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  1. Hi All I just wanted to update and thanks for those who advised me through this process, that Banjo has kept his eye. All the hard work has paid off and fingers crossed there is no going back and no reason to worry now of any impending disaster that means this should change. Banjo probably doesn't have vision - its hard to assess, this has not altered in any way at all his trainability and willing partnership with me. We started back into groundwork 5wks ago and rapidly and confidently progressed to ridden 4 weeks ago (me being 18wks pregnant I couldn't have trusted him more) and hope to enter an in hand show this Sunday for fun. I am excited and hopeful for an awesome season in 2015 at our local western clubs....he placed 4th improver this year in Ballarat with only half a season of very novice tries under our belt so next year really should be something special. The eye is a funky blue colour with pigment around the edge and remodelling of the eye will take around 12mths, but he is comfortable, no pain, no discharges, no squinting, pretty normal shape and conformation....and all in all just makes him that extra bit more beautiful. And hey, after all most good reining horses seem to have some wall eye colour from their breeding, so he will fit right in! So as always is our motto here on our little ranch, determination, hard work and hope has yielded success literally in the eye of this beholder. Thanks again for the support Rachael
  2. I too would certainly love to see this without the pressure applied on that shank bit. And that was a tool used in good hands too. Just found some interesting history in the shank/spade bridle FYI http://www.californiabridlehorse.com/vaquero-tools/spade-bit
  3. Does anyone still have pics of banjo from this clinic.....wanted pls thanks so much
  4. Wow jun 16 last year I was still only hopeful, now am full of promise....not only lil p cantering, but collected canter, starting to do turnarounds, getting some reasonable stops coming along and confidently looking toward the reining season for 2015 .....think that will be our cool fun thing to do.

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    2. MissMusic


      Wow :) that's so fantastic

    3. Shane


      Hope you are sticking to your QS principals, it can be tempting to wander. Maybe check out the Fitness and Strength course to make sure you can do that first before Reining.

