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  1. Welcome Jaden10 & her lovely young Lady to QS

    Welcome to QS Lisa. I'm sure I'll bump into you soon! Enjoy the journey with Lady :)
  2. retired pony and a new one

    Welcome back Claire.Look forward to seeing your journey with Quince.

    Merry Christmas Meredith and all the QS family.
  4. We got it :)

    Woohoo! It will be easy now Tracy . Asking for sideways is like riding a bike, once you get it and you know what your body is doing you can't 'un' get it!
  5. Congratulation Bodil. Awesome achievement!
  6. Engaging the back muscles

    Hi Zabel has had a few issues with his back/hind quarters this year. I'm still trying to get to the bottom of it. It may have been caused by a slip in the field or something more serious/long term. Anyway I've been doing exercises to help him engage his back muscles, raised trotting poles, lateral drift etc. I know that QS exercises are the best for him. After a physio session in August which released a trapped back muscle he was amazing in camp, the best he has felt in a long while. However over the last few weeks he has had problems again. I had the physio/chiropractor out to see him again last night. She worked on his back and did something that made him use his back muscles and lift his back. The whole point of this post is really to say 'wow'! When he lifted his back it raised a good 4 to 5 inches! She did the exercise several times and watching his back move up like that was amazing. I am imagining what it would feel like to be riding him and have his back that engaged, I would be floating on air! . I've got lots of work to do to get him to that point and coming into winter on a slippery field won't help, but I now have a visual to work to. Onwards and upwards (literally) I hope .
  7. Welcome Hazel and Rusty

    Welcome Hazel and Rusty...enjoy the ride!
  8. why we do what we do at Quantum Savvy

    How nice to get feedback like that.
  9. Congratulations Alexia and Luna L1 grads!!

    Wooohooo! Awesome Alexia. I know how hard you had to work through that last assignment and it paid off. Congratulations to you both. Luna deserves a big carrot.
  10. UK, Surrey, Byfleet

    We are now renamed 'The Barefoot Bunch'. Please see our new listing under UK, Surrey, Ockham - The Barefoot Bunch
  11. Hi All Well this is our third name change! We were the Byfleet Bunch for a long time, and now as we are no longer based in Byfleet, we are 'The Barefoot Bunch'. You can find us at Green Lane, Ockham, Surrey. We have informal get-togethers every weekend and a more formal event monthly. For more info contact Group Organiser - Rebecca Shilstone: 07963 339313 You can also find us on Facebook- Please take a look and 'join' our page http://www.facebook.com/groups/barefootbunch/
  12. Congratulations Fiona Prescott

    :clap: Awesome Fiona, congratulations :clap:
  13. Welcome to QS Julie & Whiskey

    Hi Julie and Whiskey. Welcome to QS from the other side of the pond!
  14. UK, Surrey, Byfleet

    Hi Everyone I have now de-activated the 'retired' facebook page for The Byfleet Bunch. I know some of you that have recently liked/joined our page did so on the old page. So if you can't find us anymore please go to the link under my name and join our active page. See you there!
  15. I don't know where to begin either Tracy. The whole 10 days of camp has been awesome. I started with auditing the L1 mini camp and there were so many achievements. The participants really dug deep to achieve goals they had set themselves. It really was emotional and uplifting to watch. I then did the 5 day Impulsion and Collection camp.I've done the impulsion camp with Shane several times so I was keen to have Meredith's coaching on this. Wow, when I thought I had done it all before it turns out I haven't. Stepping up, and layers, layers, layers, that was my theme for this camp. Working through the checklists and adding layers every day. Layer and move on. Mean what you say and release and step away (really release). I could feel the change in Zabel, and something really clicked with me. I'm still processing it all so can't really put it in to words at the moment. There was so much to take in and my brain is full up! We both have a lot to work on but it feels so achievable now. We followed the 5 day camp with 2 mornings of Harmony in Motion which was a great way to finish after the Collection part of the previous few days, and auditing 2 afternoons of connection/liberty. Thank you Meredith , thank you Zabel , and thank you camp buddies for the learning, the laughter, and the tears! Roll on next year!