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  1. Rider / Horse Ratio

    Good question Elise! I personally have also found that sometimes people are choosing a horse/pony from a cultural believe as well. In Holland for example, a lot of people choose to ride big horses because that's what you do when you're an adult. Ponies are seen to be for children. A few of my students thought that they should buy themselves a proper horse, rather than continue with their pony. A horse is only starting at 15.2 hh in Holland as well...everything under that is a pony. Interesting how believe sometimes overrides common sense .
  2. Beautiful Jen! <3
  3. Hi Helen! Yes, like Elise says, the mobile friendly version of the forum helps a lot when you're out in the field and wanting to go over your homework or watch that video again. Welcome to QS and have fun!!
  4. Hi all! Welcome!
  5. QS horse looking for new Home!

    Good luck with finding her a new QS home!
  6. Lesson Packages with Fiona

    Lovely! Thank you for sharing Kerry! Well done to you and Fiona!!
  7. Never say never...

    Ah well done!!!
  8. New member

    Hi Natascha! How could I have missed this post?! Sorry about that! Great to see you on the forum and to ask your questions....you're doing really well and you're quite alone out there in that corner of Holland, so really well done for getting started and already filming and practicing so often! Woohoo!! I think your English is very good, so please don't worry about that and don't let it hold you back to ask or write anything!! I did start a Dutch - German post just after the summer clinics last year...just in case your would like to chat in Dutch/ German with the other Dutch students. It hasn't been used much yet, but maybe we can change that :)... Here's the link Ciao for now...and keep up the good work!!!
  9. Building Rapport Camp

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing
  10. Bodil!!!! Congratulations!!! I am so so so so so so proud of you!!!! You are an amazing horseman and have had quite a few things to work through with your ponies! Have fun in Level 2 (I know you will !) and have fun with finishing your level 1 with your other pony Wonder now. You have great new skills to help you work with him as well. Lots of love to you!!! And enjoy your celebrations!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  11. Woohoo! Thank you for sharing your story here Judith!! We're all here to support you and of course I'm soooo excited that you're starting your level 1 now!! Looking forward to sharing your horsemanship journey with you . xx
  12. Thank you for sharing your story Jessica...look at what you've already achieved in such a small amount of time!!! xx
  13. Hi everyone! We had an amazing 4 days with Meredith! I thought I'd share with you what I have learned in what seems to be a short amount of time... For me, the first thing that stood out, was the amazing group of students we had at the clinics...both at the impulsion clinic and the Building Rapport. Everyone was so open minded and hearted...we were all so ready to learn and grow...It was truely special! My personal learning was much about giving my horses their own forward...not my forward. This showed up in my level 3 horse and my young horses. I need to really touch into the suggestion and release now...for them to make up their own mind and learn to make decisions by themselves and truely have their own forward through engaging their hind. For those who were there, know that loading a troubled horse together with Meredith was a whole new learning curve by itself...as Meredith rightly said...it wasn't about getting the horse in the trailer, it was about changing the horses' life. All the things we do are really not about the tasks...it will show up in the horses' mental and emotional state both now and in the future. Kaylib and I have had a great time at the Building Rapport Clinic as well...he finally started to show me the cheeky and funny horse that he has inside him...we are not 'working' anymore, we will be partners and friends and yes, dare I say it, have fun !!! We have seen many beautiful moments of change that we can make in just minutes or seconds...beautiful, special and so so real for us all to see and experience. Thank you to everyone who was there and of course a big thank you to Meredith for sharing your experience and wisdom with us!!! X