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  1. Got mine thank you. Love hearing about the brumbies too and enjoyed watching Shanes live sessions with Tokay.
  2. Thanks Shane. It will make the module browsing so much easier.
  3. Awesome post. Thank you for sharing.
  4. Wow, this is interesting and scary to watch. I only watched a couple of minutes but it looked like the partition was actually helping keep him upright! What is an anti-scramble float? How does it differ from a regular float?
  5. Ah well done Lordi and Lorna!
  6. Woohoo...well done Liv and Ben. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures when you are back home.
  7. Congratulations Georgia and Perl . Awesome achievement.
  8. You are doing great with him Tracy. I know you both pushed yourselves out of your comfort zone in Thursley...but it was great fun wasn't it? It can be a bit frustrating when your horse keeps anticipating your next move, ...particularly when you are filming an assignment (hey Zabel? ) . So yes just keep changing the tasks to keep them thinking and focussed. I'm sure the rope grabbing will stop in time when he realises it's not getting him anywhere! Onwards and upwards indeed!
  9. Ha ha...that's awesome Tracy. Bless him, better dust off rope and halter!
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