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    Netherlands - UK
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    Horses! ; my family; reading; playing the piano; history; travelling

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  1. Carola

    what the??

    Yeah...I'm with Meredith and Jen on this...when they have to wee...they have to wee lol!
  2. So cool Fiona! We should really follow your example and organise a big QS event like that one here as well!! Good luck and have fun!!!
  3. Carola

    Just a thank you...

    Definitely one on my wish list! It would be great to have a demo model over in Europe to show everyone! Lol
  4. Carola

    New idea for filming

    Filming assignments just got a whole lot mor technical! Lol!
  5. Today (Sunday the 20th of May), is the start of our monthly Harmony in Motion Practice sessions. We start at 10 with a chat and a Harmony in Motion video, after we practice and film. Here's the link to the event. It's free to all QS students: https://www.facebook.com/events/146580092865387/
  6. Carola

    Whole Horse Wellness Workshops

    Yes Tracy, let's have a brainstorm...just need the right people/therapists etc xx
  7. Carola

    A New Way to Fail

    Hi! Ditto to what the others say. Am with Mel regarding the physical reluctance and/or reaction consistently to what is asked if there's a physical problem. As Shane says, you can ask a professional QS horse trainer to have a look at him and train him for a couple of days. We can usually spot whether the horse has a physical problem somewhere and if it will improve through the training that we offer....it usually does .
  8. Carola

    Congratulations Tracy and Buster!

    Yaaaaaaaaaay!!! Congratulations!!!! What an achievement for you and Buster!!!!!
  9. Carola


    Well done!!
  10. Carola

    Older horses and QS

    Wonderful Tracy! I'm so happy for you, you were glowing yesterday!!! Well done for giving you and Buster the chance to thrive....you've worked really hard for it. Buster looks beautiful for a 30yr old pony!!!
  11. Hi everyone, Based at the QS UK Study Centre, I now offer blocks of horse training in Surrey/ UK. I can help with basic training, like better leading from the ground and trailer loading, through to better impulsion, lateral softness and collection. Please get in touch for more information and/or look at my facebook site for any upcoming events in the UK and other locations in Europe. https://www.facebook.com/CarolaColsonQSHorsemanship/
  12. Carola

    Tying a horse up

    Yes...I agree...they should be tied up to something solid. If it's not solid enough I would also wrap it around instead of tying. Great tip from Shane
  13. Carola

    New payment option for members.

    Hi Shane! Thank you! I have never heard of Stripe but will look into it...might help with the international payments indeed
  14. Hoi carola,

    Ik zou zondag 8 april kunnen tijd die jou uitkomt misschien kan je me mee pikken tijdens je reis naar nederland, ik kan maandag 9, en zondag 15 ik hoor wel of een van de dagen uitkomt. Les rijden en misschien ook wat dingen bespreken waar ik moeite mee heb in de tijd tot 8 april. Ik hoor het wel.


    1. Carola


      Hey! Ik kom er net pas achter dat je hier berichtjes achter kunt laten voor me haha!

      Hoop dat je je niet al te beroerd voelt na de wortelkanaalbehandelingen :).

      Ik zie en spreek je snel xxx

  15. Carola

    Rider / Horse Ratio

    Good question Elise! I personally have also found that sometimes people are choosing a horse/pony from a cultural believe as well. In Holland for example, a lot of people choose to ride big horses because that's what you do when you're an adult. Ponies are seen to be for children. A few of my students thought that they should buy themselves a proper horse, rather than continue with their pony. A horse is only starting at 15.2 hh in Holland as well...everything under that is a pony. Interesting how believe sometimes overrides common sense .