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  1. rebecca_s

    what the??

    My horse has a poo face...and grunts at the same time!
  2. What a lovely post Sarah. Yes our ego's can really get in the way of sensible decisions sometimes. Well done for giving your ego a talking to and handing Bea over to Alexia, she did an awesome job with her. I can't wait to see you riding Bea...when the time is right!
  3. rebecca_s

    So close to a purple tick for short range HiM

    Luna you are inspiring, I love watching you and Darcy! I wish my HiM was half as good a yours.
  4. rebecca_s

    Your QS horse has your back!

    Wow. That sounds a lot of fun...if you have a QS horse!
  5. rebecca_s

    New idea for filming

    I was filming myself the other day and a bit of baling twine and an electric fence post did the the job too!
  6. rebecca_s

    Rapid Change

    Wow, that's dedication, joining QS before you had even met a horse! Horses are good for the soul, I agree nothing is a chore around horses. Enjoy your journey, it sounds amazing already.
  7. rebecca_s

    Apollo joins the herd 01.05.18

    Lovely to see Tracy
  8. rebecca_s

    Older horses and QS

    Buster looks amazing for his age. You should be very proud of his transformationTracy. He deserves a relaxing summer I think...he can watch you playing with Apollo whilst he snoozes in the sun.
  9. rebecca_s

    Congratulations Tracy and Buster!

    Awesome Tracy...good old Buster. I knew he had it in him! Congratulations both of you. I'm looking forward to your L1 journey with Apollo now
  10. rebecca_s

    Dressage Test

    Woohoo...well done Amanda
  11. rebecca_s

    Happy Easter everyone

    Every day's a school day! I wondered why the Greeks smash plates
  12. rebecca_s

    Happy Easter everyone

    What does the breaking of the pots/urns mean Alexia?
  13. rebecca_s

    Congratulations Donna & Betty!

    Congratulations Donna and Betty
  14. rebecca_s

    Bea and me

    Cool. Sometimes it pays to wait. It may have taken you a lot longer had you added the phases!
  15. rebecca_s

    Totally Brought a New Horse to Do Skills Checks With!

    Love your new horse