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  1. Talk about aggressive...

    Great advice here for you Sophie and it is very interesting to watch how this changed behavior in time will filter through to other aspects of your horsemanship. Keep us posted.
  2. Congratulations Alexia and Luna L1 grads!!

    CONGRATULATIONS Very pleased to hear of this great achievement
  3. Welcome Mary Valley New Members!

    Welcome Everyone To The Quantum Savvy Family
  4. Welcome to QS Julie & Whiskey

    WELCOME JULIE AND WHISKEY Looking forward to sharing your progress and successes through the programe with you from the sunny Gold Coast
  5. Clare and Codee did it!! L1

    CONGRATULATIONS CLARE AND CODEE THE PROUD OWNER OF A RED STRING Such an amazing experience from someone so removed from local support, truly inspirational....
  6. Congratulations Wendy and Amica L1 grads!!

    CONGRATLATIONS WENDY AND AMICA welcome to the red string brigade
  7. CONGRATULATIONS JILL AND LEROY Well done Jill, a huge achievement and an inspirational Level Three Graduation
  8. Harmony in Motion camp Crystal Creek ta-dahs

    Following on from both Georgia And Vicki on their thoughts of Harmony In Motion, as we all are, I am still downloading the information myself as well as reflecting on the importance of this subject for our horses well being. The Harmony In Motion Concept is simple in its approach to how we move and become one with our horses, the application of this, however will take time and practise for me, however the results - amazing and instant when you get it right. For me personally, I am in awe of how much effort our horses put in for us, when we make the simple request to engage themselves fully and that is physically, mentally and emotionally. I am in awe of the lightness and the softness that can increase on a daily basis and I am in awe of how we can move move together with such grace and poise. Miss Chief will be twenty one this year and when most horses at this age are winding down, she is learning how to move in a way that will benefit her health for years to come and that is the gift of moving by engaging her whole body in a positive way. My special moment was when I realised that I needed to keep shortening my reins as she engaged herself more into self carriage, without any leverage on her head, it was all coming from the hindquarter, such an amazing feeling of power and softness combined. We were all given a visual picture of this when Allan's horse Zina moved around so effortlessly with soft fluid muscles moving around on the perfect circle. If I had to pick one thing from this camp that would be the game changer for me it would be, "how to help your horse be right" ....... Look for that enthusiasm in them that they give each day by giving us another try at getting it right, let's not be too quick to tell them that they are wrong but also say something to them quicker when needed. I had a wonderful time at this camp, many thanks again to Meredith for the knowledge she has shared with us and many thanks to those that I shared this experience with Georgia, Vicky and Allan, there were moments of gory in all of us.
  9. Yeehaa Nancy! A Blue String for you!

  10. Level 1 Grad for Murwillumbah!

    CONGRATULATIONS TYE AND SPIRIT all of your hard work and dedication to become a better horseman has paid off welcome to the red string brigade
  11. We are seeing GREEN!!

    CONGRATULATIONS FIONA AND COOLIE A tremendous effort, showing dedication, commitment and pure hard work to achieve your ultimate goal.
  12. Cert 1 Blue ticks for Jen and Clancy

    Congratulations Jenn And Clancy Welcome to the Horse Training Team
  13. One rein riding with Frosty

    Good to see you riding Brooke and good luck with your feedback. What an adventure for you, wishing you all the best for your move
  14. This post is in appreciation for all that attended our recent Student Support Dinner at the Logan Village Hotel during Mel Peacocks recent February Tour to the Gold Coast An invitation was sent out to all local students to come together in a social setting and enjoy a meal, make new friends and enjoy the camaraderie that is Quantum Savvy. We had a great turnout of 24 people attending the dinner with some meeting each other for the first time, a great way to launch the following events over the next nine days, L1/L2 Kick Start, a full week of Horse Training and two workshops - Creating A Consistent Partnership ( Leadership) and Connection. After dinner we had a gathering in the front garden under the serenades of the local karoke singers. It was so lovely to have our South East Queensland Professionals there to meet the students in the local area that support this great horsemanship programme that we are all so proud to be part of. A big thank you to our Senior Coach Mel Peacock, Northern Rivers Agent and Instructor Elise Linkins, Mary Valley Agent and Instructor Fiona Prescott and local Instructor for the Brisbane Area Sharon Ford. It is not often that we get together as a team, to listen, support and advise our local students but I am sure that it is something that we would all like to do again soon. Many Thanks To All For Making This A Fabulous Evening Cheers Lorraine
  15. Welcome June Larkin and Siski Martin

    Welcome Aboard June And Siski, Wishing you every success on your horsemanship journey.