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    Horses (of course) and most other animals, my gorgeous little family, learning, natural health for people and animals, fitness, smiles and laughter

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  1. That sounds terrible, I have had him seen by various therapists just not the right ones, I haven't just left him in the paddock in pain! The one we need is a specialist vet and I may have to sell my soul to afford her haha
  2. Just a quick one, we're on a break from QS at present. Not by choice, sadly Paddy is having some soundness issues and funds are tight with our house on it's way up (frame went up today yaaaaaay) so we haven't been able to do as much about it as of yet as I'd like. So he's currently spelling in the paddock though we're still pottering at some groundwork, but he is unable to jump barrels or take a rider and is a bit narky as his legs keep going out from under him. Ernie too is not doing the greatest so I'm currently essentially horseless, though we can still have many lovely moments out in the paddock. Have a few options for another horse just got to figure out what I'm doing with these guys first. I plan to be back readier then ever come the warmer weather again. Either with Paddy or with another horse. Much love to you all xx
  3. Was already loving this post, then Meredith says you guys cover this at your camps... Sorry to get off track but you guys all ROCK! It really is the whole package here, love it. Although I'm a little tied up with my young family at present am lurking in the shadows waiting for my time again Fat sick and nearly dead is on my to-do list have seen hungry for change, though still trying to get Mark to watch it not such an easy feat but we'll get there. We are getting our thermomix this year (I've been not so patiently planning for this for some time now) and with the move to our own property and the beginning of our very own organic, remineralised vege garden and meat production coming up it's going to be an awesome health year for us here. You know I still haven't gotten around to doing a huge amount of reading on the alkaline stuff but will go visit your links here now Bindy, We do include some alkalinising practices here already as per advice from natural therapists but I don't have a great understaning of it all just yet. Thanks for sharing, and caring so much about not only your health but all of ours too xx
  4. Yay, Meredith we are eagerly awaiting this one! Looks fantastic, that's a very gorgeous pic
  5. leahhw

    Still pottering away

    Paddy and I had been going well for a couple of weeks there getting assignments in each week. Life got a bit busy and Ernie has been unwell having one of his liver "attacks" so Pad has been a little neglected and is not impressed about it. That said though, this time we're still having some wins in amongst the flying teeth and hooves and his threats seem to be lessening in size so I'm hoping it's just a matter of out lasting him. He has also been sore a bit from his mishap with the barrels the other week. He is fine until he goes over them again then pulls up lame again, keeping an eye on that. We have been working on our short range yields and basic skills and although it's not a float, I've been setting up a tunnel of barrels against a fence to "load" him into to practice something else and break things up a bit. Our no yield is coming alonh really nicely, I can touch him everywhere now without any hassle most of the time and we had a huge victory yesterday when I rubbed him all over with a very noisy plastic bag - including over his gelding scar with no reaction at all!!!!!!!!!!! I trimmed his feet today and while he gave me a bit of a harder time then he had with recent previous trims, he wasn't trying to hurt me at all, just testing his boundaries trying to lay down and hop away, not one single kick or bite which was nice. Our short range yields however are a bit crazy at the moment. He gets very annoyed when I ask him to trot, as soon as I lift my energy. He does the trot but starts throwing his head around, trying to space invade, ears flat and when I ask for the hind yield he swings around and comes flying at me or the sick or the rope, whichever catches his eye first. Have been playing around with my phases and using/not using the stick etc and have yet to find the key I'm missing but I'm really trying to find little tries to reward and think we are showing some improvement. Some days more then others. Joey is wonderful, looked a bit unwell recently it's getting to the time of year where his Cushings plays up but he's picked back up again and has begun neighing out hello with the other two which is really lovely. As I mentioned Ernie hasn't been well, his body is covered in fluid, particularly on top and he's had a few lethargic days but we're battling on and I think we're starting to see some improvement. He's on an array of herbs, vitamins (including ridiculously expensive B15) and I've been playing with his minerals a little this week which is where I'm hoping the improvement has come from and apart from the few days there he's been pretty well in himself. In other news I've been getting out trimming a few horses regularly which I am loving and my confidence and skill is just growing and growing. Have the clinic with Neal Vaulk next week and I so can't wait! Kenz started 4yo kinder this year which has been a big transition but we're settling in now for the main part and I'm loving the one on one time with Zoe who is insane 10mo and walking and climbing things and just all over the place Anyways best get to bed some time tonight. Hopefully will get a couple of assignments filmed this weekend if we can achieve a couple of circles. Leah xx
  6. So excited for this one!!! Thought I'd share in case any of you were interested, this clinic is for hoof trimmers I believe there is an owners one being held the weekend before or after too, the Go Barefoot website should have more info: Neal TRIMMER clinic flyer.pdf
  7. leahhw

    Ernie the invincible pony

    Ernie has liver disease, it's not in acute liver failure yet but will fail at some point. No way to know when and management is dietary in the meantime. This is good and bad news, it's b ad that he is unwell and the future prognosis doesn't look great but it's good as I can now go out and research and find ways to support his liver and with any luck keep him healthy and comfortable. When he isn't having attacks he can even be ridden
  8. leahhw

