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    New found obsession with QS
  1. Back In The Saddle

    A defo woo hoo! Or shall we say Tah dah! Well done. x
  2. Got my very first blue tick... Tah dah!

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    2. d_sanjee


      Thanks lovely ladies. I do love blue tick days. Everything smells different and feels great! x

    3. brumbygirls


      Fantastic, great accomplishment!!


    4. RebeccaS


      I know the feeling Dee, tick days are great. Well done. xx

  3. Such a beautiful weekend at clinics. Minnie was an absolute star. Thank you to both Shane and Meredith for enabling me to have gone on this wonderful journey. Now looking forward to next year. x

    1. nickyk


      I second that, an amazing weekend!!

  4. Looking forward to the clinics. Never been this excited before! x

    1. vickimarr


      Excellent . . . . you will have a fantastic time !

    2. Alexia


      hi stranger - send my love to our girls. see you there, i hope x x

    3. RebeccaS


      Me too. You'll have a great time Dee :)

  5. Minnie And The Dreaded Stick.

    Thank you so much guys. It's lovely to finally be able to move on and have something positive to look forward to. xxx
  6. I thought I would share my success story with you all. My girl Minnie has been so afraid of the stick since we started QS. She would not stand still, heavy breathing and would try her level best to get away. Even when walking down to the field she would get agitated and start breathing heavily. We tried a communication session and she had expressed she was scared as it had been misused on her previously. I had tried so many different techniques to help her get over her fear and nothing seemed to work. I had mentally given up. It was emotionally draining for the both of us and would break my heart seeing the fear in her eyes. I at times wanted to snap the stick in half and had so much hatred towards it. Yesterday I was feeling ill and went into our session having no expectations and a very 'can’t be bothered attitude'. I noticed something was different on our walk down to the field, as I was waving my stick around forgetting her fear and then took a quick glimpse at her and she was doing her own thing and didn't look scared at all. I just thought she hadn’t noticed what a clown I was being. We got down to the field and I tried to rub the stick all over her and she tried to get away for a little and then... she stood sooooo still. It was amazing. I even managed to let go of the rope and she stood there as good as gold. I tried to play it cool but in my heart I realised what a strong girl she really is. She’s the kind of girl that tries her best at everything and I am sooooo over the moon and proud of her achievement. Words can’t describe the emotion I am feeling... almost like there’s something tugging on my heart strings. I am looking forward to many more moments like this and this journey I am sharing with her is truly magical. xx
  7. Managed to get PERFECT circles today with Minnie Moo! She was AMAZING! Cant stop smiling! Im high on the QS drug! Woooohhhhoooooo! x

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    2. d_sanjee


      Thanks girls. Keep rewinding it and replaying it in my head! Love it. Alexia... what have you done to me... im more QS than dissertation at the moment! x

    3. nickyk


      It's just so addictive isn't it! Nicky xx

    4. d_sanjee


      Way too addictive Nicky. Filmed our first assignment today. Harder to upload it than actually doing the assignment! Wish i was a computer whizz! xx

  8. Byfleet Bunch Wbpd

    Thank you Rebecca and Monica and to the rest of the Byfleet bunch and all the horses for having us and organizing a wonderful day. Watching you guys and how far all of you have come and the bond you have with those furry friends is truly magnificent. I loved every minute of WBPD. Hopefully we wont have to wait for a year to double up again. Maybe we could sort out a QS play day. This time we'll host. We'll defo be in touch. Thank you again. Lots of love Dee xxx
  9. Such A Special Moment...

    Congrats Nicky and Lord Max. Bought a tear to my eye reading that. QS is truely wonderful. x
  10. World's Biggest Play Day

    Hey just wanted to say a big big thank you to Monica and Rebecca and the rest of the lovely girls we met today. I had a wonderful time at Monica's. My cheeks are still aching from smiling loads. Hopefully we will have a smaller QS play date before the next WBPD! This time we'll have you girls and your lovely furry friends at ours. Thanks again girls. Watching you today inspired me to officialy become a student. Yay. See you all very soon. x
  11. ahhh im a OFFICIAL student! Let the fun and assignments begin! x

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    2. RebeccaS


      Well done Dee. Look forward to seeing your assignments soon...no pressure! lol

    3. Shane
    4. d_sanjee


      Thanks Rebecca and Shane. Filming my 1st one on friday. Minnie is a little camera shy... so im going to have to sneek it past her. x