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  1. Shane

    Way to go Liv and Matilda

    Way to go Liv..... look out now Rafiki !!
  2. Shane

    QSE 2019

    QSE 2019 early bird finishes this weekend!! Are you coming to QSE 2019??? We had a fabulous time this year and next year is going to be even better. Bookings are now open with some terrific specials on offer. Congratulations to all those people who have jumped on this and booked their camps already. Keep an eye on your mail box for more exciting information about your upcoming camp. REMEMBER FOLKS - EARLY BIRD 1 SPECIALS FINISH TOMORROW JUNE 30TH. *Get your booking in by tomorrow and save 25% off your QSE 2019 camp. That is hundreds of $$$$ - A Massive Saving. And all you need to do is pay a deposit of $600 to receive the discount. It has never been easier to book and join in on this amazing experience. QSE camps run during April and May here in Woolooga Qld, which is a gorgeous time of year. Great weather for spending the day with your horse in beautiful surroundings, building the partnership of your dreams. We have camps for all levels and capabilities and lease horses for interstate and international students. So get your bookings in by tomorrow or contact the QS Office or your local Agent for more info. cheerio, Meredith Watch the slideshow of 2018 (new music from Meredith)
  3. Shane

    The Quantum Savvy Experience camps

    Here is the link to the photo album for camp goers to download their photos. http://www.quantumsavvy.com/board/index.php?/gallery/album/516-qse-2018/
  4. Shane

    QSE 2019

    Showcase of just some of the fun we had at the QSE in 2018.
  5. Shane

    The Quantum Savvy Experience camps

    Showcase of just some of the fun we had at the QSE in 2018.
  6. Shane

    QSE 2018

    Quantum Savvy Horsemanship Experience. 2018 camps.
  7. Great story Sarah, thank you for sharing it.
  8. Shane

    The Quantum Savvy Experience camps

    Love the newsletter Meredith, so much happened and it great to see it written down.
  9. Congratulations Hannah and Bella on your level 1 graduation !!!! You have done very well with your sensitive horse, lots of homework and effort. Keep up the great work and enjoy your level 2.
  10. Shane

    what the??

    Interesting Jen, I have noticed the wild horses seem to rather going in one spot and the handled or domestic horses that have to live in small areas don't seem to care.
  11. Training course for you and your horse. Recieve full access to the "Young (or old) Horse Training Module", which includes a series of videos that have been 12 years in the making! Follow the horses through their first handling and rides to their advanced contact riding. This training module takes you through each step of training or re-training your horse. There are also a series of printable checklists to help keep you on track. This module has only been available till now to horse trainers who have attended horse training camps or trainers that have purchased the module separately for $600, but now all QS Gold Members have access for free. If you aren't a QS Gold Member then now is the time to get started and enjoy over 300 horse training videos along with coaching and support from Quantum Savvy Horsemanship. Join as a QS Gold Member. https://www.quantumsavvy.com/Members/signup/8jcHI9fTa Gold members link to module here. http://www.quantumsavvy.com/board/index.php?/topic/9598-young-horse-training-timeline/ Enjoy! Shane and Meredith. First halter First ride Collected Fly Changes
  12. Shane

    Your QS horse has your back!

    Cool, well done Elise.
  13. Enjoy! But make it purposefull. Reward the try. They need to see a patern of reward in you.
  14. Sounds like he just needs something to do. Are you going to slow and giving him time to think of his own games? Keep doing your homework and you will see a pattern over 3 or more days. The same homework. Tell us what you see.
  15. Have to check with the event organiser but it would be a handy subject for sure.