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  1. Seeing that Disney has blocked this video on copyright grounds, you might want to remove it from the website.
  2. Hi Meredith, I have spoken with Sharon and she has agreed to judge and I can pencil level 1 again. Hope it helps. Cheers Tania
  3. Hi Sarah, Great advice from everyone . Just a question. Does he do it on both sides of the float? The reason I ask is that years ago I had a horse that only scrambled when on the left but was fine on the right. Ultimately I think it is a confidence issue and doing the programme will help immensely. Good Luck !
  4. Hi Mel, I'm coming to the kick start workshop !! Bringing the Lovely Leo and getting very excited to catch up with you again, and get some Mel magic !! Cheers TKP
  5. Hi Mel, Is this still going ahead? Will there be auditor tickets available? If so, how much? Cheers Tania
  6. Just pondering recently... about the quantum shift in my thinking when it comes to videoing assignments. I used to practice lots and only submit when I thought it would pass. However I now have considered it even better to submit the "bad" ones as they supply the most learning.... A quantum shift in thinking!!! Thank you QS !!
  7. Hi Everyone, I have a lovely 2yo gelding Connor that I would like to run with an emotionally fit herd over large acreage for a few months. We are in Buccan QLD and I only have 5 acres and one other little horse. It would be great for Connor's development to run with a bigger herd and over some larger rolling acreage. If you know of anywhere reasonably local, please let me know. Cheers Tania Ph. 0403714884
  8. Well done Dee !! It is so great pushing through our comfort zones. Go girlfriend!!!
  9. Well done Georgia!! Go girl!!
  10. Hello to the collective wisdom of the forum, I have been pondering..... lots of trainers say that you should not train or school your horse where he grazes. I figured it was so that the horse learns the difference between his workspace eg arena and his paddock, and that the change of environment was (possibly) mentally stimulating to him as well. However, now that I have entered Quantum Savvy Land, I am questioning lots of things... For example, if we are good and proper leaders for our horses, it shouldn't matter where we school them, as we would ask the same level of respect and communication no matter where we are. I could also imagine though, that a horse would get bored with living and working in the same place all the time, which is why it is good for their growth (and ours) to take them out to different places and expose them to lots of different things. Any other thoughts???
  11. Hi All, I notice that some of my horses paw the ground when eating their feed. Darcy used to do it and Connor paws when I put his hard feed / bucket on the ground. Are they just excited about it? Why would they do that? Sometimes paw through their hay as well, if I feed it on the ground. Any ideas? Cheers Tania
  12. Hi All, Thank you to you all for all your kind words and thoughts. I have today sold the beautiful Mr Darcy to a wonderful woman from Woodford / Dayboro area. I did of course extol the praises of Quantum Savvy Natural Horsemanship and strongly encourage her to continue with his learning. Are there any QS members up that way that perhaps she could get in touch with? Take Care Cheers Tania
  13. Hi All, As well as Mr Darcy I also have Connor for sale. He is a stunning Connemara X Quarter Horse Yearling with beautiful movement. He can be caught and lead, he has been floated and tied up and good with his feet, I have trimmed them myself. He is currently about 14.1 hh and will mature about 15hh $1000 Ph. Tania 0403 714 884 Would be an excellent youngster to take to the young horse course in November!! Connor Float Loading.MOV
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