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  1. This is a response from a recent client. It's truly about working with the horse's mind & attitude rather than just his body. Hi Alan I want to thank you for the amazing horsemanship you displayed when loading my 16hh Chestnut gelding Max. Max had not been floated for at least 12 years & apparently was sedated at the time for that trip. I rescued Max just over 5yrs ago. He had experienced physical abuse & was fearful of most people & any unpredictable movement or noise. Your skill & patience when connecting & helping him relax enough to trust you, made the loading process look simple & easy. I can't thank you enough for staying with Max to keep him calm & for Vicki driving slowly for the trip to his new home. I am incredibly grateful for all the time & effort you have invested into understanding horses & you were definitely the best man for the job. Thank you from the bottom of my heart & I know Max thanks you too❤️ God bless you for all you do for these magnificent animals. Warmest regards Nalini
  2. Student Chat November 15th 8pm (daylight saving states). 7pm Qld time. 9am UK time. Subject: 'Softness comes first'

    1. meredith


      Terrific Al. Will be a great chat with an excellent topic.


  3. Hello and Welcome, I am Allan Mitchell and I am a Grade 1 and 2 horse trainer and colt starter based in the Northern Rivers in NSW. I am enthusiastic about helping horses move with a soft confident and positive mind set as well as have them laterally soft and travelling correctly through their body. I offer impulsion and collection training as well as halter training and colt starting. If you are interested in horse training contact me on 0412791452 or at allanandzena@gmail.com
  4. Had a session on the ranch rope late this afternoon then some long reining Progressing well with ranch rope especially sideways. Zena is flowing well and putting effort into it Interesting playing with feel with the long reins as if u were sitting on them but not having your seat to help u All great fun and challenging keeping the conversation going through your hands only
  5. Having been around and seen quite a bit of the QS world i am not so easily surprised or impressed by dramatic progresses made by horses or riders as they tend to be a little more the commonplace than the exception after a while but i would like to share an experience that left me totally gobsmacked and in awe. On my way home from camp i had to pick up a horse to do a getting started lesson with Mel.I had never met horse or rider before and neither had done any QS before.I arrived at her property to find her horse with more than the usual amount of detachment from humans and no respect of personal space at all. The only area we had to load it was on the shoulder of the road with a drop of right beside the float but i had been assured it floated fine. The only gear with it was a sort of a strap halter that was barely hanging together with about 8 feet of large coarse rope on it. Is this starting to sound like a recipe for success? Being short on time as well i thought i will just lead it on as they had been doing to get it to the lesson and we could work on it there. Well i lead it on and low and behold it went straight on though u could see it was far from happy. To easy i was thinking as i stroked its nose to settle it.After a while i asked the owner to do the same so i could get the gate up as it wasnt confident enough to stand there on its own.The owner was extremely anxious and nervous as she had had some really bad floating incidents before. She then walked up grabbed the snap and tryed to hold the horse in. No prizes for guessing what happened next.Of coarse the horse through its head up when it felt trapped,her hands locked on the rope and the horse flew out the back of the float leaving behind one very large learn burn.Well it goes without saying that that horse was not going on again. it would put its front feet on the ramp and lock up with fear.Well with no tools no space or time to do a float load lesson i was thinking what on earth am i going to do here.Then something Meredith said will doing liberty at camp rung in my ears.SOMETIMES WHEN YOUR WORKING WITH YOUR HORSE ALL YOU CAN REALLY USE IS YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND FEEL AND TRUST THE HORSE. So with a normal type load out of the question i thought all i could do was go completely out of the box and see what we could get. I stood in the front of the float at the end of the lead rope and with a soft feel on the rope rolled my wrist to offer a direct rein as u would if u were riding.Left then right without increasing the ask until i got his attention then released. Then an ear and released. Then a tip of the nose and released.Then his head and release. Then his neck and release.Then he shifted his weight on his front feet.At the next invite he lowered his head took a deep breathe softened his whole body and walked quietly and confidently from the back of the ramp all the way on without any hesitation on his own and stood calmly. After a good rub i left him there on his own while i shut the gate and he made no attempt to move or even think of moving for that matter.The entire process from start to finish took approx 5mins. The enormatey of what had just happened staggered me. To help a fearfull and locked up physically and mentally horse to relax soften and become confident in a couple of minutes using only feel and release with no tools or phases or for that matter not even moving a foot. What are these animals capable of with the right communication and the faith they place in u is astounding. I am at the moment completely reassessing what i do with my horse and how i do it. She deserves much better than i have been giving her.
  6. A Proud Mum Story!!! Just got to love them!

    Reminds me of an incident that happened some years ago (wont say how many) on a Trailriding Club ride with our then young daughter Jussy. We were riding along a single file track in thick bush at a fast trot with me bringing up the rear.Jus was a couple of horses in front of me on her horse Coty bareback as she generally was and siting sidesaddle.Anyway as Coty rounded a sharp bend around a tree Jus slid of his side hit the ground running caught up to Coty how was still in line and vaulted over his bum and back on. Coty who hadnt broken stride at all only reaction was to look around at her as if to say where did you go!!! I just sat at the back quite chuffed with horse and rider. PS Jill i might take you up on that challenge
  7. Thanks Mel for a great QW. Whether it was watching the getting started group acheiving what they only dreamt of or the level 2 group learning more about positive reflex and connecting with your horse it was an inspirational time in Crystal Creek yet again. Great weather great company and having a blast with your horse. Who could ask for anything more. Thanks again Mel from everyone you sent home with warm thoughts and happy hearts
  8. Harmony In Motion Clinic - Gold Coast-

    Great weekend. Thanks Meredith. Learnt so much about softness and flexion and still amazed at how much a horse will give with such lightness and effort from the smallest ask.To many TaDahs to mention but the highlight for me was having Zena collect HERSELF up while only holding the reins between one finger and thumb and perform to a mere suggestion. Priceless
  9. Diff Between Qs And Parelli

    Who else could it be Lou
  10. Diff Between Qs And Parelli

    For me the biggest differance between the two is the emphasise on having your horse moving towards comfort not away from pressure. QS also gets your softer through the ribs and standing up properly on the circle rather than dropping in on the shoulder and getting heavy on the front end which is a hard habit to break latter as you try to advance into contact riding.
  11. Just clearing the deck after after the weekend and would like to thank all those who rode and made such a great effort in very wet cold and rainy conditions and still acheived amazing improvements over the weekend.Shane was the usual Shane so needless to say there was much wisdom and learning being shared.Never ceases to amaze me after so many years and clinics you can still go to a level one clinc and learn heaps. Thanks again to all for making it a great weekend and cant wait for the five day Impulsion camp in July
  12. thanks Shane for a great weekend.It has added a whole new dimension to the impulsion program

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    2. meredith


      it was pretty special and spectacular wasn't it!


    3. Shane


      It was great, the horses were going so well and the venue was fantastic

    4. frostydude


      Thanks for a great weekend away Deb and Al. The kids and my camera and I had a great time

  13. Another L1 Grad For Nsw

    I will if you will
  14. Another L1 Grad For Nsw

    Thanks Tanya. Level 2 will be a challenge and a ton of fun all at the same time
  15. Another L1 Grad For Nsw

    I am humbled by all the well wishers and congratulations from all you guys but not surprised as I know that this type of support is typical from the quantum savvy family that why we belong! Thanks so much to everyone from Al and Zena.P.S. Have two blue ticks already on our way to level two Yeha!!!!!