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  1. Tying a horse up

    Good question. If the fence isn't a real strong one then best not to tie to it at all. In Australia, we travel a lot with our horses and it is important that they can tie solid (using a quick release knot). If we are in a public area or near a road then they need to stay where we put them, for everyone's safety. Twine can teach horses to pull just hard enough to break it, which actually can teach them to pull back. If there is something we need to tie a horse too but it doesn't look all that strong we do one wrap around it with the rope so the horse will feel it dragging and hopefully stand still. If you go this option it is still not a good idea to leave them unattended. If you have a choice of tie spots always go for the highest one, preferably above their wither height so they can't get their power to the ground as well, when the tie spot is low they can get a lot of power into pulling back. Remember in QS, horses should always be educated about their options. So before tying solid make sure your horse is reasonably confident (can do no-yields while tied) and understands to yield to the halter (does basic skills well).
  2. I got a 14hh fat old 1/4 horse that goes quite well. Maybe we could share.
  3. Never say never...

    Gotta luv Quantum Savvy Horsemanship hey! This stuff works!
  4. Oops

    He he, at least you know now.
  5. 2017 Reflection

    Good points Sue, well done.
  6. Landing Counterflexed

    For those who missed the tip. The answer was in week 1 of module 5, the groundwork video when Mejor lands with his feet together at the 9.20 min mark. Just do what I did there. Easy peasy!
  7. Landing Counterflexed

    Release! Just ask the horse to jump again and reward the flex you want. No pressure needed.
  8. Impulsion issuecimibg out of roll back

    Nice focus and good rein positions there Clare. The southern cross pattern is used in the impulsion module 5 and check out the gallop pattern in module 9 for some fun.
  9. Landing Counterflexed

    The tip I was thinking of was in the impulsion groundwork video, where I talk about the legs in the jump.
  10. Landing Counterflexed

    Yeah! come on QS students I want to hear this answer Tip: RFT
  11. A great radio show, where Meredith and Mel talk about these subjects and more. How to choose a horse. Thinking horse. Bits vs bitless. Control vs communication. Why build rapport? Your Rapport bank account.
  12. Have a look at the 10 minute trim video in the Trek’n Train videos.
  13. Added a new video to the top of this post. Introducing the new QS saddle. Fitting and tree design with Peter. Meet Peter Vellacott as he talks about the new QS saddles and saddle fit. Demo video from a saddle fit demo for the combined practice group day in Maryborough QLD.
  14. No feedback or engagement

    Yes, good options Alexia. Re the mare, just sounds like she hasn't figured out the pattern of offering first then phases are coming. She will after more homework cards. Some horses just get used to being told what to do and get mentally lazy.
  15. Cool! a thinking pony.