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  1. thundersrevenge

    Quantum Savvy 2015 Calendar out now

    Meredith can I order one please
  2. thundersrevenge

    Lesson Day in Little River with Mel

    Yeah Sue and Bailey so proud of you both. Someone wise also said to me to look back and see how far you have come.
  3. thundersrevenge

    A question

    Thanks Mel, he did not get to race he had two campaigns at the track and did not make it even to trialling. Definitely working through cards, Mel maybe we could do some leap frogging at Bealiba if that is ok and yes Shell when we go to Moriac too. We have been getting ourselves ready to be able to trail ride at Moriac do not want another episode of us both going right brain like we did last year
  4. thundersrevenge

    A question

    He is definitely the leader of her herd at home Sue. It could also come down to something with my energy making him nervous too I really do not know other than it is not very comfy being on top of him when he is at the back. He is happy to have others come up to the fron with him. This just so intrigues me. Sue can you remember the ride we did at Anakie how he hated it at the back and it was a real struggle for both of us then when we got to the front with Bailey he was so calm. Less than two weeks and we will be with Mel for the weekend so will be interested to see what she says. Thanks Sue and Jen for your comments and advice
  5. thundersrevenge

    New baby Maverick

    What a highlight we had last week. He had a trip with his mum to where Makayla has her weekly lessons so he self loaded straight on the float when we got to the new place for him he unloaded and had to tie up for the next 60 minutes. Apart from a few little paws in the ground he stood there still. There was so much going on with mum in round arena, another horse being taken past him doing its agility exercises. When time to go home he loaded on the float and had his first trip in the float in the dark and being unloaded in the dark. None of it phased him even putting his rug on in he dark. Looking at him standing at the float I could really see how much he is starting to grow.
  6. thundersrevenge

    A question

    So now we have had afew rides out and about. Yesterday we rode out in a group of 5 horses and yes the same thing again he is more comfy up the front, likes to have a good look around. So yesterday my goal was to keep him going forward with all the distractions. If he was at the back of the group then his head was going up and down and his body tensed up too.
  7. thundersrevenge

    One of the things I love about QS

    Ditto......... Absolutley, I get to catch up with a member of my Qs family next weekend and stay with her (can not wait).
  8. thundersrevenge

    My Brumby girl had her story published

    Beautiful story Jen and Rors
  9. thundersrevenge

    Our new adventure on the trail

    It was a great ride I really also need to keep working on my confidence too
  10. thundersrevenge

    Our new adventure on the trail

    Today we did the same circuit as last week and stormy was even more awesomer (if that is a word). He was looking around could not believe what he could spot from so far away. He got himself stuck once and we got our forward really quick after that. We had wind, machinery, dogs, horses running the fence line and a van with a trailer that refused to slow down or move off the road. We had another horse coming towards us and I was ready to hop off but I am grateful to my friend for not letting me. Today I learnt that I have to keep Stormy thinking and going forward which really worked.
  11. thundersrevenge

    Warrnambool Whisperers WBPD

    We were a lot later than most groups with the World's Biggest Play Day but we finally had it yesterday. After listening to the rain all the night before I was so hoping it would clear and we were lucky we had perfect weather. It was set up at our local show grounds with lots of noise, smells and especially greyhound trials happening at the same time. There were so many new faces and new horses there yesterday and a great mix of adults and kids. First of all we did a trail walk as there is a part of the arena that looks down into another area that can be a bit scary we have found for horses so we went and explored this area before coming back up to the arena. Once back in the arena we had play stations that everyone could work on contact, no contract yields. For us for the day was safety and personal space and the feedback I got was fantastic especially from one mum saying you can teach an old duck new tricks and to see she actually got it (huge clapping and cheering) . Once everyone had had a go at everything for some it was best to finish on a great note so while horses had a rest the parents had a cuppa. While this going on the kids played archery and had a gun fight with string really not sure who had more fun the adults or the kids. Then it was time to mount up and do some riding in the arena before we all went on a trail ride around the show grounds. I was blown away that everyone dressed up and had their horses dressed up for the occasion. They came with an open mind and wanted to try something different. Everyone had a successful day with their horses and new friendships were made.
  12. thundersrevenge

    A question

    I hope this is not seen as a silly question Stormy as most of you know is my Tb and we are just starting to get out and about doing rides away from the arena. Stormy is not the most confident horse but I am finding he is wanting to be the lead horse whenever we are out whether on the ground or in the saddle. He is still hesitant with things when out the front but when I have him near the back he is doing everything to go faster and get to the front. Once at the front he is not needing to have horses next to him. Today we actually went out in a group and he was very agitated at the back
  13. thundersrevenge

    Our new adventure on the trail

    Yes we will one day Lisa and when we do we will have a big party Congrats on your beach ride love looking at your pics Tried to add emoticons but ipad not plating.
  14. thundersrevenge

    Our new adventure on the trail

    I have set a goal to be ready for a group trail ride Victorian girls when we go back to Moriac this year.
  15. thundersrevenge

    Our new adventure on the trail

    Yesterday was a huge day for Stormy and I as went went out on a trail ride. Those who know me and know Stormy we have both really struggled with confidence in open spaces and in the past I have been too quick to jump off. After last weekend doing some great ground work and ridden work we had pushed our boundaries by riding around the local show grounds which had gone great especially as we are just getting back on track with the programme. I had set up to ride with a friend at a venue and open roads we had never seen before. So to set the day up I got to the pony club grounds early so I could do all my ground work and saddling procedures then my friend arrived. We rode around the sand arena before we headed off on the roads. The circuit we did was 8km and there were a few times when Stormy stopped to look around. About half way through the ride something was bugging my boy and all he wanted to do was go backwards and then got himself stuck so I worked through it doing lots of yields and once I got him from being stuck we were back going forward again. Then nearly not far from home some kids came running out and he did a little jump and then happy to keep going. I was so proud of my boy as it was a massive achievement and a huge improvement as our last attempt was last year with the Victorian girls at Moriac. My friend with me could not get over how calm I was working through our little issue of backwards and being stuck. I was proud of myself too that I had set him up to succeed and I was confident everything was going to be fine and we would deal with any challenges that came our way eg horses bolting to the fence to meet us, birds coming out of the grass when we disturbed them. Now I can not wait to do it again. Even better my friend got to see how far we had come with Quantum Savvy as she said she would not of persevered with Stormy as when I got him he was so right brain and unconfident but together we are building a great partnership and who knows I may end up with my all round horse.