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  1. It was truly a fabulous weekend. I am so grateful to Mel for 'giving Trentham a go'. But we showed her that a small town can rustle up a full clinic and a great bunch of people. The photos are great Mel - where did you get such a fantastic photographer - LOL Well done on a wonderful clinic once again
  2. Practising my simple leads assignment yesterday and Tigger tripped whilst cantering. It was our worst trip by far, but I clearly recall putting my hand on the horn and pushing back - no foetal position for me. I can so clearly see the benefits of leaning back and having a horn, and.... I caught it on video, SO: 3 clear TAH DAHs 1. Cantering - this is a tah dah in itself 2. Practising a Level 2 Assignment - another tah dah 3. Not ending up in hospital - a very good tah dah. Best played in slow motion for the full effect
  3. Yay Mel and Abbey - sadly I missed the demo but the positive comments already on Facebook from some of the spectators, speak volumes.
  4. Shane, can't find the family member price to renew Samara's membership -can you tell me where to find it?

  5. I'm soooo excited only 3 more sleeps til Mel's clinic in my home town Trentham!!

    1. thundersrevenge


      Yeah Karen then a week later we get Mel

    2. VickiK


      Very exciting karen

    3. lisa roberts

      lisa roberts

      fantastic karen looking forward to the photos.


  6. A HUGE thanks to Jen Renouf for driving 2 hours each way to come to our play day as a visiting agent - I was most grateful and we always love to see Aurora!

  7. Thanks to everyone who has liked my link - still plenty of time for everyone else
  8. Hi all, We have been going great guns organising a clinic for Marvellous Mel in Trentham Victoria. I just wanted to share a huge Tah Dah that I had last week and ask for help from QS to make it bigger. My Tah Dah is that PCAV agreed to post Mel's upcoming demo on their facebook page. My request is that any QSers with Facebook, please go to the PCAV FB page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/pony-club-association-of-Victoria/119304391436163) and like the post with Mel's demo - currently it is the third item on the page. The more comments about our Marvellous Mel the better. Thanks to everyone in advance Cheers Karen
  9. Tigger and I jumped a log in our paddock the other day from a walk - Amazing feat for Tigger but even more amazing with me on his back - very smooth - no cat leaps - Tah Dah!!!
  10. Hi Rach - thanks for the kms travelled - I was meaning to ask you! And re your post - The PLs were every second day - and no ridden work on the off days at all - some minor polishing of our liberty - maybe 15-30min sessions on those off days. So he did have some time to rest. I have started him on some barley per Mel's advice as well as some rice bran, sunflower seeds and some nutrimol (pat colby premix i think?). He has done a BB trot PL (also lacking in impulsion) 2 days ago, also after a day of rest, and rain prevented play today. All going well, I will try another canter PL tomorrow and see how he goes (hopefully not like a rocket LOL). A work in progress and hopefully both of us are improving our fitness. Karen looking forward to the 15th too - see you soon!
  11. Fantastic Lisa, what a beautiful little pony. Well done Amelia!
  12. Amazing and quite scary Vicki. Glad your house and horses are ok. I hope everything dries out soon Karen xo
  13. karen_ob

    From: our horses

    Beautiful Neville
  14. karen_ob

    a new year

    Rach, great plans and good luck with achieving all of the above. Keep us posted on 'the alien'. Karen xo
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