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    ballarat, vic
  1. _stormhorse_

    bitless riding at Pony Club

    ARC allows bitless riding in clubs and comps except for dressage thanks sharron, i'll get in touch and see what info she can add.
  2. _stormhorse_

    bitless riding at Pony Club

    Hi All, this post caught my eye on another forum, and knowing that a couple of vic members have made small inroads at their local PC's, i thought QS might be able to assist Kelly in her inquiry about changing PC rules regarding riding bitless. here is the link to the post: http://forum.cyberhorse.com.au/forums/showthread.php?105129-Advise-sort-re-changing-a-pony-club-rule and here is the post (in case the link doesn't work): i've given a quick reply to kelly on the forum, but will PM her with QS info tomorrow. If anyone is interested corresponding directly with Kelly, hop onto her website as she has email contacts there. cheers maree
  3. _stormhorse_

    Wanted: Bare back Pad.

    hi Cass, i might know of one for sale. brand new, i don't think it's even been ridden in. will be in touch. maree
  4. how do i put myself on the map. can't find instructions :)

    1. mel


      go to the map and I found a link there that said 'update your profile" or something like that? It is gone now because I have added myself!


    2. Shane


      got to be logged in allso

  5. hey jen, how did you go at the Ballarat Show?

    1. Brumbygirls


      Had a great day Maree, brought home lots of ribbons including a red, white & blue one! Looks like you had a good Le Trec day.

  6. _stormhorse_

    'Le Trec' Melton, Vic, 11th November, 2012

    what a hoot.................i think i can speak for everyone (riders & spectators) that this is a fantastic way to spend the day with your horses & good friends. there's something for everyone..............a nice trail ride, a bit of walk & canter ride the rail, & 16 things to do with your horse, lol. Karen & sam came home with a third place ribbon in the teams section for each phase, & Lightning the wonderhorse earned himself a third in the orienteering section & a second in the control of paces. Team QS ROCKS!!!! sharron was the official team photographer and has taken some great photo's, which i'm sure she'll upload shortly. Thank-you to our official cheer squad as well, sharron, sue, tracey, rachael & jack, nicki & bec. it was great to see you all yesterday. i hope you had as much fun as we did & are inspired to bring your ponies for the next one,
  7. _stormhorse_

    'Le Trec' Melton, Vic, 11th November, 2012

    i'm riding at 9:45 for the nav ride, CoP @ 12:45 & PTV @ 12:45 excited!!!! sounds like they don't have many entries so we should be able to find everyone easy enough. i'm going to try & get there about 8-8:30. well that's my plan, lightning might have another one, lol.
  8. _stormhorse_

    'Le Trec' Melton, Vic, 11th November, 2012

    i got an email today. has everyone else received their info pack?
  9. _stormhorse_

    'Le Trec' Melton, Vic, 11th November, 2012

    hi karen, i was hoping to find something in yesterdays mail, but nothing. i'm going to try & contact someone today. cheers maree
  10. _stormhorse_

    RIP Grace

    Beautifyully written Samara. i've got tears rolling down my face remembering all my mates waiting for me across the rainbow bridge, RIP Grace. You were much loved & will be missed.
  11. _stormhorse_

    'Le Trec' Melton, Vic, 11th November, 2012

    i can't get the 'like' button to work, so here 'tis: LIKE
  12. _stormhorse_

    'Le Trec' Melton, Vic, 11th November, 2012

    hi rach, direct any questions to either melton arc or the AEFL. i am only passing on what i have read. anything else would be a guess cheers maree
  13. _stormhorse_

    squamous cell carcinoma in horses

    hi deb, i've had both BCC & SCC 's removed & from what my GP told me & what i've read, it is quite rare in people, for them to metastisize or spread further than the upper layer of the skins surface. they are considered cancers, but are nowhere near as serious as melanomas. generally the biggest problem is cosmetic both from the damaged cells prior to surgery & scarring after they have been removed. i would assume the same would be for equines. hopefully the vet has removed all the damaged cells. cheers maree
  14. _stormhorse_

    'Le Trec' Melton, Vic, 11th November, 2012

    del, melton is only 30 mins down the road...............surely you could sneak off for a bit, lol
  15. _stormhorse_

    'Le Trec' Melton, Vic, 11th November, 2012

    hi karen, the AEFL website has the Trec competition rules. They all seem fairly standard eg, hard hats are compulsory as is suitable footwear or caged stirrups. During the navigation phase riders are required to wear a 'hi-vis' vest & medical armbands are compulsory for all sections. Horses may be unshod or booted, bitless is also acceptable. Rachael, the obstacles are supposed to replicate the types of things you might encounter on a trail eg, going thru a gate, small jumps, water, etc. a bit of a cross b/w western trail & stock horse challenge i'd expect. well i'm going to bite the bullet & have a go. entry form is printed, just need to find the bit of paper that has lightnings brand on it.............could be darn near anywhere, haven't seen it for a few years