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  1. Hooray Carola and Kaylib

    Congrats my friend!!! What wonderful news! So glad you and Kaylib found each other- a perfect match I think! See you soon to celebrate
  2. A wonderful session

    I had been struggling with my short range yields to the point where we seemed to be getting worse instead of better, I started to wonder if I would ever be able to get it and eventually film my assignment. The worst part was knowing it was certainly something I was doing as I am very lucky to be working with a pony who always tries his best. I had a wonderful session with him recently and many Ta Dah's. We focused on our short range and even managed to work on our first steps to riding i.e. backup, direct & indirect rein and most importantly whoa. Monica helped me realize that by taking a step back and looking at my body language I wasn't giving Rodney a clear message and when I did manage to give him the correct signals I wasn't following through. Soon enough we were getting things right and it felt wonderful. We have since had another very lovely session and are now finally ready to film the assignment- finger crossed! A very big thank you and hug to Monica who helped me re-focus my energy and reminded me never to give up.
  3. World's Biggest Play Day

    A very Big thank you for such a lovely day! Was great meeting all of you and your lovely horses, looking forward to seeing you soon!