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  1. amandal

    Mog Davies at Adelaide Demo

    I love watching these old clips!!!
  2. amandal

    Imagination Challenge 2 Level 3

    Look at your seat! #lovely
  3. amandal

    Level One Imagination Assignment - The Circus

    This is gold!!
  4. amandal

    Mel & Abbey Barrel Gallop

    I love watching this!!!!
  5. Hi All Just thought I'd share some footage on my ponies being trimmed with a HoofBoss power tool. Both handled it very well. Sonia the bay mare doesn't like it when the bits flick up and hit her belly so we now lightly wrap a towel around her belly. The big black horse who had farrier/feet anxiety issue doesn't give too hoots. The hoof man here (Jock) used to study QS so has a lovely way with the horses, so if they do get tense he just backs off and goes back in politely.
  6. amandal

    Dressage Test

    Hi All Id like to share our "ta-dah" from the weekend. Sonia and I went to the Master Games (over 30's) as part of the Mildura Horse Complex Show. I had entered us in the dressage, but decided to scratch because I felt our forward isn't great with the bit. When I approached the judge to scratch, she asked why, so I explained. The judge said that because this was not an official test, she was happy (as long we were safe, and I assured her we were) for us to go out there in our bitless bridle. This bridle is not as clear for communication as our rope hackamore, but Sonny goes well in it, none the less. So... we did the test. I was very nervous (my emotional fitness wasn't very good). Exacerbated by the small crowd who had come to watch the horse that was ridden without a bit, apparently we had turned into a bit of a spectacle. No Pressure!!! Cause if something had of gone wrong it would have been because "that horse didn't have a bit in its mouth"... I was so happy that we got though it. We also did two small rounds of show jumping bitless too, that was fun! I went home so proud of my pony. Later that night, I messaged the event organiser to see if I could pick up a copy of the score sheet to see what the judges remarks were. She said, you'd better, and your ribbon too, cause you guys came third! Well emotional fitness out the window again. Tears of pride flowed. I have attached said score sheet if anyone wants to have a look and possibly a giggle at some of the judges comments. I will add, it was an absolutely foul day huge winds and dust blowing everywhere. (For those of you who don't know us, Sonia is a 6 yr old off the track Standardbred and we are two assignments off our level one). Mel is our coach. TA-DAH!!!! Cheers Amanda and Sonia MHC Masters Unofficial Dressage Test 14-4-18.pdf
  7. amandal


    That's so great to hear!!
  8. What a great spot and what great ponies!!!
  9. Hi All Does any one have any footage of using the Dremel yet?
  10. amandal

    WBPD 2018 in Victoria

    This was such a fun event!!! Another big thanks to Del for all the effort she put into our weekend. It's so great to catch up with the rest of our QS Tribe!!! You guys are my kind of people!!!
  11. amandal


    My first assignments with dear old Scrubber. The horse who started my QS journey!!! We passed! Back in the old days we filmed it all in one go!!
  12. Being a fairly recent Standy convert i am continually amazed at what my little horse does for me.

  13. amandal

    Looking for a horse....

    Standys do have pretty great temperaments. I have two great contacts in Mildura that are involved with the HERO (Harness Education & re-homing Opportunities) Program. Let me know if you want their contact details.
  14. amandal

    Introducing Saint Sonia

    Hi All First time blogger here... I've been studying with QS for many years. I passed my first level one with my big TB Scrubber years ago, unfortunately Scrub passed away. I have now got a new girl called Sonia, she's a Standy, a baby just 5 yrs. We have been together since the start of this year. I plan to get all my assignments into Mel by the end of the year and have level one done and dusted, we are about half way through. Mel has done some horse training with her, to assist her with her transition to a riding horse. Being a Standy with that extra gait, Sonia and I needed a bit of help softening and learning the canter stride. Of course Mel has done an amazing job. I have attached a photo of Sonia at an event we attended recently. This little horse just takes everything in her stride, and tries so hard for me and despite me sometimes (When Im not being as clear as i should be). Anyway I love following everybody's journeys with their horses and slowly but surely getting to meet as many of the QS family as possible. Cheers Amanda
  15. amandal

    So much try!

    Our horses are truly amazing aren't they!