    4. del
  5. Hi all Still wading through the healing phase, but banjo atleast has his treatment tube out now and gets to have less of my veterinary company and more of just me. The eye is a mess but could resolve some vision over the long term. Right now pain control is our main challenge to see him through the next 6 wks of remodelling of the cornea. I am using homeopathics, vit c, occasional meds like bute but cautiously due to side effects, any other suggestions welcome. I have allowed him some peace and quiet without poking and prodding the last 5 days and although he is seeking the other boys to be nearer and a bit down he is coping. Tomorrow I will turn him out with the boys for some play and think I will start 10 min sessions of some groundwork next week so how that goes. Keep him in your thoughts thanks rach
  6. Hi all I need some advise/information from those of you who have experience with a horse with loss of vision, loss of an eye, a painful eye, and when and if to make the decision to have the eye removed. Some of you know already but a quick summary. Banjo suffered a minor injury to his eye 4 wks ago and had a small ulcer. This was treated immediately and routinely. By 3 days later it had increased in size and the next day became a melting ulcer. He was started on aggressive therapy for a diagnosed fungal infection immediately and had a graft placed over the ulcer. 1 week late his eye responded with an aggressive inflammatory response resulting in obliteration of the anterior chamber, this is what horses will do to try to protect the eye .....bummer of a physiologic response !!!!!! I was advised to have the eye removed by one specialist. However 2 others supported continued treatment to try to save the globe atleast although he will be vision impaired most likely, at an outward chance we may rescue focused vision. He is managing as are we with 3 hourly meds and all that comes with home intensive care therapy here on our place!!!!!! At some stage, along with professional guidance I will need to decide when continuing this path should be no more. I want and will seek all possibilities and all information I can to help in this process. Your input is much appreciated. Thanks Rachael and the ever gorgeous talented Caohmin Hank - Banjo.....whom btw is quite keen to get on with his new career as a reining and trail horse very soon but might need lots of skilled training to help him along the way without his right eye?? We are working on lots and lots of comfort on his right side to help him trust his other senses.
  7. Hi there Wanted to share with you guys a wee update, especially since this is where my horsemanship journey began. I have had some tough and sad news of late, my beautiful Banjo who was all ready to move forward in his western training and some reining has suffered a fungal eye ulcer and as yet may still lose his eye. I am persisting despite a grave prognosis with intensive treatment and lots of TLC. This terrible thing has given me opportunity to get big Charles fit for some endurance again, and work on some serious focused sessions with lilp. Things have just been beautifully progressing for him and I , and I almost thought that was just all so pretty nice I could be content right there and then. Now I was already booked in to a reining trainers clinic with banjo and desperately still want the experience so took lil p along anyway. How can I even describe this best.....to have this horse work through all his groundwork, densensitising, basic riding and some early cool stuff, with 11 other horses including a fabulous big rig unhandled and on,y rescued from the fires 4 wks ago, and my lil p be relaxed and calm and me too was satisfaction a plenty. Top that....can I? Yep. Then finish my weekend with a halt to yummy canter on this horse I couldn't get to take more than crappy few hops even 6 months ago.....omg. Bring on my adventures now! This was one of the coolest moments of my entire life and as soon as I get access to the video, it will share. Happy tears are still flowing. I feel in the face of what could be a disaster only huge hope and belief that in the next 12 months I will have 2 very cool novice reining horses to work along with. My quarab team are simply super....go Caohmin Hank and Caohmin Lil P.
  8. Hi. I do love my treeless for me and my Arab. Yet it did not suit for my quarter horse and as yet not sure for my own quarab, as I am presently in a western. My boys all have a reasonable wither and width and so a half bred or western has been my best choice. Hope you find what suits.
  9. Ahhh this is like a breath of fresh air finally being able to write this....... So having worked through yukkiness of all kinds to finally one canter transiton, to a few strides , a few more , some very crappy canter strides between, to nice canter upon nice canter stride.....to this.....the last 2 rides walk, trot, canter, trot, canter, trot, walk, trot , canter, trot and so on and so forth. I love where lil p and I are at and can't wait to be able to share with you guys some video soon. Believing in him and persisting is starting to truly bring reward for us both. Rach
  10. Love my angle load! Buy certainly my research looking into getting it indicated the angle is actually not the correct direction in oz to assist so much as we would like for balance. But still it makes sense that it gives the horse more ability to balance well during travel on an angle than straight. Also important to look at ventilation system set up, shock absorption and brake system in either type. Would think too jen for your guys it would be great to get an angle to load 3 and if you had one custom made or re done, probably could have it not too heavy or much bigger than a 2 horse. Hope that helps.
  11. Hi all I am posting this info for a friend. This horse has to sell. The owner has no time for her and she is very green and now quite content to be a paddock horse but sadly this is not the owners paddock and the horse has to be moved on ASAP. Off track TB, 5yo, mare, chestnut, needs a restart but in the right hands should be a nice project. She is a kind horse but things have been let slide. I believe she can be re educated easily even with the skill level I have. Owner has offered her to me as project for $800 with tack and boots......I don't need another project as you know my hand s are full and finally making progress out of green ness!!!! Please let me know if anyone is interested. She has had teeth done but would likely be due again and due worming again. She is in good condition. Located in Anakie Victoria. Rach
  12. Wow.....it's been a huge last few months for me and my boys. We have big goals set and working towards them strategically and thus far successfully. Big Charles is back in training for next years endurance season and performing beautifully, relaxed, calm, forward, content, and working with other horses better than ever. Lil p, Paterson, we have progressed into a snaffle and introducing some lovely softness and lateral movements and forward trot and canter. Plus lots of desensitising and confidence building exercises ready to get him on the trail some more now the weather is being kind. This far he seems to be loving the change in saddle and his very expensive wool girth cover and pro choice saddle pad......thankfully sharing this with banjo whom seems equally happy with the spend!!! And banjo, the beautiful caohmin hank, is now in full swing with our western riding endeavour. The softness in this boy is just something to die for just now, I am loving it, picking him to ride before lil p is a big one to let me know just how much I am loving it. We have of course already decided that actually showing as such is likely not a career path I desire entirely......many reasons but most of which I never wanna get back into the 'make' of riding nor can I be much bothered with all the cleaning and rugging and bling lol!!!! Trail class and western horsemanship yippee yeh, love this !!!! And our big tick this weekend!!!!!...... We were complimented by David Norbury his statement thus ' your horse has some excellent training on him!!!!!!!!' Wow....wow...wow.....for a cow bred horse, in my novice hands, never touched by anyone else but me until lately and even then minimally, run hard at endurance, trail ridden until age 9, with barely any true education and certainly no etiquette in equitation, but an innate trust to allow me to fix up the bad, and be a better leader and rider for him.....wow, to have such a compliment is huge. Here is hoping now with the journey we have taken and the one planned, we can only continue this success. And of course the daily compliment I get from the boys, acknowledgement, a whinny, flexing to me to be haltered despite the plethora of yummy grazing available......this never goes missed by me as the best compliment. Thanks to all involved Rach
  13. Hi......been ok. Done 2 shows now. Got to sit and study back what I video'd .....much to improve!!!!!!! But happy with giving it a go and trying not to be put off by the mountain we have to climb! If I can nail softness and that damn trail gate I will be quite happy with that do you guys think for training stick in rope reins.....find the split reins tricky and also finding already he is getting a bit heavy on my hands and visa versa likely. One good thing I hope is that tomorrow or sat I go pick up new western saddle yuuuuuummmmmooooooooo
  14. I hope so Liz......got to pick my day once this darn wind slows and get going....I think once I get 3 in a row, we will feel pretty good...its just getting that consistency of getting out the gate down the road and away for more than a few km's.....face that first and then touch wood we can take on kangaroos and the like from there.........
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