    One tick down

    Thanks guys and thank you Mel, I need all the points I can get
  9. leahhw

    One tick down

    Well as the title suggests Paddy and I are really off and rolling now with our first tick for the approach assignment. It's not that big an assignment really, just catching the horse and putting the halter on, checking their feet. But all of those things are a bit of a triumph for me with Paddy at the moment. He didn't charge me or try to nip me and I picked up all four feet with next to no opposition which was very nice. We also got some great feedback on our skills check and like I'd suspected it seems I am still being overly cautious with him. Not really surprising given the frights he's given me but still something I need to rectify sooner then later. But we have really begun our journey now and I couldn't be happier! During this week we had a real test to face when a fire got up and going a few kms away from our block. I was told 4-5km by a neighbour but driving out there this weekend to me looks like it might have been a km or two more then that. Either way, close enough. I was not hanging around to see what was going to happen, none of my bushfire plans for our family or horses involve risking my ability to be around for my girls so as soon as the fire truck headed out to the fire I was on the phone organising a horse float and somewhere to take the horses for the night. Got out to the block and it was a rather scary sight, the massive plume of smoke so close, the smell in the air, Ernie running around screaming out, the fire truck and ambulance activity. It's not my first encounter with a fire somewhat close to the horses but it was by far the scariest! Joey was number one in the float, being Mackenzies pony he had first ticket out of there no questions asked. Then I had to decide out of Ernie and Paddy who would go first and who would stay, knowing that if the situation worsened I may not get back for whoever was left behind... How do you make that call?? I was leaning toward putting Paddy on with Joey as I could keep Paddy in the float to come back for Ernie so he wouldn't have to travel aloneand Paddy floats so well, but as Ernie was so upset when we got there I figured my only shot to get him on at all was first, I think if I'd left him there alone he'd have been far too emotional. So we faced the float and Ernie was pretty good he walked up on the ramp, halfway in, then rushed out again. Then did a bit of a carry on at the bottom of the float and I began to really doubt if I would get him on at all. Then I mentally slapped myself (haha) and threw my heart into the float, focused as hard in the float as I could. I have no idea what Ernie or I did at that point I was so focused on this spot in the front of the float but next thing I know Ernie was in there standing calmly while I rubbed his backside. Mission accomplished. I opened all the interior gates and filled all the water and made Paddy a promise to return soon. This part I thought about not including as it probably sounds a bit fantasy like but I actually do believe I somehow communicated calm/safe thoughts to Paddy. He looked worried so I grabbed him firmly by the chin stared in his eye and told him I would be back for him. He sighed and relaxed! He was fine after that, not that he'd been bad before it but he had been visibly tense. So we dropped Ernie at the pony club, Joey in our backyard and went back for Paddy as promised took him to where Ernie was waiting and re-loaded Ernie. Straight up no problems this time and off to a friends property for the night. I put Paddy in a roundyard and Ernie in a yard next to it so they weren't sharing with any other horses but there were lots nearby including a mare in season who found Paddy very attractive! Joey the little devil got in to a bin of copra while in our backyard and began to display mild colic symptoms, thankfully was quickly fixed with a big dose of vitamin c. Silly pony! The fire never got any closer, though it did continue on to burn down a few homes and lots of land nearby. The next night after the fire had well and truly been contained I brought the horses home again, floated beautifully again. I was SO PROUD of my horses for being so calm, Ernie especially for floating for me when he clearly wasn't so calm. Proud of me for my part in it all too. I fully expected after all the stress of the previous few days that Paddy might have another backslide attitude wise having been uprooted and moved around like that. Instead the opposite seems to be true and our sessions since then have been the best ever. Paddy is yielding properly, giving me a big step or two on each yield and not getting so narky, he's soft and relaxed and gorgeous. Popping over the barrels like he's on a sunday arvo stroll The only yield we've had trouble with the last few days is our sideways from section 1. This has always been a tricky one for us; prime position for Paddy to get his teeth around my arm and he likes to play on that plus I imagine it's a claustrophobic spot for him to be in with me right in front of him holding his head so close and the stick out to the side waving around. Something to work on though. That and going back into his paddock is the other area he gets a bit stressed again but I am seeing definite improvement there so I'll take it. Plan to go spend some time just chilling with him tomorrow and then work toward re filming our skill check and filming our short range assignments this week sometime, I've taken on board some great feedback and have also been stalking Merediths level 1 videos with Diesel for some other ideas. Yay what a good start to the year we are having here. Hope it's all going this well for the rest of you :-)
  10. leahhw

    Ernie the invincible pony

    Thanks guys, Tuesday can't come quick enough. Hope I don't end up having to wait longer for test results I may tear my hair out!
  11. leahhw

    and so the filming begins

    Thanks Rebecca I'm really happy with how he's going at the moment... This week haha! Maybe we should have the camera on every time we play with them so we get used to it?
  12. Thanks so much guys, I don't want to take away from those who were really affected we were always safe it was the horses who could have been in trouble (a shed and some fence which need replacing anyway also) but a good bushfire plan and not hanging around to see if it was going to affect us or not was the key. That and of course the qs floating and some other little tips I've picked up along the way from you all. I remained calm and focused on the task at hand and it worked :-) I'd still had in the back of my head that the stress could prove too much and Ernie would be left behind so I am bursting with pride :-)
  13. Thank you guys, yes that was as close as it got Mel, others weren't so lucky though :-( I could have left them there but I'd much rather have them safe while I can and not have to worry about it. If the wind had changed I might not have had the opportunity to get them out. I was surprised by how upset Ernie was!
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