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  1. Enjoy! But make it purposefull. Reward the try. They need to see a patern of reward in you.
  2. Sounds like he just needs something to do. Are you going to slow and giving him time to think of his own games? Keep doing your homework and you will see a pattern over 3 or more days. The same homework. Tell us what you see.
  3. Have to check with the event organiser but it would be a handy subject for sure.
  4. Shane

    A New Way to Fail

    Good tips from Alexia here. There is always the option of getting help from a QS approved horse trainer
  5. Shane

    Level 2 homework cards

    Level 2 homework cards View File Level 2 homework cards Submitter Shane Submitted 04/14/2018 Category QS Students  
  6. Shane

    Level 2 homework cards

    Version 2.0


    Level 2 homework cards
  7. I have had a few requests from international students for a different payment option than Paypal. Today I have added "Stripe" as a payment option for QS members. If you go to your membership page and select a product and it will pop up from there, looks more simple than the Paypal option. Looking forward to feedback on it. https://www.quantumsavvy.com/Members/member We have been using Stripe for a few years for the QS Profs and it works well, very secure. Cheers Shane
  8. About the QSE videos here now.https://shaneransley.com.au/qse-camps-2018/
  9. Shane

    Mindset Video series released

    Thanks Lorraine
  10. About The Horsemanship Levels Video
  11. About Assignments Video
  12. About Homework Cards Video
  13. About The Modules Video
  14. About The Forum Video
  15. Hi QS Members We are just putting the final touches on a new Mindset series of videos to help people understand the concept of QS horsemanship. As a member, these videos will be sent to you of course. Check them out here but don't sign up yet as they are being emailed to you first and you may end up getting 2 lots of emails. Feel free to share the link with friends who these may help, there is also a Facebook button on the page. https://shaneransley.com.au/free-horsemanship-mindset-videos