out of me for a few weeks. Oh, and I have two new horses to play with now as well as my two.....:-D

    1. monica


      Great news Sarah! Are we going to see you in Surrey this year?


    2. HarvestMoon


      Probably not this year Monica, mainly due to financial constraints - really wish i would be able to make ti though x


  13. Sorry I haven't been around much, just over a week ago I contracted Lymes Disease from a tick bite. Am feeling a bit better but have had really tired muscles - hope to start riding again in next few days and then WILL get round to submitting those assignments!

    1. rebecca_s


      Sounds nasty Sarah! Hope you feel better soon. xx

    2. Alexia


      Look 4ward to watching you xx

    3. Shane


      Ooo, hope you are feeling great now Sarah

  14. HarvestMoon

    Harvey now hacks on his own.

    well today we upped this quite a bit by going completely on our own. Went out from the yard on a circular route including roads, tracks and fields. Was out for 30mins and included walk, trot and canter. He was a bit worried to start but kept going forwards and didn't spook or do anything wrong at all. We used it as our cool down from practising fly changes beforehand, so maybe he was a little tired and pleased to be going in straight lines - i'm just pleased!