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  1. Pulling hooves away whilst trimming

    Hmm Jimbo what are you thinking! Could be a leadership thing? Try doing some leadership tasks for a few minutes then while he is getting his rest do a foot, give him 3 chances to try and stand still and then go back to leadership exercises until he figures it is good to stand and have a foot done. He should figure this after a few sessions. Also, go with the mindset of getting him to like standing while being trimmed not the mindset of you must do feet. Another thing that does give them trouble with standing with one leg up is if they have some discomfort somewhere but hopefully, this isn't the case.
  2. Congratulations Bodil and Pardotje on your level 1!!! You have had to develop some great skills with your horse and have hung in there with a great attitude Bodil, well done. Shane
  3. Impulsion issuecimibg out of roll back

    Wooohoo you're back in. Some horses when they start to use their hind properly can get a bit elevated, so this is good but just need to stretch him out after the turn. Use the turns and rebounds in the southern cross pattern for even more effective hind 1/4 use and then when you come back to roll backs they will be even better.
  4. Engaging the back muscles

    That's great that he can even do it. Some horses get so stuck they can't even do it when they are asked manually like that so well done. Yes, can feel a bit scary when that back fully comes up!! Just make sure they have positive thoughts
  5. Shane going for a ride!

    Breeze and I when we first meet.
  6. Photos if found

  7. Price was $4,200 not $4,100 sorry my bad. You won't need another saddle for a long long time if ever. So why not ride in comfort and style
  8. Hi Georgia Good question. I think the western style QS saddle will be handy with the horn on the front for those times when you need to be able to grab something quick to save you from squeezing with your legs, also good for hanging ropes on. The Aussie style will be a little better I think for the schooled horses around top end level 2 and beyond. Closer to the horse and a little smaller. I will be getting and Aussie style QS saddle for myself soon so I have a choice.
  9. Way to go Sandra and Ben you did it!!! Congratulation on your level 1
  10. why we do what we do at Quantum Savvy

    Now that is what we want people to see. Just need more of our results out there and they will speak for themselves. Not just a glossy advert but real results for real people and horses. Well done Allan, send more soon.
  11. Hi Alexia It has wider bars shaped to the horses back, bars are the bits that go on the muscles the length of the saddle. The bars are also just a little longer than English style saddles.
  12. QS saddles and bareback pads with latest design Shane and Peter redesign the QS saddles and bareback pads from the ground up. See how it's done and what will be inside your new QS saddle. Yes the saddle will look pretty much the same as the old one but keep you lower and have a little less leather in the skirting to make it smaller which will free up the horses movement a little more. Price $4,200 for both the western and Aussie look QS purpose built saddles.
  13. Great effort on your level 1 graduation Alexia and Luna. Alexia has done the young horse course and Luna is Alexia's young green horse and she has achieved level 1 within 10 months!! Nice job Alexia.