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    Warwick, Qld
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    Horses of course, reading, camping.
  1. Congratulations Kerensa!

    Congratulations Kerensa & Vogue. You guys Rock
  2. How my horse forgives me my mistake! Beautiful💕

    Congratulations Wendy, it is amazing how much our horse will do for us when we ask the right way. :clapping:
  3. Congratulations Celia & Peppi

    A huge congratulations to Celia Campbell & Peppi our newest Level One Graduates. Well done on finishing your Level One, you will have heaps of fun in Level Two. :clapping: :cheers:
  4. Level 1 Grad for Mildura!

    Congratulations Danielle & Buttons. Here's to lots of fun in Level Two.
  5. WANTED: Level 2 Lesson Packs

    I have some of them Celia
  6. Congratulations Lisa!!

    Congratulations Lisa & Rupert :clapping:
  7. You Can Do It To Tour Demos

    Are we having a practice run Friday arvo Meredith? What time is everyone arriving?
  8. You Can Do It To Tour Demos

    I know what you mean Elise, I have the same problem. I'm also trying to work out our part in the Morgan Display for Toowoomba Show the following Saturday. I'm thinking maybe some flank rope yields, Aus is pretty good with them. Liberty is dicey, good if he feels like it, takes off if he doesn't.
  9. Way to go Josh & Leeroy

    Please join me in congratulating Josh & Leeroy for passing their last Level One assignment tonight. Well done Josh for keeping at it & working hard. On to Level Two now & lots more fun to be had
  10. Is this one any good for "don't tie up to trim"??
  11. Congratulations Chris & Teddy

    A huge congratulations to Chris Baxter & Teddy Our newest Level One Grads. Chris has done a great job with her Level One & I'm sure you will have lots of fun now in Level Two. :cheers: :clapping:
  12. A huge CONGRATULATIONS TO KAREN & JAQUITA. Karen & Jaquita have flown through Level One. Now onto Level Two, you will both have a huge amount of fun. Karen is also the first of the students I am coaching to graduate Level One. A huge thank you to you Karen & good luck in Level Two. :cheers: :thumbsup:
  13. Way to go Lily and Bobby Sox

    Yay Lily & Bobby Sox. Congratulations on achieving your level One. :clapping: :clapping:
  14. Merry Christmas Sarah and Buddy!!

    YAY Sarah & Buddy. So happy to see you both finished your Level One. On to bigger & better things now, no holding you back.
  15. WELCOME - Sandra from Fraser Coast Qld

    Welcome to QS Sandra, enjoy your journey. You will love it