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  1. From: Cheerish Your Time

    I am so sorry that Emmee isn't with you any longer. So beautifully written, you bring tears to my eyes.
  2. Level 1 Clinic, Byfleet, Surrey

    I'm still reeling from the weekend! On reflection, I started out overly cautious, having seen Rioko disappear into the distance with others before. However, I soon learnt that I had to step up my confidence to get Rioko's attention. For me, I spent day 1 learning about Rioko, a horse I had never worked with before and the basic skills and short range exercises we worked through with Shane were perfect for this. I began to understand what a very good teacher he is. He maybe related to Max, but they are so entirely different, where Max forgives mistakes quietly, Rioko will pull away, stop listening and make it very clear that you have been rude!! I would definitely recommend working with different horses, you learn soooo much! The highlight of my weekend was coming back on Sunday morning, going out to approach Rioko, and him standing there flexed towards me acknolwedging I was coming to him and allowing me into his space!! This is the horse that on previous occasions has disappeared into the distance whenever I have gone near him with a halter!!! He stayed softly flexed towards me as I approached his shoulder and allowed me to pop his halter on and lead him away from his group to start our practice of the previous day's exercises. Such acceptance of me in his space made my heart soar !! We then practiced what we had done the day before. He was so light, and responsive to my cues for each movement - I had definitely improved my communication from the previous day, when his responses had been a little heavy at times. We even managed a few back-ups to the end of the 12ft rope and then sending him out on a circle there!! We ended the weekend, merrily trotting around with all our new friends in Monica's massive 8 acre field, with 1 rein!! Amazing!! What an amazing weekend, spent learning from everyone's experiences, seeing how to work through different problems with a group of very different horses! To watch Shane work with Minnie and Bella was just beautiful, seeing them progress and slowly relax as he helped them work through their fears. Now Vicki and Dee are going to continue this journey with them and you just know that they are going to have 2 very special, life-long relationships with their ponies as a result of it! How amazing to have been there to learn from Shane and Meredith, I can't wait to get going with Max again in a couple of months . Thankyou QS, I've still definitely got the virus!! Nicky xxx
  3. Slightly crispy (yes it is actually sunny in the UK), and downloading from an awesome day 1 clinic with Shane and Meredith :-)

  4. OMG just met Shane and Meredith in person - I am so star struck lol!!! Have goosebumps thinking about the clinic this weekend!

    1. vickimarr


      Ok starstruck ! They are really down to earth people . . . . you will have an awesome time Nicky :-)

  5. Qs Surrey Experience 2011

    Yay, and that extra person will be me! Thanks for your patience over the last few months, with all that has been going on with my family and Max its only this week things have come together for me to be able to attend. I really appreciate it and know I must have been a complete painl!! Thank you so much for letting me work with Rioko. It will be such a challenge but I am sure I will learn so, so much. Hugs and kisses from Max xx Nicky :-)
  6. Looking forward to my first Level 1 clinic this weekend with Meredith & Shane. As Max is off still I'm playing with Rioko (thanks Monica). Boy I'm going to learn so much working with him, I think most of the weekend will be working on The Approach going by my previous attempts with him lol!!

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    2. RebeccaS


      He's great fun Nicky....although hard work!!! You'll love it!

    3. monica


      You make me laugh!!! Looking forward to it too!

    4. leahhw


      Oh how lovely that you are able to borrow a horse and make the most of your special visitors up there. Best of luck Nicky I'm sure you'll have an absolute ball!

  7. Our Mini Wbpd In July!

    Wow what a fantastic idea and you all look like you are having so much fun!! N x
  8. Max is coming home all fixed from the vets :-) 1 month of rest and then we should be back on track. So we will mostly be trail-walking in the glorious British sunshine (hmmmm OK maybe drizzle) in the meantime :-)

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    2. leahhw


      yay not long to go then! That's fantastic news, what did they end up doing at the vets?

    3. nickyk


      He had x-rays and nerve blocks which showed he has soreness in his hocks. Luckily we caught it in time and it hasn't degenerated into an arthritis situation. So he is having hock injections today and then his month of rest. He also has soreness in his front coffin joints, which maybe compensation from what is going on behind so we are leaving them to see what happens once he has been rested.


    4. HarvestMoon


      Pleased Max is on the mend and you've found out what the problem is with him :-)


  9. Fingers-crossed we'll be back in action soon. Max is at the vets for 3-5 days being checked-out. Missing QS sooo much!!

    1. vickimarr


      That's great news Nicky ! Look forward to hearing how Max is going.

    2. leahhw


      Wonderful Nicky, fingers crossed for Max :)

  10. Congratulations Monica :-)

  11. Congratulations New Qs Professionals

    Congratulations ladies :-)
  12. Good news!!! Max's hind feet are doing really beautifully now. His soles are so much stronger and he can cope on most terrain now without even flinching. His soles have also started to develop concavity since we moved, mainly as we have been able to dramatically increase the variety of surfaces he is moving on. There are some really stoney tracks around our new stables and he has no problems with them so all-in-all his progress is coming on leaps and bounds!! He has shown absolutely no footiness at all since his shoes came off in early March!! I am completely convinced that this is because of the careful balancing of his feed against forage. So even though he has been eating rich grass this Spring/Summer, this has been taken into account in his mineral/nutrient balance which keeps any footiness at bay :-) Fingers crossed, we will be ready to take his front shoes off soon too :-) Nicky xxx
  13. Study Plans

    I don't get it either - I have already got the packs for all lessons in all 3 levels so not sure how the study plan online will help me??
  14. Baby Details Game

    OK, stab in the dark here: Birth Date: 20th June Gender: Boy Weight: 7lb 5 oz Length: 53 Names: Max, Daniel, Harry, Oliver, Matthew, James Haven't had children so no idea really lol! Good luck
  15. Hi, It would be Sarah and Nic, I have called Sarah and left her a message as I know her through the work she has done with Max, so will see what they say. Between them they set-up the UKNHCP and both promote barefoot and correct nutrition to support this in the UK. Sarah competes at Endurance riding - having completed 100 barefoot miles with her horse in May alone! I am not sure about the other activities Nic is involved in (as I said I know of her through Sarah not directly), but am aware of the Hunt challenge that I have posted here. Thanks Nicky