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  1. As the leader of your herd, you can choose who to protect and when, but you will need to be fair and consistent, for your horses to except it well.
  2. until

    Demo video with Meredith and Vicki added.
  3. Be inspired and let Meredith help you live your dreams this summer during her acclaimed Summer Lessons. Three weeks of on-line coaching, daily lessons, 6 zoom chats per day to tune into, video assessments and more. Lessons for all levels. Book now via Facebook or QS Forum. Event details here. http://www.quantumsavvy.com/board/index.php?/calendar/event/488-summer-lessons-with-meredith-ukeurope/
  4. until

    Meredith summer lesson video added
  5. Shane


    Hi Lisa QS will be great for getting that top-line working and without using old school physical control. But the problem is getting through level one skill-building first. It will be crucial throughout your level one that we get your horse flexing well laterally and lifting that back, and your coach will need to keep an eye on it during your assignments. I have done quite a bit of work with kissing spine horses. The first thing you will need is the trust of your horse, so they don't blame you when their back pinches because as you strengthen their back, it will pinch sometimes. Just li
  6. Use this link..... M https://us04web.zoom.us/j/8219007477?pwd=QWhLaUREaVNHWTY3Z0lzV0U4eWJLQT09
  7. We are one barrel short in the playground though
  8. I have been getting my new oven ready for camp food .
  9. Ah!!!...we ran out of time. I am so sorry girls, we had lots to talk about. Lets do it all again soon though. I hope you can join me for the free clinic next weekend at least for some of it. And we'll get some half day workshops going. Does that sound like a plan? In the meantime, please do join in on the impulsion programmes each month. I know we have a time difference but you can still do your practise sessions. And we can chat about those. Take heart Judy. You'll get mote impulsion. It is a big thing and a major part of achieving horsemanship, so be patient and keep at
  10. Shane

    QSE Attendees Chat

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