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  1. Thank you she is by an Arab stallion that Tanya use to love and alway said That willow and him would have a lovely foal so I did it and her name is Tandeeka mum not sure the man said in a week or 2 but I have a small area at the front of my property so I might be able to set up a 250 msq holding yard till they finish
  2. This is Tandeeka a Arab quarter horse cross
  3. Thanks Meredith that’s a good idea - I have a good horsey friend that can help me thansk heaps
  4. Hey Simone - are you taking your baby?
  5. Hi guys, my neighbours are doing a big burn off of their block with the fire brigade in a weeks time and I have a 2 week old foal and mare In a 2 acres paddock right across from the burn - the mare floats great but I have never floated a foal before and I haven’t handled the foal yet just let her sniff me and I have touched her neck and rump once but was planning on leaving her alone till her curiously got to her and she came to me more. how would u prepare the foal for loading or will the foal just follow Mum on the float?? Help lol
  6. Hey this is the video of our point to point practices bareback - I went to the local pony club today for adult riders and she still had the swagger unless she was abit nervous then it went abit quicker lol
  7. For sale QS halfbreed fender saddle for sale 15.5 inch seat full QH bars built in 2019 less than 10 rides $4000
  8. Are we back at 12:30 Brisbane time?
  9. Hi - I would live to audit - sadly my horses are in another regional border so I haven’t got access to them till they lift the regional boarder control but I would love to work and I know more about implusuon and forward as they are my common issues with all my horses through level 1 and 2 thanks
  10. I was about to have a play around with Sass at her new agistment centre and saw this great squeeze test and thought I would film her being so brave and following me through so proud of this little horse
  11. Windnwillow

    Facing The Truth

    This really resonated with me “Wanted so badly for them to trust me with their lives but I didn’t trust them with mine “ thansk for sharing
  12. Wow he is huge! Looking forward to more stories
  13. What if u don’t have a jump where u might be? I have started to use a gait variants in walk and trot, change of direction and spirals as I don’t have barrels yet
  14. Hi guys sorry don’t get on the forum very much / but yes I’m so stoked with our progress / just now working on flys arrggg they are evading me lol but just chipping away at the steps and seeing where we are at and re evaluating
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