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  1. Hi Luna! Ditto to what everyone else said - I was going to suggest Mel´s advice here, I´ve seen it help quite a few horses. Teach him that he can move his feet by doing basic yields in the trailer. He will soon learn that he can move his feet in there and might help him to understand how to balance himself. Good luck! It will get better
  2. Yay! Well done and congratulations!
  3. Such amazing news you 2!! I´m so proud of you and your ponies!!! Thank you for sharing your tadah here!! Fiona, I understand that Aileen is learning a lot in your one rein riding group as well! Keep at it girls! You´re doing fantastic!! xx
  4. Well done!! Haha, Superman rein, I haven´t heard that one before!!
  5. Yaaaaaaay! Well done you! Looking forward to celebrating with you when you come back!!!
  6. Good question Jill! I have bought DE via Tracey now too, but already had worms to get rid of with Chiara. But how much to give to keep them away, rather than getting rid of them?? Meredith...yes, thinking about it! When I lived in the New Forest, I was giving minerals according to the Pat Coleby diet and never had any worm problems. Kaylib is back on this (a few adjustments based on needs), and he is generally much better and worm egg count came back as 0. Overall strong immune system is important I think. Now another thing re worms..... Chiara has always had a high worm egg count and was near impossible to worm because of being twitchy and head shy. Now she had such an extremely high count, that I started to do a lot more research on it. Turned out that horses can get severe head aches from the chemicals that worms produce through pooing in the horses´guts. Group member Sam, who is a nurse, managed to be super quick with the wormer (together with the DE that I´m giving) and Chiara is now on worm egg count 0! And guess what?! She´s keeping her head low much more and is much more approachable than before...a real change in behaviour! Interesting . Coudl be coincidence of course lol! xx
  7. Amazing Natascha!! Well done! I know this one was really tricky for you, so well done for keeping at it!! Woohoo!!
  8. Carola


    Heya! How are you getting on now? A lot of yawning could also be a sign that they're worried about something. It's strange as it can be a sign of release as well. But excessive yawning has shown in research, that it was coincidental with the stress hormone (cortisol) increasing in the blood...again, the yawning itself could then be a sign of this stress releasing as well. In QS terms that doesn't mean that you have to stop doing what you're doing, but might give you a clue on to what you're asking of him, could be mentally and/ or emotionally a bit challenging. Helping him through that would eventually reduce the stress and help him grow more confident. A medical thing that excessive yawning is related to, are stomach ulcers. If you're just giving good forage, then that's probably not possible. But if your horse is an ex race horse for example, that had a lot of hard feeds and stress in the past, then it might be something to look into. Hope that helps a bit.
  9. Yes Tracy!! I must really try DE one day...xx
  10. until

    Sounds awesome! Have fun everyone!!!
  11. Aaaaah Judith!!! A well deserved congratulations for you and Zoe!! You've done so well!!!! The love that you have for Zoe goes such a long way, and it's just wonderful to see how she's opening up for you. Well done you two!!!
  12. I don´t think we´ll be able to get this in Europe, but I agree with the rotating grazing system (like equicentral system) to help against worms. It´s supposed to be really helping to graze horses with cattle and sheep as well, as they kill each others worms/ eggs apparently.
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