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  1. Spirals are helping before mounting :)

  2. Space invasion?

    Thanks Mel & Rebecca, I think it's a good idea with the 'no yield', I'll just have to keep practicing it. With regards to his approach, he's not invading my space when he approaches, it's just that it's always head first. It may take a while until I can pass even my 'approach' but we'll see. Thanks, Rach
  3. Space invasion?

    I posted the question above but for some reason I wasn't signed in...
  4. Mr Munsey is my new man! I have rescued an ex-race horse who has travelled all around the world.

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    2. Alexia


      Have a great journey together x

    3. vickimarr


      How lucky is he to have you :-)

    4. monica


      So happy for you Rach - he is such a nice horse! xx

  5. Congratulations Rachel And Blue!

    Wow! Thank you all so very much!! It's been a journey, 2 years in the making! I didn't even know when I went to see Blue this evening, Monica and Rebecca surprised me by bringing the champs and strawberries! If there's ever been a good excuse for champs, tonight was awesome!!! Thank you, I'm ready for the fun to continue as Blue (a true gentleman) and I continue on our journey... how truly wonderful! Thank you
  6. Yey, I just got a blue tick for my 2 rein riding!! Yipee... 2 more ticks until I finish level 1 :) so very happy!!!

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    2. Alexia


      well done Rach - early there now x

    3. meredith


      fantastic Rachael...well done!

    4. monica


      Go Rachel, go!!!

  7. Well done!!! Welcome to Level One - you are truly on your way now. We will do the Mounting Assignment on Sunday - 12:30 to 2pm. See you then?

    I am so proud of you!!!

  8. I just got my first two ticks.. :)

    Very happy lady!!

  9. I like your hat :)


  10. Hey.. sorry my user name is 77rach.

    Hope you enjoyed your Sunday lunch.

    Rach x