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    Cobar NSW
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    Living well, eating great food, pretending to be a farmer and horses 😊
  1. Bay gelding 13yo 16.2hh. After much fluffing around I have decided to rehome Eli, he was working on level 2 but farm and young horses pushed him down the priority list so hasn't been in work since october. Bad points:has a weak sacro, he will need to be bought on slowly but the impulsion program will benefit him so will some good body work. He is not a beginners horse, far too smart for that. Good points: he has all the basics well and truly in place He will teach you patience Has had extensive training with Jill Prince, attended numerous clinics Travels well Is barefoot. He is bloody good fun. For more info please call me as messages often don't reach me ph. 0428468090 Milicent Brown. Black/ dark brown filly rising 3 approx 14hh Started under saddle, not much fazes this little girl. Works well off just your seat and energy. Has only had 3 rides outside of the yards that was very uneventful. Has been brought on very slowly and will make a great riding horse in a few years. Annie Clydie/ TB black/brown rising 2y.o ...going to be HUGE. Basic handling, very quiet. Please call for further info photos or videos. Thanks for reading this far 😊😊😊
  2. Bay brood mare, approx 9yr old, 14hh, blaze and 2 hind stockings. Breeding unknown but could have either clyde or welsh D. Floss was bought for her beautiful foal which is to be my next project. She leads, will float, has had some ground work but she has had a rough start so has trust issues and will need alot of time and an experienced handler. Will make a cracking work horse or harness pony or just breed with her. Very negotiable and is free to a QS or natural home. Spread the word, someone must want a good horse or something to challenge your knowledge. Phone 0428468090 Thanks Cass
  3. Due to a lack of interest I've come to the decision to sell Honey on. Only to a QS person. Honey is 16y.o.about 11hh chestnut, suitable for a lead line or independent rider under supervision, she is quite opinionated. Price is negotiable to a genuine, loving and knowledgeable home. For more information call 0428468090
  4. cass

    in praise of QS.

    Thanks everyone, keeps me on track. Bring on the weekend Jill level 2 by the end of the year
  5. cass

    in praise of QS.

    Well I thought I'd boast a little after this mornings ride. As some might remember my pony and I have a few problems, my confidence and his inability to keep his feet on the ground and head above his knees BUT today I had the tools to save my ass & to make a very bad situation become a very mundane one.....thank heavens. Unfortunately my mecate rope came out of my hand as we were hooning through the bush (as we do a fair bit) & slapped him up the belly which resulted in him letting me have a couple of decent bucks, he is 16.2hh so a little buck is still a long way to fall, thankfully and alarmingly I had Shanes voice in my head yelling "ignore it and drive forward" so I did, drove through it sat on my pockets and did big circles till he softened and continued on like it didnt happen. So the purpose of this story is I finally have the confidence to use the information and tools that never ending circles, yeilds and stick waving has taught myself and my dear donkey. Thankyou
  6. Got my pin....thankyou Bindy.

    1. cass


      This ones going straight to the poolroom ;)


  7. Please oh please can I order another level 1 pin.....mine flew out of my hat when I phase 4ed him on the ass....yes I was hooning, yes i did end up out of control (probably shouldnt have used me hat or phase 4...we live & learn!)

    1. Jillian Prince

      Jillian Prince

      ha ha ha ha! you know youll find it the day you walk out the back in your skinniest thongs and it will go straight through!

      Just having a little chuckle to myself!


    2. frostydude


      lol Cass that should not be a problem

    3. cass


      I promise not to put in my old hat, might keep this one in a safer place


  8. DO ONE IN NSW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vic & QLD get all the fun....how about spreadin' the love
  9. cass

    Dressage coach

    Keep going with the program & you wont need a dressage coach.
  10. cass

    Trainer Flyer!

    Congrats Jill, your just a clever dick!!!! (I mean that in a nice way) Inspirational!
  11. cass

    What saddle pad?

    If the saddle fits well you shouldnt need an extra saddle pad. We had the problem of over packing leaving dry patches under the saddle, took a pad off & wolla! no dry patches....just had to let the saddle do what it was designed to do. Good luck though...saddle pads are as much a mine field as saddles.
  12. cass

    Pony Club day

    How cool, more pony clubs should do this!!!
  13. Sore....hell yes! Woke up lastnight & all I could think of was how sore my poor unused stomach muscles are. Had to go to Dubbo today but have the next couple of days to get a couple more done. Bring it on!!!!! Decided I can do the speed...its the slow exact stuff were crap at!!! as for bossy GO.....lazy asses like me needs a push, especially as me ass is this sore!!!!
  14. Thanks Jill.....what can I say, its weekends like these that keep us on track. Heres to more of them. Weve got to get Tahnee up to doing PL. then there will be 2 sharks in the arena (1 big, 1 small ) ps. Poor Elis still pooped.
  15. Id like to thank Jill and Tahnee from Cobar for making the effort to come into town this weekend for a playday & our first canter passenger lesson. CANTER PASSENGER LESSONS ARE AWSOME!!!!!!!!! It popped Elis bubble for a bit but after a while he settled, relaxed, stopped hunting poor Leroy & just cantered. Must note that Jill was riding bridless & with just 2 sticks...brave woman, at least she was armed this time. So, if you havent been brave enough to do the canter passenger then find a trusted friend & just give it a go.....itll take at least 3 days to wipe this goofy smile off my face!!!!!!