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  1. Congratulations Hanna and Bella on completing your module 3.
  2. Great overview of our QSH principals and our history.
  3. Congratulations Jane and Murphy, on completing your Module One.
  4. Congratulations Luna, on completing your "Module One" and way to go Yogi.
  5. Congratulations on completing your "Module One" Ellie and well done Flip.
  6. Awesome!! What a great connection you are building.
  7. He he, sounds tricky. What is collection and self carriage to the person? I would say collection And self-carriage is the same thing. You can't have one without the other! So when do we start self-carriage? Here is the tricky bit that the others seem to miss. Self-carriage is lateral softness in all gaits. So the real question is when do we start lateral flexion But wait! Lateral flexion comes from trust and rapport! Right, so the real question is when do we start building trust and rapport? But wait, to be able to give trust and offer rapport there would need to be unconditional love for the horse! Maybe this is why some people never get collection and self-carriage.! Something to ponder .
  8. Sorry to hear this, Sarah. I hope this helps remind us all of the significant importance our QS horsemanship habits have to help stack the odds in our favour as much as possible. Shane
  9. Hi Liz, and welcome. All the module one pdf's and the RFT book are on this page. http://www.quantumsavvy.com/board/index.php?/forum/152-module-1-level-1-leadership/ Shane
  10. Yes, today Chrissie and Eli have completed their module 2 (confidence). Good luck and have fun with module 3 Chrissie. Shane
  11. Congratulations on achieving QS Level 1, Chrissie and Eli.
  12. Module Completion Congratulations on completing Module 8 - Advanced Liberty. You've reached a huge milestone on completing this Module. Very well done. The connection and communication you now have with your horse is extraordinary and something most people only ever dream of. Take a moment to congratulate yourself and to look at how far you and your horse have come. This now, is your final message from Meredith for this Module. In it she talks about revisiting your Homework Cards and getting all those homework boxes ticked, and getting your assignments in if you haven't already. Liberty figure 8 video Meredith with some tips on doing the figure 8 at the end on the short range yields assignment. Liberty short range yields assignment video Meredith demonstrates the short range yields (fly change) assignment, filmed in Mt Pleasant in the Adelaide Hills South Australia. Module 9 - Advanced Impulsion Get started on your Module 9 today! This week, to prepare you for the next Module, take the time to go back over your Homework Cards and make sure all of those boxes are ticked. Even if you have a few assignments still to complete, you can start your Module 9 now. Just keep submitting your Module 8 Assignments as you get started on Module 9 - Advanced Impulsion. Congratulations and have fun.
  13. Week 5 Welcome to Week 5 Meredith looks at what we'll be doing this week, specifically the liberty flying change and making sure you are using your position, energy and release to communicate effectively with your horse. There are more hints and tips from Meredith and Spydie plus the short range yields assignment. Week 5 Assignment - Liberty short range yields. This weeks assignment covers transitions and changes of direction at liberty. Week 5 assignment.pdf Fly changes video Meredith and Spyder with some great tips on changes of direction at liberty.
  14. Week 4 Welcome to Week 4 Meredith talks about what to aim for in this weeks' HiM assignment, plus the hints and tips video from herself and Spydie, to help you with liberty transitions. Week 4 Homework This week it's time to revisit the first homework card and go through the rest of the card now. Plus work on the Harmony in Motion assignment below to hone your skills. Week1and4.pdf Week 4 Assignment HIM assignment for week 4. Liberty assignment. LibertyModuleHIMassignments.pdf Liberty transitions video Some great tips from Meredith on liberty transitions.
  15. Week 3 Welcome to Week 3 A word from Meredith about this week's lesson on advancing your bareback riding and building confidence, communication and connection as you begin riding bridle less. Week 3 Homework This week complete the rest of the homework card from last week. This will cover the bareback riding that you have been preparing for so far. Week 2and3.pdf Bareback riding video This week Meredith introduces you to bareback riding and how to mount un-assisted. Bareback riding in a 50' round yard video What to do once you get up there.
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