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  1. I was just wondering if Jaffa is still for sale?
  2. I paid a deposit of $1200 for Eddy Powell to make me a saddle for my old horse. I have sold the horse and no longer need the saddle. I can't get Chaos fitted yet so I want to sell or swap the deposit. I am open to negotiation. I am looking for about $1000. If you know anyone please let me know. dionharvey@aol.com Thanks
  3. http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=2979477163756&set=a.1027020593562.2006277.1166728179&type=1&theater Can't work out how to add a photo even after already adding one elsewhere! But anyway this was a very cool floaty thing I bought for my husband for christmas.... Chaos managed to get it from over the pool fence! Don't ask me how! I think you guys are going to have some fun sorting him out!
  4. Oh.... That is so sad. I wish there was an easy answer for you.
  5. Quick question. After chaos does the foundation 10 day thing do I start with level one?
  6. Hi everyone, I am new to QS.. Although we actually live very close to Jimboomba HQ. on Saturday I will be walking my new 16 month old Percheron Tb cross to his first foundation training camp. I have done some Natural hormanship with my last horse but wanted something a bit more with Chaos. Although I will not be riding him for a long time we have plans to do Agility with him in hand. He is a very smart and quiet boy with a few quirks. I am relatively new back to horses. We got our daughter, who is 15, a horse when we moved out from Perth late 2010. That did not last very long..... So I started riding again after not being on a horse for 14 years. Abbey was lovely and we decided to get another horse for hubby to ride and daughter wanted another shot. Well........ After only a short time together they formed such a huge bond I found it impossible to take them out alone. With other commitments etc I found it very hard to deal with 2 horses. So we advertise both of them and had thoughts of only selling one. A family from Samford came to look at them and wanted both. As they had such a huge bond I decided to let them both go..... Wish I hadn't as I missed Abbey so much. I was a fool to think I would be ok without her. I was a mess for a few weeks. So I took the plunge and thought I would get a young hors so I knew what his history was. I am in no hurry to ride yet and really look forward to getting to know him. I have only had him for a couple of weeks. What I want to know has anyone else got. Very young horse that thinks it is ok to chase you around the paddock. I think he just wants to play like he would with another horse. But it is a little unnerving having him gallop up behind me. He is a pretty big boy already.
  7. Hi Cass. I have a friend who is selling her gear. I know she has a beautiful saddle that she used on her warm blood. I can get the details for you if you like. What size gullet are you looking for?
  8. Hi Cass, It has just had new girth points put on it by Eddy Powell. So i am surecthat he would have told me if it had any probs. hr actually said it was a lovely saddle. The saddle is an older one but it is in lovely condition and is very comfortable. It is mounted and has an anti gall girth. I will load some photos.... I am open to offers but would really like about $350. It also has a new saddle cloth.
  9. Hi.. New here.. But I have a dressage saddle I am selling. It is a jeffries 16.5 inch. Brown leather. Not sure if you are interested. Good luck with the showing!
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