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  1. neville

    The saving of Rocky

    What an amazing family Shane and Meredith have collected after our awesome weekend in Kin Kin where we finished of with a bit of excitement on Sunday morning the cows decided they would like to run down the hill and meet the horses, well my girl Isis and Heather's Coy thought they were going to be eaten well they were not going to have that so of they went straight through the eclectic tape followed by Bindy's Polly who went over the gate which was higher than her wither catching her leg on the way, Isis and Coy took of like the devil was after them down the road through a barbed wire fence and into the farm land with us after them, thankfully Polly didn't go all the way with and went back to mum, after some exhausting running we manage to get Isis and Coy. On our way home we stopped for lunch where Bindy got a call that Rocky had been born but things weren't good, after getting home all it took was a message from Bindy the QS family rallyed together and of to Shane and Meredith's where we found a very week foal. I was able to milk Image and feed Rocky, Then it was a very bumpy ride in the float to get Rocky 24hr care thank's for the bruises Bindy lol. Thanks to Erin, Natasha, Bindy,Nancy,Tony and Niki Rocky is doing really well and Meredith has a lovely live foal to come home to
  2. neville

    QS Trail Riding Camp at Kin Kin

    it was an amazing weekend I'm really looking forward to the next one
  3. neville

    All Sports & Pre Training What an Amazing Week

    well done girls I wish I had been able to be there, hopefully I can get to do it soon
  4. neville

    From: our horses

    Source: our horses
  5. neville

    our horses

    Our horses feel what is in our hearts and read what is in our minds what. An awesome partnership we have we are the ones that need to pay attention they have so much to teach us if we care to feel and listen What an awesome time I am having with Isis we are building a true partnership, we are both learning and growing together,
  6. neville

    QS first group trail ride

    well said Meredith it was an awesome morning I can't wait till the next 1 this is why everyone should join the QS program it make for a safe and stress free outing for us and our best mates
  7. neville

    QS first group trail ride

    What an awesome day we have had for our first QS group trail ride, riding was Neville, Sharon Ford, Meredith Ransley, Bindy Trapnell and young Georgia Hardy, support crew were May and Tony who sorted morning tea for us all thanks guys for a great day, all horses and riders enjoyed themselves the plan is to make this a monthly event the next ride will be at Spring Mountain near Greenbank on the 10th of Feb
  8. neville

    QS first group trail ride

    sounds like a good idea Lisa we will plan a weekend camp ride during the year
  9. neville

    QS first group trail ride

    sorry guys the next ride is Saturday the 9th Feb my mistake
  10. neville

    QS first group trail ride

    no there is no camping in Daisy Hill forest it is for day use only and it is an awesome place to ride
  11. neville

    From: QS first group trail ride

    Source: QS first group trail ride
  12. awesome Sharon you have done so well I still remember our first ride out yrs ago how much your horsemanship has grown I'm so proud of you and our little Calypso
  13. neville

    Did I tell you about MY horse!

    awesome Meredith you and your boy are doing so well, I look forward to you and Diesel riding in Daisy Hill forest with Sharon and I you will love it we have so much fun
  14. neville

    The joy from Impulsion

    What an amazing ride Sharon and I have just had on Isis and Carnie, for the fist time thanks to the impulsion program Shane has given us, I have had a great ride on Isis with the best relaxed canter with no rushing in any gait, I had to correct her very little she was with me the whole ride, It was the ride we all dream of having, everyone should do the impulsion camp if they can't do any other it is the best thing for us and our awesome mates that we ask so much from thank you Shane for sharing your awesome knowledge with us
  15. neville

    The joy from Impulsion

    I have the best horse and an awesome friend to ride and share the QS journey with
  16. neville

    From: The joy from Impulsion

    Source: The joy from Impulsion
  17. what an awesome 5 days spent at Jimboomba with Shane, Meredith, Sharon, Bindy and ( Al, Rob, Martin for the first 2 days) Shane has given us the tools to do anything with our horses, who would have thought I would be able to stand on the back of Isis after doing speed work ( gallop pattern and canter departs) I have taken a very different horse home I am so thrilled I have found QS what an awesome Family and team we all are never give up on a dream. Neville
  18. neville

    Impulsion camp at Jimboomba

    you will love it girls it was just the best
  19. neville

    Impulsion camp at Jimboomba

    awesome Meredith you are doing great what a big change around, Isis got to have the first day home off due to work but back in to it now
  20. neville

    Impulsion Clinic

    I'll be there as well and last time I looked I was still a boy lol
  21. neville

    My Dad

    Thinking of you on this day Meredith it is so hard to lose our parents Love you heaps Neville XOXOXO
  22. neville

    I'm back

    I have start playing with my horse's again for the first time since level 2 camp and relationship break up and have got my spark back I actually took my new QS saddle out of the car and put it on Rusty and off we went it is and awesome saddle to ride in I love it, now I'm ready to get back into my assignments and get level 2 done
  23. neville

    what a day

    to day on level 2 camp we rode bareback with a cherokee bridle I was having awesome light transitions at walk trot and canter then I realized I was bridleless just a string in my hand Rusty was listening to my seat if felt awesome I love this program an just want more and more
  24. neville

    my greatest fear

    Level 2 camp has been awesome my greatest fear has been canter bareback well with Shane's help and everyone watching I have cantered Rusty bareback, not very well but I did it, now to get it all happening with out being all tense. I love this journey we are on and can't get enough thank you QS