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  1. Windnwillow

    Best of the west stockmans challenge practice

    Thanks Simone - I have heaps of practice to do but it’s good to just get out and have a go and use what u have learnt There is a bareback obstacle course with bridge, small jumps and pole on a drum which u move to another drum and straddling a pole I think Cattle section cross country course whip crack section with targets trim or shoe horse section pack horse obstacle course
  2. Windnwillow

    I see BLUE!!! for Georgia and Perl.

    Wow!! Well done guys!!
  3. Well me and Codee are giving the Best of the West Stockmans Challenge ago next year - we did some practice today with him being the pack horse and he was amazing - he just stayed calm the whole time and checked in with me to see it was ok. I cracked a whip from his back at the stop, walk, trot and canter ( with out hitting him with it thanks goodness ) for the first time and he took it all in his stride so well. We also practiced the loose horse catch and codee just follwed my focus and helped tell the other horse where to go which did and didnt help lol we even got our front feet on the tractor tyre with me on his back. All the QS work is paying off and it’s so cool to have a horse that will give anything ago using his brain and not shutting down thanks Jill Prince for all your knowledge and support I’m excited for what in store in our journey together
  4. Was hard to keep him the canter lol
  5. Windnwillow

    Still there after after all these years........

    Woo hoo Jill - that so lovely that he offered that to you
  6. Windnwillow

    Congratulations Clare!

    Thanks guys - have been having a few glitches the last couple of months but now the sun is out I’m starting to work at it again. thanks for all the support Jill so good to just call someone and chat about what I’m doing lol
  7. Windnwillow

    Not wanting to be caught

    Hey thanks yes Dr Deb she dosnt quite do that but she does it passively and makes it hard for me to approach that side - she will let me on the other side but not the halter side but that’s my fault because I have settled for that. So now I don’t realise her till she alows me to approach the left side. It’s getting better - I have made lots of mistakes with her so just trying to build better rapport with every encounter. What did u do to to step up ur leadership? I find it hard to step that up and not lose rapport?