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  1. Lorraine

    Whole Horse Wellness Workshops

    Great to hear that the last weekend was a success, such a wonderful opportunity to learn from all of the equine specialists.
  2. Lorraine

    Laterally Soft

    Hey Luna, I understand your view point and recent experience at the riding camp, it definitely helps us to be committed to our own studies and know without a doubt that we much prefer what we are doing with Quantum Savvy. What a great observation you have made regarding lateral softness, I am not an expert in body work or anatomy, however I do believe that horses as well as humans can isolate body parts and move them independently, it may be a habit that Rhona has created for herself to give herself some comfort. Look forward to hearing thoughts from some of our higher level horse trainers. This is a great question Luna
  3. Lorraine

    A New Way to Fail

    Hey Helen, Thanks for sharing your story and great advice and conversation has come out of your situation. Our professional team have given up some good advice, the only thing that I can add is, there are moments during our horsemanship journey that our horses really challenge us on who is in charge, you mentioned a few steps forward and then a few steps back, this does seem to be consistent throughout our programme for most of us as we are learning, particularly in the beginning. It is our horses job to keep asking us to step up and become that leader that they will depend upon. Frustrations will come and go and become less in time. Use all the support that is around you and behavior like this will slowly dissipate. Keep focused on your goal Helen and keep us all updated
  4. Lorraine

    Congratulations Tracy and Buster!

    CONGRATULATIONS TRACY AND BUSTER Well done to both of you, a real achievement and very well deserved.
  5. Lorraine

    Dressage Test

    Congratulations Amanda And Sonia, Thank you for sharing your story, what a wonderful opportunity to showcase your skills and horsemanship to your local community.
  6. Lorraine

    Older horses and QS

    What a wonderful story Tracy and congratulations on your achievement. Although it has been a journey to get Buster to where he is now, you can be well assured that the physical, mental and emotional process that he has gone through to get to where he is now will hold him in good stead for his twilight years. I look forward to meeting Apollo and wish you well on what sounds like a wonderful start for your next chapter in your horsemanship journey.
  7. Lorraine

    Congratulations Donna & Betty!

    CONGRATULATIONS DONNA AND BETTY A huge achievement Donna, well done, look forward to seeing you progress through Level Two.
  8. Lorraine


    Thanks for sharing Sarah, It is moments like these that make us grateful for this amazing journey we are all on and without a doubt the work that you have done with Beau through the programme has made this all possible, I am sure that from here on you will see the improvement with each trim.
  9. Lorraine

    Bea and me

    Thanks for sharing Sarah, so often we tend to jump in and make the decision for our horses. As Shane has said, if we just wait for that moment when the horse makes the decision for themselves, we create a whole new level of communication and our relationship starts to change.
  10. Lorraine

    Don’t you love the calmness of QS horses!

    Lovely to see our younger horses getting out and about, it is amazing how the how the more experienced horses set the pace and the energy level.
  11. Lorraine

    WBPD 2018 in Victoria

    Love the costumes, looks like a great day was had by all
  12. Lorraine

    Tying a horse up

    Thanks for your reply Shane, I have noticed too that as our horses become more emotionally fit and used to their training routines that they actually relish the moments to stand still and rest, another good habit developed in our Quantum Savvy Horses.
  13. Lorraine

    Refining my contact

    Thanks for the post Jen and a good question, seeing there are a few of us working on our contact riding at the moment. Look forward to hearing the responses and well done on getting close to the end of L2 with Clancy.
  14. Lorraine

    The World's Biggest Play Day

    World's Biggest Play Day Horsley Hoofers Horsemanship Group, Horsley Surrey England Please join us for this Annual Event to celebrate our global family and what Quantum Savvy means to all of us and our horses. For further details, please contact Tracy Marshall on 07837022255 or Sarah Harding on 07703681381
  15. Lorraine

    Just a thank you...

    Hey Simone, I am sure that you will be a good advocate and one for having the perfect saddle.... Saw your video up today, good job in progressing forward and good luck with your feedback.